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    Fidelizer 8.0

    Hi. Thank you for your interests to try Fidelizer again. Fidelizer 8 has a lot of improvements comparing to previous version. However, most of improvements are implemented in Fidelizer Plus/Pro version so free version of FIdelizer 8 will not be better than Fidelizer Pro 7.Al though some changes in free version will be more preferable than previous release but that alone won't be enough to outperform Pro version. You can try free version first or upgrade your license to version 8 at $29.95 USD and get all improvements. You might as well upgrade to recent Windows 10 too since Windows 10 has better audio performance comparing to Windows 7/8/8.1. Regards, Keetakawee
  2. They're different software doing similar feature and both support flac. You can try both and choose what suits you better. Regards, Keetakawee
  3. Fidelizer improves sound quality of Windows' multimedia platform which will make all audio apps sounding better. JPLAY Femto is paid uPNP server/renderer software for better sound quality, Audiophile uPNP Renderer is free version working similar to JPLAY but accept WAV/FLAC/AIFF only. Threadripper is new AMD Ryzen processor having 32 cores. Sibilance is often vocal harshness from recordings with s/z voice or instruments with too high gain or volume sensitivity. Putting them on vinyl can still be heard. Glare is caused from frequency distortion bringing harshness to from digital audio transport device that can affect all sound. It makes system sound brighter with unnatural slope of transient dynamics as side effects from trying to be too analytical. Sibilance is part of recording and there's nothing much we can do about it except putting de-esser plugin ourselves. Glare isn't part of recording and can be redeemed. Some may mistook those added artifacts as finer details making the music sound more realistic. There's nothing wrong if you like sibilance or glare though. I also used to enjoy those effects as it made my system sound more live and more true to source before too before I know more about real sound performance. Regards, Keetakawee
  4. Also, some speakers may reveal glare and sibilance stronger than others too. I used to love increasing details and clarity with my computer audio setup until I later discovered side effects about glare. Regards, Keetakawee
  5. I'm glad to hear your case is resolved but that doesn't mean it can solve with others. Some people have different tolerance level of glare. I didn't mean to make this thread as to criticize AL having glare but all digital audio has glare to some degree as it's not pure and perfect like analogue. Trying to say digital audio has zero glare would be too unrealistic. I'm talking about this issue based on my experience $10-30k CD/SACD transports which I also own some of them too of course and I could say I still notice certain level of glare even from $30 SACD transport too, let alone servers. Regards, Keetakawee
  6. Glare and sibilance are similar but different. From my experience with ultra highend CD/SACD transport, I agree that some of them are sibilance from recordings but glare is the characteristic of transport itself. Such thing also exist in ultra highend CD transport to some degree. The least glare I've ever heard are Esoteric P-0 series and Emm Labs CDSD series, vintage Spectral transport, and maybe some others. Regards, Keetakawee
  7. Respectable source or not is not the point here. People have different systems and different listening experience. I'm sure you'd hear something like not understanding why some people can't perceive like they have from one of your friends. If you feel like to ignore nobody's opinion, that's your right to do. However, being nobody doesn't mean that opinion doesn't matter. I considered it. Many of my friends told me I should give it a shot too. However, it feels wrong for me to publish something I'm not confident that it can meet my standards on user's system. I have the concept like PerfectDynamics for dedicated Linux OS optimizations and you need to get exact parameters to keep the sound right in Linux. It's not as good as I can do in Windows but close enough for Purist ROM I develop for DAPs. Cooking a ROM for specific device with fixed specifications like processor speed, number of cores, amount of RAM, etc. is possible to archive for one device per ROM. Windows made it possible with very complexed backend platform to intelligently optimize optimal values for different hardware. I can't do something like that for Linux to work with any hardware yet. Fidelizer may look simple and easy to perform but it took over a decade effort to research and come up with algorithm to intelligently make complexed optimizations simple enough. Regards, Keetakawee
  8. The problem in social forum is like this. When one person stated that I think I have this sound issue, more people post that they don't have that issue and encourage them to check this and that. They may have good intention to help but such situation won't encourage people to share their subjective opinions that may cause conflicts more. I agree that it's subjective we can't conclude that the glare issue will always happen to everyone. I once witness the event where one person complaining about strong glare and another person was commenting how smooth and musical the system was. And they both hear the same system at the same time. So people from different systems with different ears are bounded to have different results. What should matter for them is how to optimize system for the listener so they can enjoy music more. If they prefer something that I think it's not appropriate or incorrect, they can learn over time since things will always change as long as audiophiles keep trying to improve. Regards, Keetakawee
  9. If you check my past record, you'll see that I don't post outside Fidelizer thread more than providing my support there until last few months. I also became inactive after early December until recently when I start to see mention notification in my email. So it might be an ignorant of me to assume things based on what I heard as I rarely check in forums outside my support thread nowadays. Regards, Keetakawee
  10. Hi. Thank you for contribution to help community. What I said based on what I heard from people I know so I'm aware there's people who's not afraid to share opinions like you and I and I hope there'll be more in future. Regards, Keetakawee
  11. My apologies. It seems I quoted the wrong post. Here's the correct one. My point is some people may have issues but most of them did not voice their opinions in forum for some reason. If we can encourage people to express their findings more freely in both what they do well or what they lack, maybe the products can be improved better with such feedback. Regards, Keetakawee
  12. It's not appropriate for manufacturer who is not a sponsor in forum to make a post related to products they're offering. Answering BigAlMc's question in public forum is a bad conduct and I can't provide my answers in this manner. If BigAlMc is not comfortable to talk with me privately, he can choose to drop this discussion and I'll respect his decision. My intention is for knowledge sharing and I have no intention to make sales conversion in public discussion. You may think it's nothing wrong to answer your questions here but it's actually wrong for manufacturer's to answer those questions which can be treated as promoting their products to answer those. It's also about manner and etiquette. As for Linux platform having glare issues, I believe some have but most of them may not feel comfortable enough to post about it. You can see the outcome after this message from here. I don't mind answering questions related to other products like Windows Server 2019 about making use of free trial license to compare with others or some basic guidelines like using the same apps on different platforms though. Regards, Keetakawee
  13. Thank you. Maybe he wanted to ask me about guidelines to setup Windows Server 2019 VS AL. If he asked me like this, I could tell him what he needs better. But saying he's potentially interested and ask about my stuff, I can only asked him to direct his inquiry through private channel and I did all I could to assist him with ambiguous requests. Actually, everyone can download Windows Server 2019 free trial license to install and test themselves. They can also share their findings here saying how they prefer others over Windows platform they tried too. Today I also received one person who finally voiced his opinion that he prefers AL over optimized Windows Server 2016 in his system. It's the first feedback I heard and I'm telling you I finally heard one today. And so far no one say anything bad about Linux platform yet. Most of them are free and paid one are great for its asking price. But some people need to realize they can't force everyone to have the same holy grail they have. Audiophile is hobby and what people share are ultimately opinions. Whether readers will believe it or not, it's good for community to have diversity. Regards, Keetakawee
  14. This is not related to your questions specifically asked about my products. And I only stated that AL has $50 for one year and $149 for lifetime support which is visible on their website as a reply to someone's post. I also answered that you can do free style shoot out with free trial licenses or anything you prefer at your own accord too. I don't even know what is your point in this discussion anymore after reading this. You asked me questions that I request to answer as private conversation. If you aren't comfortable in doing that, we can drop this and move on. Regards, Keetakawee