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High-res orchestral Wagner album by Dudamel for free on Qobuz

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Qobuz generously offers a nice set of orchestral pieces from the Ring by Gustavo Dudamel and the Simon Bolivar Orchestra of Venezuela. Here is the link to the download, and you can find the required special-offer code at the bottom of this page.


The interpretation is really good: the music sounds like a soundtrack to a 1940s Hollywood movie, which in my view is exactly the way the Ring should sound and does in Walter's legendary first act of the Walkure with the VPO in the 1930s. Sound quality is good.

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Thanks, I went to the link and it says if you are in the US you can't download.

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Thanks, I went to the link and it says if you are in the US you can't download.


I don't get that message when I access the page - I'm in the US and got the download without a problem.


I've seen Qobuz bump me off if I change the language/country dropdown to outside France - I usually use Chrome for Qobuz since it automatically translates websites. If you changed the dropdown choice, try leaving it as is.


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There is now a new download code directly on the French-language front page (in a banner at the top of the page).


Téléchargement de musique en haute qualité. Ecoute en streaming.


There is also a so-called Deluxe Extended Version with the prelude to Tristan, but €10.49 is a lot of money to spend on one track considering that you can get all the rest of the album for free with the download code. Furthermore, aesthetically, I don't like the idea of mixing the Ring and Tristan.

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What's also interesting about this, is the fact that the album is being released by Dudamel himself, not by an external label. Maybe this is the way to go in the download age, as more an more "orchestra labels" are proving.


Maybe. I was looking at this release for a while and suddenly got email from Qobuz that I can download it by free. Exceptional. Despite the stupid cover art, the sound in 24/48 is superb!


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