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  1. Might be more expedient to pose your question on the Roon Community site.
  2. See here: https://kb.roonlabs.com/DSP_Engine:_Sample_Rate_Conversion'>https://kb.roonlabs.com/DSP_Engine:_Sample_Rate_Conversion https://kb.roonlabs.com/DSP_Engine https://kb.roonlabs.com/DSP_Engine:_Accessing_DSP_Engine
  3. A high level list is on the link Jason provided: Other vendors using Atom C2000 chips include Asrock, Aaeon, HP, Infortrend, Lanner, NEC, Newisys, Netgate, Netgear, Quanta, Supermicro, and ZNYX Networks. The chipset is aimed at networking devices, storage systems, and microserver workloads.
  4. Yes be patient and I would give it all day. Oh and what machine are you running Roon/RoonServer on?
  5. Ok it is going to take a while to process everything, if you want to speed things up, go into settings in Roon and see whether you have the settings for Background and Audio analysis set to throttled, or to a different setting. A setting of throttled will take the longest. Don't know exactly how long it will take, but this pass will take some time.
  6. How large is your music library? Can you share a screenshot of the spinning icon? Just want to ensure its not because you are on a Mac and have the spinning wheel of death...
  7. Is that with Background Audio Analysis Speed and on Demand Audio Analysis Speed set to "Throttled"? ( Under Settings -> Library )
  8. You need to make a change in your settings. Settings -> General Select Allow for more covers and photos and choose "Yes"
  9. Yes you can configure it to convert from PCM to DSD, though not sure what you mean by, "on the fly"?
  10. BTW - recommend everyone follow the posted instructions and BACKUP your database first. And @sixman:
  11. Yes, the upsampling is working great.
  12. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-1-3-is-live/19239 Roon 1.3 is now live! Originally, we planned for 1.3 to focus on metadata, and in nearly every way, this release marks a major step forward in Roon’s ability to understand your music, and present your library as tightly knit web of composers and compositions, performers and performances -- artists and their work, and their influences, and their stories. As things moved into high gear way back in September, the scope of the work came into focus, and we were faced with a choice. Scale back some of our more ambitious goals and en
  13. Well it looks like someone has it!
  14. All good things in good time... They have to rollout for multiple platforms and Android/IOS devices....
  15. I suspect they will do a fine job on this, and as noted, lots of different options are available, hey today is the last day of January!
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