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  1. I have the same problem but with braille characters ...! Roch
  2. Me too, born and still living not in Cuba but in The Paradise. And believe me, our schedules are even worse than "mañana." But I shouldn't complain, the weather is wonderful all year long and we have one of the highest happiness rates in the world 😂 Roch
  3. I see you never lived in Latin America😂 Roch
  4. I can wait colored jumper caps to arrive. I'll try different colors, even I'm color blind! Roch
  5. You have described me very well 😂 Roch
  6. The same here, Audirvana running without problems, under Mojave ! What I have found over the years, is that it is not the best to run the different audio players within the same HD. What I do is have several partitions within the HD, each with the audio player that I want to evaluate, thus avoiding any possible interaction between the different audio players. I consider that at least, when changing from one audioplayer to another there must be a restart of the PC, in case the partitions that I mentioned are not used. I have also found that sometimes it is necessary to relate a clean OS installation. Roch
  7. https://www.sciencenews.org/article/seafood-shells-chitin-plastic-food-waste?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=latest-newsletter-v2&utm_source=Latest_Headlines&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Latest_Headlines Roch
  8. In my country there appears from time to time an even worse mix, young, political, activist, environmentalist and socialist. They attract young people like honey to flies. The problem that I see this as "leaders" is that they do not have practical or quick solutions. But wait a moment, I think there's a solution, last night I saw a movie, Matt Damon's "Downsizing" Roch
  9. To which of the interglacial periods corresponds the photo ? 🤔😂 Source: https://geology.utah.gov/map-pub/survey-notes/glad-you-asked/ice-ages-what-are-they-and-what-causes-them/ Roch
  10. A brand new answer: "Global warming is due to the excess of sinful souls being burned in hell, since being flat earth and hell being under it, there is a pan effect." 😉 Roch
  11. After a very complicated life now I'm following: Roch
  12. elcorso

    Organ music

    I’m sorry! Last ORGAN Reference Recordings. Roch
  13. elcorso

    Organ music

    A real rare jewel: Dorian at his best: Last Reference Recordings: Roch
  14. Hi Alex, A very hot topic ! Politicians try to govern many times seeing only the short term and even their possible re-elections. I see everything very complicated. Try to provide the growing population of the planet with abundant and cheap food at once: The excuse of GMO foods and the use of glyphosphate. By the way, glyphosphate is produced and sold, even cheaper, by other agricultural industries that is not Monsanto, disguising its name. Provide humanity only with organic food? A dream impossible to realize. I tried it once. They end up being very lazy and therefore very expensive to produce. Wrap our purchases in paper to avoid plastic? I would have to see if the deforestation that this produces counteracts plastic contamination. Electric cars? The problem that the disposal of the batteries they use is already mentioned. I see, like @PeterSt a better future in the energy coming from hydrogen. In this small country there is already someone working on that, a former NASA astronaut, who is one of our citizen. There is no good financing and of course the powerful fossil fuel industry does the impossible so that it does not prosper. Recently in my country they tried to reintroduce bioethanol, but they could not do it because, public opinion based on the damage it produces in old engines and because the production of it generates a huge amount of pollutants in its industrial process. The insecticides used every day are more dangerous and even do not smell. There is one in particular (from Nicotinioide family) that is killing the population of bees and thus the necessary pollination. Something humanity achieved when it was alarmed by the ozone hole. They replaced the propellants in the aerosol cans, changed the type of gas in the refrigeration equipment, etc. With respect to the global warming, there must be an attitude of the whole humanity and each one of us, with still more aggressive campaigns that have to come from the school. Now, how much corresponds to the pollution that we generate and how much is derived from the "glacial periods"? They talk that only 5% is our fault, and if this is true we should try to prevent it, such as by changing the techniques of agricultural production, but not living as in the middle ages. Best, Roch
  15. Of course ! I copy this from Google. Don't know if Democrat Google or the Republican one: On the Pura Vida Country Google (Where I live) they add: "Freezing is necessary to cleanse the planet of ungrateful scientists ..." Roch
  16. Maybe some remember when there was a "global warning (not warming)" as "the cows are cooling the world"? Now we have the answer of the cows: It's true ! https://www.dietdoctor.com/how-cows-could-green-the-worlds-deserts-and-reverse-climate-change I warn certain scientists in residence in AS, I was in the dairy and agricultural industry for at least 40 years of my life, so I have a lot of experience 😂 Roch
  17. Please, don't blame the oil palm tree: http://hade-palmoil.co.id/oil-palm-plantations-absorb-more-carbon-dioxide-compare-to-natural-forest/ There is a campaign against coconut oil financed by the powerful American companies that produce oils derived from grains such as corn, etc. Roch
  18. Maybe there are more effective solutions (albeit a bit risky) like a music brain implant? 😂 Best, Roch
  19. I do not want to discourage the audience and not everyone has a USB Lush cable with PN ^ 2F configuration 😉 Best, Roch
  20. Hi Alex, I was not referring to pop commercial recordings, but to some excellent classical music without catastrophic phase manipulations, where practically the speakers disappear and not everything is in the center of the speakers, where the boundaries of the speakers are exceeded in every way . In jazz these jewels are also sometimes found. My listening room has the appropriate dimensions for the speakers I have. And no, I do not have anything of Olivia's music. Best, Roch
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