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  1. Hello, I am using A 3.5.13 on El Capitan and would like to ask you if there is any chance to drag and drop FLAC files into the Audirvana queue like it was possible in version 3.2.x? Second thing which it seems to be useful is to add gestures to the UI - instead of hitting < > arrows, it could be just double finger swipe left or right.
  2. Not ECM this time, but VERY good IMHO. Really advice to listen to it. In my humble opinion one of her best ever. Nice sound with DR11 and complete packaging with leaflets etc. 24/44 download.
  3. Yes, I tried several of her records, but this one is also my favorite and this remaster sounds excellent!
  4. Some of my findings last time related to jazz. IMHO, those are very good and underrated. Check them out.
  5. In the Library/Album view when you start playing one album and go to another one just for viewing for instance, CMD+L should bring you back to the album which is currently playing. At least it was the case in older version.
  6. Hello, Just upgraded to 3.5 yesterday. It sounds good. What actually has been redesign in the guts of the A+ for better sound quality? Of course beside the GUI ;-) Also my first feedback (Mac version): 1. No shortcut like in previous versions for quickly coming back to the recently playing album - CMD+L doesn't work? 2. No shortcut to display PDF booklet - previous version had CMD+ALT+B AFAIR I like the full screen cover view though.
  7. Fantastic compilation and sound IMHO. What a pleasure listening to true genius in chronological releases of the songs. One drawback, downloads don't contain booklets, which it unacceptable for me! The lyricism and plot of Coltrane's sax is just awesome, there is also spark when needed, no harsh, just singing over the sax! I am lost....
  8. BTW, anyone knows if any chance to get the PDF version of the booklets provided for CD or vinyl box?
  9. Thanks @Musicophile I am interested to buy this box, but not decided yet if in physical or digital form. Digital is lacking the booklet of course :-/
  10. How the CD box set is presented - any booklets inside etc? Digital versions of course have nothing, nada :-( Asking also if all the songs are in MONO or some of them?
  11. Very interesting @John Dyson, thanks for your comments on it. Another thing which is annoying me, but this is related to modern recordings are two things: boxed sound and artificial stereo placing/panning. First one is kinda like thin percussion timbre and boomy double basses - it sounds like hitting a shoes box, not the real instruments - I found it recently a bit with Joshua Redmann latest recording from Nonesuch. Second one is like spreading the sound of the percussion or piano across the whole stereo soundstage - usually on stage, instrument is placed in one place and you simple cannot hear it starting at left and ending up on right.
  12. Very interesting, but for what the sake reason we need DolbyA in the chain of the recording?
  13. This is slightly off topic, but watch this out till the end :-)
  14. If I see this level of edition and compression is getting Best Engineered Album statue, I would like to vomit! It's insane, stupid and non-professional - ok, it's pure commerce :-(
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