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  1. nasa have patented it to use as vibration control on satellites
  2. a recent and interesting discussion that discusses usb sync vs async from the hardware and software side from a windows driver perspective. https://www.freelists.org/post/wdmaudiodev/Windows-Clock-Compensation just click next by date
  3. fraid that these days you have to go to France if you want the stench of cigarette smoke and body odour. The only food that resembles dog shit seems to be the American imports provided by the major burger chains, haven't tried one with cyanide, take it you didn't like the almond smell.
  4. apparently it always gets warmer just before an ice age starts, so not a problem.
  5. Isn't it all a charade, with the same money men in the background pulling the strings ? They've sure worked up a distraction with the Trump/Clinton battle. They're just changing one teleprompter in chief for another. Don't think Clinton could have strode the world stage with all the health concerns/corruption/treason allegations hanging over her.
  6. I wonder what soft furnishings the next president will choose.
  7. Thought he would need something more mobile for the golf course, maybe it's for his spin doctors. Anyone know what the record is beside the sub ? Handles Watergate music, Beethovens take the fifth, the Smiths "at this point what difference does it make" or was that by the Clintones ? At least he can now say in all honesty that his record in office stands up by itself.
  8. don't have a split prism, there's a red light at the centre point when it's in focus.
  9. with these lens the aim is to shoot them wide open to get the bokeh effect, so mostly 5.6 and wider. Even stopped down there is plenty of light getting through, unless it's dark and then you'd be using it wide open. A full frame camera helps in this respect too.
  10. not without electrical or mechanical means of actuating the aperture.
  11. I just focus at the aperture I'm taking the picture at otherwise the focus seems to shift.
  12. £10 per lens for an adapter.The lense is manual focus anyway. For exposure just set the camera to aperture priority at 1.4 and seems to expose ok for whatever the lense aperture is. There's an electrical coupling that allows the camera to indicate when the centre is in focus. eg AF Confirm Adapter For Contax Yashica CY Lens to Canon EOS EF 7D 60D 600D DC136 | eBay
  13. I bought a load of second hand contax/zeiss lenses on ebay a few years ago, here's a pic using the 1.4/85/5D2 from the weekend, love the zeiss look, a luxury, but nice to have.
  14. Seems to be classic bullying behaviour, embarrassing.
  15. In general ultracapacitors do not have a hard end of life failure similar to batteries. Their end of life is defined as when the capacitance and/or ESR has degraded beyond the application needs. Cap failure under typical use condition https://www.tecategroup.com/ultracapacitors-supercapacitors/ultracapacitor-FAQ.php Does this reduction in capacitance over time cause any concerns ? The article says cycle life > 500,000, but scale in above graph is 5000 H, which isn't that long.
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