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  1. Hi did you experienced better sound with windows 10 compare to 7?
  2. Hi After many years with the ATOM based music server (win 7 used as roon renderer) connected via firewire to Weiss DAC202. I am looking for a roon ready streamer to feed the Weiss DAC202. Few considerations... 1. It should sound as good/better than the Ayer7 transport CD also connected via XLR to Weiss 2. Cost up to 2K.. with the higher priced (4.5-5K) alternatives i might go for a new DAC with build in streamer My Setup: ROCK Server > MS > firewire to Weiss DAC202 Ayre 7 > XLR to Weiss DAC202 CJ CT5 and CJ Premier 140
  3. Hi Thx, for your comments, Yes I am using the CAPS V3 mobo DN2800MT with CAPS V2 Origin chassis. No intention to install a new graphics card, just the intel driver for reasonable presentation of the JRiver. The only and primary use of this server is for music.
  4. Hi I am using my CAPS to connect via firewire interface to Weiss 202. The only downside is with the computer graphic desplay. Once i am installing the graphics drivers it introduce synchronization issues and noise. As such i am looking for an alternative low profile motherboard mini-itx. The computer case is origin, with external 12V-60W PS. the new board should support PCIe firewire card Thx Eli
  5. Hi, I am using CAPS Ver 3 music server connected to WEISS 202 DAC. Intel DN2800MT, 4G RAM, PCIE TI based firewire card. JRIVER 17 and Foobar, ASIO/WASAPI event. After my upgrade from CAPS Ver. 1, I started to experience endless sync issues, errors disconnections etc.. Just before I gave up (not before going trough the full route cause process - i switched firewire cards, PS, cables, motherboard etc..) I found that the Intel Video Driver is the source of this NOISE! Just uninstalled the Intel video driver and it solve my problems... Wanted to share it with the rest of y
  6. Hi Chris,<br /> <br /> Thanks for the great article, yep that's another opportunity for an upgrade! <br /> I am trying to quantify the speed improvement between the CAPS versions. One possible tool in the JRiver JRMark benchmark utility (help menu).<br /> <br /> For example my notebook JRMark (version 16.0.116) is 1508 <br /> While the caps ver 1 JRMark is about 260<br /> Can you pls share with us the JRMark of the CAPS 2 ?<br /> <br /> Thx<br /> Eli<br /> <br /> <br />
  7. Hi Hojen,<br /> <br /> My audio system is based on a similar setup<br /> CAPS server w windows 7 32bit, JRiver 15.0.95 player, 64G SSD HD, Intel D945 motherboard, Weiss DAC202.<br /> I stored a quite large DB of about 1000-2000 CD's converted to FLAC on a Synology NAS (DS210J) linked w 100BT network.<br /> <br /> Looking at the network utilization i didn't identify any bottlenecks in the network, so i am not sure that 1G net will introduce any change to this setup.<br /> Running the JRiver benchmark i got the following results:<br /> Mat
  8. Hi Chris, <br /> <br /> I find it hard to gap between the fact that two bit perfect feeds to the same DAC sound differently ?<br /> <br /> Is it the DAC202 and the advantage of the jitter free firewire interface or something else that I missed ?<br /> Do you expect similar results with the alpha as an example ?<br /> <br /> Taking this argument a bit further - do we expect any change in sound between two bit perfect sound cards such as ASUS ST and Lynx Studio installed in the same CAPS server using the available SPDIF and AES interfaces inputs o
  9. Hi Eloise,<br /> <br /> Thx for the prompt reply. looking at the card profile which is higher than the D945GSEJT I assume that it will impossible to use the PCI Riser and slot a standard a horizontal PCI card such as the ASUS ST. <br /> So, the options are half size PCI or stick with the Intel D945GSEJT <br /> <br /> Eli<br />
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