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the folks over at jplay forum seem to like the rewriter program written by the same guy who produced bughead emperor Mr Hiroyuki Yokota




this is interesting to me because I had observed the same phenomena when optimising the control part of MQn which loads the wav data into ram


something more to bits than we realised or a hoax, will you believe your ears ?

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So I talked to Mr. Yokota about using Data Rewrite on a Linux machine and overnight, he recompiled his program for me. He told me he can't verify the results everyone will have so any user is forewarned.


As it has now GUI, I'm a little hesitant to dive in as I'm a Linux ignoramus, but if someone else wants to try and report back the results, I'd love to read about your experience.





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Been playing around with Rewrite Data 1.07 and would like to know if there is a way of rewriting data on network drives. I can see no link in the file tree to select network drives.


No unless you could write stream buffer directly from optimized memory block to network drive which is fundamentally flawed and incapable of doing that.

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