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  1. Superb avant-rock jazz! Mastering is not so good, loud as for the jazz record, but listenable. I don't know why Blue Note recent releases suffer from loudness wars! Is it that Don don't care anymore about sound quality?
  2. Well, only late evenings time to time, if my girls going to bed ;-) That's the only time when I can do it on my DT990 cans ;-)
  3. Yes, ARTEMIS is just AWESOME, superb collaboration and music!
  4. Indeed, overall I like the albums where the artist already matured and is not totally going for money, but rather for music fun, enjoyment and sentiment in that case. Vinyl record is on the way BTW :-)
  5. Nice album and today Bandcamp is waiving the fees to artists. Dave is giving 30% off of the entire catalogue including this latest album.
  6. Fanstastic kind of avant garde jazz, full of fiery and well playing! BTW, I cannot stop listening to it ;-) This one below is also superb!
  7. Well, it's my first free evening from I don't remember when, so I am trying to enjoy!
  8. Hello guys, Some of my favs for tonite listening. Enjoy!
  9. Quite similar discussion here: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/hi-res-download-news-hdtracks-prostudiomasters-pono-etc-software-mastering-part-12.434884/page-476#post-25081902 with my few cents there :-)
  10. Well, to me it's like trying to sell and turn to success something what has been screwed up in the past with awful mastering practices and smashed dynamic range!
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