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  1. Add me to the list of very pleased beneficiaries of having upgraded i7DNBE NUC ram from Hyper X Fury ram to Apacer ram. Highly recommended. In your Asus B450m/Ryzen 2700 server ram upgrade, are you comparing Corsair Dominator Platinum ram non-ECC ram to ECC Apacer ram? Wayne
  2. I too was surprised how much the switch to Apacer RAM further reduced the noise floor, and further improved clarity and soundstage. Highly recommended
  3. Is it a clear step up in technical specs only, or a clear step up in SQ? If it’s a clear step up in SQ, is it as big a step up as from consumer grade memory to industrial grade memory?
  4. I just ran the latest Euphony update and now the system is frozen at the pictured screenshot. I don't know the logon name or password. Would appreciate suggestions on how to proceed. Thanks
  5. What is the difference between the JSSG360 and the JSSG360 cubed connections?
  6. Would you please provide a clear photo of the JSSG360cubed cable ends?
  7. Are there good photos of the JSSG360 cable ends?
  8. In my system, the Starlight cable came across with an added emphasis on the highs that, while impressive at first, began to sound overly etched and fatiguing in the long run. YMMV Running the UltraRendu on 9V will only result in its internal voltage regulators having to dissipate the extra 2V as heat. It will not improve the SQ
  9. I have found that using the UpTone USPCB A>B adapter from the UltraRendu to the DAC sounds much better than using a usb cable. Bridging the network outputs of you Win 10 PC rather than going directly to the UltraRendu, as opposed to going through the switch, is another improvement. i have a JS-2 too, but I find that using the LPS 1.2 to power the UltraRendu is well worth the investment. YMMV
  10. What cables to and from the UltraRendu are you using? What power supply are you using for the UltraRendu?
  11. I have installed the new 3.0 version of Audiolinux and am very pleased with the SQ improvement over the previous version. I'm using a NUC7PJYH with the latest BIOS upgrade, recommended BIOS settings (including HPET), with 2 sticks of 8 GB RAM (both showing active in BIOS settings). My problem is: In the older version of lqxt, I used to get a prompt before the completion of the start up program loading that would enable me to load the operating system into RAM by entering "Y." In the new program, that prompt doesn't appear, and when I select "RAMROOT enable" in Expert Settings, nothing happens ( eg no dialog box pops up to confirm that RAMBOOT is enabled). I click on "SAVE" and it grays (indicating that it is processing the script). Eventually the greyed SAVE icon regains it's coloring (meaning that it has completed it's script), and I reboot the system. Still, I get no option during the next start up program loading that would enable me to load the operating system into RAM, and if I later remove the USB operating system stick, the system locks up and must be rebooted from scratch all over again. What do I need to be doing differently?
  12. Excellent link on the subject. Best I've ever read. Thank you Afrancios!
  13. I find your description of the SQ of this configuration to be spot on. However, I would add that there is also a significant improvement in the specificity of the stereo image. The effect is most dramatic on small ensemble live venue recordings. The representation of the ambient sound field around each instrument now quite noticeable and very convincingly contributes to the impression that the actual dimensions of the recording have been transported to my listening room. The effect, when going from one recorded venue to the next is quite striking and is the best I have heard from my system to date. It is important to note that this improvement is much like, but greater than, the effect of having already copper weave shielded over all of the signal, network, and power cables in the equipment stack.
  14. Beautifully done! I would really appreciate it if you would provide the links for ordering the gold plated plugs, copper weave shield, and really cool looking outer cover.
  15. Hi Chris, I have opened a "store" and listed products. Not sure I did it all correctly, but I have had one sale already. I have now added another item to my "store." Here is the link to my new item listing for sale: https://superphonica.com/all-products/uncategorized/uptone-audio-ultracap-lps-1-0/ Thanks, Wayne
  16. UpTone Audio UltraCap LPS-1.0 bank switching, microprocessor-controlled, ultracapacitor-based, ultra-low-noise external linear power supply. Switch select output voltages of 3.3, 5, or 7VDC. Original owner, like new, with Meanwell 7.5VDC , 2.9A/22W energizing supply and hook-up cables. $275.00 includes shipping within continental US states, and PayPal fees.
  17. Have about 100 hours on the LPS-1.2 replacement for the LPS-1 as the power supply for the ultraRendu . I am taken aback by the remarkable increase in transparency and transient speed that the LPS-1.2 has made. For example, well recorded acoustic bass notes are reproduced to include each note’s attack, entonation, and decay characteristics. The same is true of well recorded acoustic piano and violin. Percussion instruments, from cymbals, to tom toms and kick drums have an immediacy and openness about their sound that is much more realistic than I’ve ever heard anywhere but in live performances before. With so much more of the subtle artistry of the musician’s performances now faithfully reproduced, the enjoyment of music is more exquisite than ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you UpTone Audio.
  18. Hi Chris, I have opened a "store" and listed products. Not sure I did it all correctly, but I'll have a go and see what happens. Here are the links to my listings for sale: https://superphonica.com/all-products/computers-and-networking/parts-motherboard-ram-cpu-etc/two-intel-expi9301ct-gigabit-ct-pci-e-net-cards/ https://superphonica.com/all-products/components-digital/digital-to-digital-converters-ddc/sotm-sms-200-with-power-supply/ https://superphonica.com/all-products/components-digital/digital-to-digital-converters-ddc/sonore-microrendu-1-3-2/ Thanks, Wayne
  19. Origional owner. Genuine Intel EXPI9301CT Gigabit CT PCI-e net cards. New list is $39.00 each. For sale at $20.00 each. Does not include shipping.
  20. Original owner. Updated with latest V0.4.18 (April 13, 2018) firmware and software. $275.00 includes shipping in continental USA.
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