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  1. Digital line-up from yesterday evening. RIP Neil.
  2. What a loss, what a great drummer and what a rock and roll trio! RIP Neil.
  3. I have changed gain jumber setting in my G103S headamp and DT990 become more vivid, faster and spacious. In the default setting which was 0dB relative or +8dB absolute they were sorta too laid back and muddy. Now with +6dB relative or +14dB absolute they started singing IMHO. Could it be the case?
  4. Hello, Here is the list of recordings I have been listening for this week evenings - like them all actually, maybe you'll like them as well. Enjoy!
  5. Yes, Rega DAC-R is 24bit DAC and I don't see any audible reasons to upsample instead of using each particular DAC resolution modes, but maybe I am wrong...
  6. So in general, should I always upsample using SoX in 3.5? if so, in which mode: power of 2, maximum of the DAC or what and why? Mine supports 24/192 pcm at max, having also 88.2 and 176.4kHz.
  7. I have listened this latest The Who record and I actually like it. It's not superb, but has such rock and roll taste, kinda post punk vibe. Could be better mastered of course, but overall - it is enjoyable.
  8. Maybe one warning that Means Of Escape by Danny Bryant is awfully badly mastered, very loud, almost no room for dynamic - DR4! - at least CD version.
  9. Many thanks @blue2 - lots of new recommendations for me. It will keep me listening whole week ;-) Many thanks again.
  10. This is not indication that Direct Mode is active, it's just turned ON, but if works, different story IMHO.
  11. Really where is the indicator that Direct Mode is actually active?
  12. Well, I have just realized, that maybe the indicator is not green/light up only, but the mode is actually ON, will double check. So Direct Mode is also present by default in El Capitan right? How to check it?
  13. So, @damien78 if both in El Capitan, why in 3.5 INT is OFF, while in 3.2 I have it ON?
  14. Thanks @damien78 So in summary, what we have in El Capitan: INT, Direct or both? Those optimizations in 3.5 are mainly for SoX or overall for sound core inside A+ besides the fact if upsampling is used or not?
  15. Thanks for chiming in. Well, maybe regarding the matching, but from you perspective @damien78 as the developer of A+, is the sound engine core functions significantly updated for better in 3.5 comparing to 3.2? Do we still have direct mode in El Capitan, INT is ON on 3.2, but not on 3.5. I am not using any upsampling, so SoX I guess is not used in that case right? For the UI, what this for instance?
  16. I agree with you totally. When after using 3.5 for quite some time, I switched back to 3.2 it was like night and day. Better clarity and less "heavy" sound on 3.2, not even saying about that ugly 3.5 GUI. As you said I am trying to be convinced to 3.5, but it's not an easy thing unfortunately. I think would be very good if @damien78 could chime in and say few words about it, what been planned to improve 3.5 etc. On El Capitan what I see using 3.2 is the INT and SYSopt are both ON, while on 3.5 - INT mode is OFF. INT means integer mode, but not direct mode, so is direct mode supported on El Capitan by default? Anyway, so far in my humble opinion 3.2 is the essence of A+ dev as you said, period.
  17. https://www.hifinews.com/content/hi-res-downloads-august-2019
  18. Well, too bright, I found them less bright than T90 and indeed, more laid back. T90s are slightly bright, but not harsh, just more in-your-face with lots of highs in my opinion. I have been living with T90 so long, that I liked them actually, but wanted something more laid back, where the DT990 I think might match, but I have them only just 2 days so far... DT1990 I have not heard yet, but it's not my price tag now :-/
  19. Hello, I purchased the Beyerdynamic DT990 Edition 250 ohm just recently. For that just quick evaluation I like them, even on same audio chain they do sound lower than T90. But, they to me are more calm and less forward, with to my ear better sub bass extension. They have more depth, possibly thanks to less forward treble like T90. Less harsh too. T90 I have for years and like them one time, while on other time hate them. They have more details etc, sounds louder, but they aren’t so smooth for long listening I think. Your thoughts Beyer maniacs? Both were powered by Lake People G103 head amp.
  20. Apple base station - > Macbook Unibody SSD/8G RAM 2008 with A+ latest -> Rega DAC-R -> Marantz PM6004 - > Dali Mentor 2.
  21. Possible, anyway gives me some fake assurance of INT on El Capitan ;-) For the rest of my questions, really struggling since I like 3.2 UI way better, just wanted to know if any significant changes or better improvements to the sound core of the software.
  22. Just so sad and unbelievable! He brought so much to the sound of Marantz and to the audio industry! Tune the audio in heaven Ken, R.I.P.
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