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  1. Well, it's my first free evening from I don't remember when, so I am trying to enjoy!
  2. Hello guys, Some of my favs for tonite listening. Enjoy!
  3. Quite similar discussion here: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/hi-res-download-news-hdtracks-prostudiomasters-pono-etc-software-mastering-part-12.434884/page-476#post-25081902 with my few cents there :-)
  4. Well, to me it's like trying to sell and turn to success something what has been screwed up in the past with awful mastering practices and smashed dynamic range!
  5. Well, kinda classic of Diana, but a bit boring in my opinion without any surprise.
  6. Well yes, that's could be easy way, but I was thinking maybe something already exists on the web.
  7. Anyone into these gems? Quite nice, isn't it?
  8. Well, I have it still for example, since time to time I prefer physical medium vs. files. Normally I am trying to obtain every time the best version of the material, but sometimes not all of them have booklets for instance, CD always have it. I like also that physical media phenomena like opening vinyl record for instance :-) And yes, I have turntable as well :-)
  9. Hello, I am not english language at first guy and I was trying to find on the Internet the place where you can easily get the song lyrics per particular album, but in a single page to be able to print them out, do you happen to know where to search? I know about webpages like lyrics, genius etc, but none of them offer all the song per album in nice printable format. Any suggestions more than welcome :-)
  10. Nice record from the guys who don't need to proof anything and play because they like to do it! Download is around DR6, but sounds pretty good. I have invested in clear vinyl version instead Here is also song by song explanation:
  11. Yes, time to time I used to fight with the label or the files provider to find where is the booklet, unfortunately without luck. If they are pressing/re-issuing anything the booklet and art is already in the digital form, it's just a matter to share it and include into the package. If in the digital era we are going to pay for the high resolution files (sort of, since many of them are just fake still!), booklets should be always included.
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