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  1. Back to the forum with this rough-edged beauty:
  2. Warmest congratulations on a well deserved award. Your blog is really a gem. For me it has been of particular help in the area of jazz, where I don't know much and made very nice discoveries thanks to your recommendations.
  3. I fully agree. I got it a couple of years ago, also as it came up as a daily deal. My suggestion is to listen to excerpts before buying, since indeed it is quite special (and beautiful in my opinion). Also the subject matter is captivating.
  4. Today, it is the 36th episode of Suzuki's traversal of the Bach cantatas:
  5. I very much agree with both your points. The symphony transcriptions do not make much sense to me in our age, when it is so easy to listen to anything anywhere. It was a different story before recordings existed. I like the song transcriptions, on the other hand, because they get rid of the voice, which, in certain listening circumstances, I do not want to hear.
  6. I agree this "Making Out on Mozart" CD is ridiculous, but in my opinion Yuja Wang's dresses are tasteful; they enhance the enjoyment from the performance, from a very high starting point, as her artistic talent is immense. I very much enjoy her CDs. I was also dazzled when hearing her in concert a couple of years ago. By the way, in that concert, she was wearing a very long dress.
  7. Thanks for your very informative reply. In the end, I did not go for this one.
  8. Album of the morning: Beethoven String Quartets 4-8, in 24/48 (converted on the fly to DSD with Audirvana 3) from the Blu-Ray that comes with the box. Bought at less than $40, this box (which is of very good quality, with a nice booklet and sturdy CD sleeves) is an incredible bargain, for what is in my opinion the best modern recording of the Beethoven string quartets (even though I like the Alban Bergs and Tokyos a lot too) in great sound.
  9. Suzuki's Bach Christmas Oratorio is also a favourite of mine. Today, Bach's Gamba sonatas are on offer. Is someone aware of this recording? Is it a recommended one?
  10. I too own many versions of this recording and consider the SACD the best one, by a good margin.
  11. +1, my preferred album of hers is her debut, for the piano playing in particular.
  12. Argerich's is of course an excellent version, but I very much like Krystian Zimmerman in the b-minor sonata. I find that his recording is just perfect: can be listened to over and over again and remains very impressive. Argerich, of course, is extremely impressive, but there is so much fire in her interpretation that it can become a bit too much on repeated listening to my taste.
  13. +2. This is a great list, to be sure. There is nothing wrong getting absorbed in Bach. IMO he's simply the greatest composer ever. Nevertheless, a non-Bach suggestion: harpsichord-based fireworks by Andreas Staier
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