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Advise re Replacement for Intel NT2080MT CAPS2 Server

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I am using my CAPS to connect via firewire interface to Weiss 202. The only downside is with the computer graphic desplay. Once i am installing the graphics drivers it introduce synchronization issues and noise.


As such i am looking for an alternative low profile motherboard mini-itx.

The computer case is origin, with external 12V-60W PS.

the new board should support PCIe firewire card




Ayre CD + CAPS Server > Weiss DAC202 > CJ CT5 > CJ Prem140 > AudioPhysics Virgo

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Why do you need to instal graphics drivers ? The 2800 board should work with generic Win 8 / Win 2012 drivers.


When I had my CAPS v3 Lagoon, I run it with no additional drivers installed. Just Windows.



PC: custom Roon server with Pink Faun Ultra OCXO USB card

Digital: Lampizator Horizon DAC

Amp: Dan D'Agostino Momentum Stereo

Speakers: Magcio M3

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Agreed. Don't use precious resources to run a graphics card; this no longer serves as a music server.


BTW, the mobo for CAPS V3 (not V2) is a DN2800MT, not the non-existent model number in your title. You might want to change it.

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Thx, for your comments, Yes I am using the CAPS V3 mobo DN2800MT with CAPS V2 Origin chassis.

No intention to install a new graphics card, just the intel driver for reasonable presentation of the JRiver.

The only and primary use of this server is for music.

Ayre CD + CAPS Server > Weiss DAC202 > CJ CT5 > CJ Prem140 > AudioPhysics Virgo

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