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  1. Glad to hear that and thank you for sharing your tips with us here. Technically non-ECC RAM should be better but some of my friends told me using ECC RAM sounds better. It's server grade so they probably use better grade components on ECC RAM to deliver which may play significant role too. Or maybe it's more about synergy working better with ECC RAM on their cases. Regards, Keetakawee
  2. I know a friend who builds linear power supply with two transformer for 12V and 5V feeding Plextor Premium 2 drive so I understand what you mean. Don't let bits are bits believer get you down. They never have that kind of experience to understand. Regards, Keetakawee P.S. Keeping things as factory applies to RAM only. I don't want to modify each RAM to compare yet.
  3. It's a new design so yes everything is changed and still developing. Regards, Keetakawee
  4. Some products as DC input voltage for optional upgrading. Some build their own power supply upgrade and some can be used with 3rd-party ones. Just saying in case you don't know.
  5. I disagree. Even power cable can affect on musicality a lot and most of tonal balance tuning are done on power cables no less than interconnects in highend systems during the show. You can check Munich show and ask all vendors and audiophiles there on room you find it sounding very good to your ears.
  6. For testing's fairness, I try to keep everything as factory built for now.
  7. True that most LPS improve clarity but not many LPS can retain or improve musicality. There's a good reason why I don't build LPS for budget like $300 but $500. Because I saw countless of LPS under $500 ended up sounding less musical than bundled switching adapter no matter what cable you put on.
  8. Everyone loves upgrade. This should sound better. This is very good bang of buck upgrade. A lot people are cheering for this one. And so on. Finally I decided to purchase this upgrade. It has very good capacitor. Nice sounding transformer and wiring with good audiophile parts filled in. Should be best deal at this price. I bought it and I think it makes good improvements here and there. But somehow I ended up switching back to previous components or even stock one. This is a story of my client who decided to upgrade linear power supply from 3rd-party company to use with my Nimitra server. I got his permission to share his story here. Things like this happens all the time. Be it audiophile receptacle upgrade where most people will start with Wattgate and Furutech. A few including me ended up coming back to Hubbell. Many people went for audiophile connectors with Rhodium, Silver, many fancy name plating and finishing. A few including me coming back to classic gold plated connector from trusted vendors. It's not all about fancy parts or high quality parts mixed together to get the biggest improvement for price/performance ratio from what you can read online. Some people hype about some sort audiophile upgrade recently and some ended up finding some upgrades sounding less musical than before. Many cost effective upgrades are built for people aiming for best high fidelity performance on offering price. Those who offer better perceived performance/price ratio wins. However, none can show you how it can bring you closer to music on musicality side. And things like this sounds very subjective and can't be perceived from online content. This kind of things come from experience and learning from past mistakes like some of us here already have realized that those exotic things won't always bring you closer to music. At some point you'll realize that some fancy stuff can be used in some situation for some devices. Not every case will get sure fire happy improvements anymore. Audiophile is like cooking. Throwing all best ingredients together doesn't mean you get the most delicious cooking. There's a lot of factors involved to get the finest spice and you'll learn that over time. I hope this story will help reminding people in this forum to consider more on musicality aspect before pulling a trigger on each new upgrade. Regards, Keetakawee
  9. Here's results I recorded from my mobile phone. I can't record every RAM I tested yet because I have work to do but these two should sound different enough even in mobile phone recording quality. https://www.mediafire.com/file/698qg6e7j2h4r7r
  10. So far nothing conclusive yet. Some has different charm. Over Corsair I picked has lowest CAS latency among the same 2400MHz frequency. It tends to perform better than others in theory and more ambient and body. However, its dynamics gotten soften up a bit and not solid like the rest despite being the longest run stick. I'm conducting tests on developing low powered design with Intel i7 desktop processor version with developing linear power supply.
  11. Testing different RAM with different models and capacity during past few days. They all give different sound signature more than my expectations. Well, I've been doing this for a long while since DDR2 time but maybe my system has become more resolving and better to make more dramatic changes. I'm using bit-perfect playback btw. May consider modifying some like I did for long time ago too.
  12. Windows X

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Hi. I'm happy to hear that Fidelizer helps improving sound quality in your system to that extent. If there's anything I can help you with license transfer, please let me know. Regards, Keetakawee
  13. Windows X

    Fidelizer 8.0

    It’s been a few months since last 8.3 release. I’m glad to see the hardware key being resolved finally. I’ve been improving Fidelizer software since last release and now it’s stable and ready for official version 8.4 update involving bug fixes and improvements. Version 8.4 will now support Logitech Media Server (aka. Squeezebox) software. It will also prompt for “Music Player Application 1-3” to avoid the confusion when browsing software. There’s also immediate fixes after 8.3 like 24-core processor support that I patched again after proper release in Plus/Pro version which will officially be addressed in version 8.4. Higher optimization levels will not affect system/audio performance as much as before too. Changelog for version 8.4 Free -Added Media Player Application order 1-2-3 when browsing for each file -Improved compatibility with Logitech Media Server software -Improved system/audio stability on higher user level optimizations Plus -Added Media Player Application order 1-2-3 when browsing for each file -Fixed multi-core optimizations on some cases with more than 16 cores processor like 24 -Improved compatibility with Logitech Media Server software -Improved system/audio stability on higher user level optimizations Pro -Added Media Player Application order 1-2-3 when browsing for each file -Fixed multi-core optimizations on some cases with more than 16 cores processor like 24 -Improved compatibility with Logitech Media Server software -Improved system/audio stability on higher user level optimizations Download: Fidelizer 8.4 Upgrade: Fidelizer Upgrade Program Fidelizer Plus/Pro users should be received a mail about update and download link by now. If you somehow didn’t receive an update notification as I received some delivery failure message too, please contact me for an update with your customer data to verify. After publishing Fidelizer update, I’ll focus on updating portable products project a bit so expect something good for portable audio soon.
  14. Windows X

    Fidelizer 8.0

    I'm glad to hear you have drivers issue resolved. 8.3 should work fine without driver ordering issue now too. There's free version of Process Lasso and next version of Fidelizer Pro should have squeezebox components recognized. Setting up LMS to run as music player application after Fidelizer optimization should also fix this issue too. Process running after optimization will not be affected by higher user level optimizations. I wish I could do that as older Fidelizer license has only core components tied up but sadly it wasn't enough information after version 6-7 and some OEM exploiting the security flaw to cheat their way out. I tried to filter out USB network drivers and emulated one so those shouldn't affect the license. Only non plug and play physical hardware will be recognized. 8.3 is improved to recognize older key as long as associated hardware is still present too so it should be fine unless you have missing driver and remove associated component like disabling onboard LAN/WiFi or remove PCI network card. Regards, Keetakawee
  15. WOW!!!!  Installed Fidelizer Pro last night with help from a friend at Crimson Electronics and I couldn’t be happier. 


    Fidelizer Pro is by far the best improvement in terms of soft wear to my pc audio setup.  It’s like I upgraded everything. Much more detail,crisper,clean,fresh feeling if that makes any sense.  


    Thank you and keep up the good work.


    ps Crimson Electronics kick ass.


    1. Windows X

      Windows X

      I'm happy to hear Fidelizer Pro helping your system delivering music closer to real sound performance. If you have any question to ask for optimal configuration for your system, feel free to ask. :)




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