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  1. Until LHL actually provides products that ALL of us paid for, I hope you and Larry prepare better for court than you do here...
  2. This tracking site for releases and deals has closed. I also found their emails of listings useful. Shame...
  3. It remains an enigma to me why Jarek/Larry/LHL/etc. think they have ANY credibility... Posting comments or screenshots or whatever attempting to contradict those of us who have been robbed by this group of scammers - and thinking those contradictions contain any validity when you have lied countless times over the years - is pathetic hubris...
  4. Make no mistake, Jarek - it is easier to blame you because you represent a company that stole $millions$ from customers without producing product. Your attempt at being a victim of our wrath is pathetic...
  5. Please define... All of us have received countless responses that our PAID-FOR items were in the queue - YEARS ago... At what point does "something actually happens" really mean anything from LHLabs???
  6. These were all available as 96/24 as d/l codes with the 2015 vinyl reissues - and if I recall, they were excellent. Are the current commercial releases new remasters?
  7. Absolutely - There is nothing good to come from LHL comments any more - no honesty, no commitment to buyers - NO PRODUCT LHL critique or commentary on anything has no meaning or value until they prove they are a viable entity rather than a deliberate or inadvertent scam
  8. And you know how you can also avoid sitting around thinking about other companies and dealing with unprovoked fights on forum threads??? FULLFILLMENT... No point complaining about criticism when it has been earned - repeatedly... Just the basics -
  9. First, tacky to take cheap shots referring to "family"... Second, LHL deserves criticisms from anyone/everyone - regardless of having their own business or not - simply because they have failed to deliver on product that was paid for - and have certainly contaminated the business model of crowdsourced funding with their shameless failure and unwillingness to make good on projects.
  10. Really??? Really??? UpTone has consistently marketed/built/produced/delivered MANY high-end audio products - never failing to deliver when promised. Tell any of us here that LHL has come anywhere near the same... You have NO firm footing to be critical of any one. Until you produce WHAT WE HAVE ALL PAID FOR years ago, save your critique for internal discussions with Larry. Talk about throwing stones in glass houses, wtf...
  11. Is LHL building the ViDAC out of photos??? I believe EVERYONE who contributed to the campaign has seen PLENTY of photos of the original chassis, the "alternate" chassis, factory pics, etc. for a couple of YEARS now... Parroting the same empty "updates" month after month, year after year becomes quite meaningless until actual fulfillment of product to those that bankrolled this endeavor
  12. Followup - I used XLD to convert the problematic AIFF track to WAV, then back to AIFF - the track now appears and plays correctly in iTunes and Roon. Not sure what that did, but sometimes it good that it just worked. Thanks for the help!
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