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My new Crazybaby Mars levitating Bluetooth speakers just arrived!

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Hi all,


Also forgot to mention, but my Mars 'levitating UFO' Bluetooth speakers arrived yesterday after almost a year waiting. I had originally backed the Indiegogo campaign for it last year.


So I got my unit yesterday and opened it up.




The whole thing looked a bit like getting a Mac Pro, but speakers instead. Have to say I was impressed with the build quality!




And yes, the top 'UFO disk' they call the Craft definitely hovers as soon as you power it on!



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That's very cool! What is the top disk for?


The "floating disk" is the mid-range/treble speaker while the cylindrical base is the woofer.

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That's very cool! What is the top disk for?


Is it just a single speaker or a pair?


Thanks! Yes the top disk is a midrange tweeter satellite, with a built-in battery, so you can move it away from the base.

It actually is a single speaker but works in two parts (midrange and subwoofer). If you get a 2nd identical unit it actually works as a pair, but you need an app for that on iOS (which is coming) or on Android.


When I first switched it on, only the top disk part was getting sound, and nothing on the bottom. Following Crazybaby's support advice I rebooted the bottom part by holding the power button down for 2 secs until I got 3 beeps, then the Craft button until 2 LEDs came on. That helped the base to pair with the Craft and finally get sound out to both units.


One thing I also need to mention is that the bottom half also has a 10000mAH battery built-in, so you can charge it and move it to any spot if you want.


Apart from the seeing the amazing feat of a floating levitating disk on powerup, the sound from this thing is superb! Highly recommended

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Thanks! FYI if you're interested I've uploaded a small clip to Youtube on how the thing works. :D


Crazy cool ;) and sounds great!

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