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  1. Windows X

    Fidelizer 8.0

    If you have software process that's interfering with audio applications, closing it is the best way to improve audio performance. Fidelizer can decrease its effect on higher user level by limiting number of cores allowed and priority to some degree. Personally I find Fidelizer Pro with stock Windows 10 environment sounding better than MacOS in the same machine. There's also a few clients who use Fidelizer Pro on Mac with Bootcamp for better sound quality hardware with software combined. If you have any issues related to sound quality improvements, feel free to discuss with me in support channel or E-Mail and I'll provide my assistance to help you setting up better computer audio system. Happy listening. Regards, Keetakawee
  2. Thank you for sharing your feedback. I agree that Esoteric 01 player lineup is a big landmark where hearing is believing really kicks in. Esoteric P-05/P-05X will also perform very well on revealing system too. Regards, Keetakawee
  3. Yeah. There was time people doing comparison between new servers against good CD transports any many objectivists trying to shoot down those posts. Maybe it's something related to guerilla marketing where they want people keep making hype of new category products. At some point people will believe them without trying to compare themselves. The last community where highend CD transport users still be active is whatsbestforum but they don't seem to care about music server that much anymore. Regards, Keetakawee
  4. From my experience, Esoteric Player with 03 number starts to sound good for its DAC which is $10k level and a lot of computer audiophiles in my country said Mirus to be giant killer for its price too. Maybe something like Esoteric X05 with digital output to Mirus will make fairer comparison since yours is like transport + DAC combo and I also prefer DAC on Mirus over K-05x (or even K-03). Regards, Keetakawee
  5. I'm curious to know if there's any audiophile comparing music server against CD/SACD transport with Esoteric drive. Maybe Esoteric CD Player, dCS Puccini, or Emm Labs CD Player with Esoteric drive is fine too. We used to hear this server sounds better or as good as that CD transport but I've never heard someone comparing to Esoteric transport which is used in highend brands before. Lately it seems computer audio advancement is all about promoting some cool features or mods making people believe this will bring them good sound so people will buy and be satisfied that it's better than generic computer they have. Having someone with reference system to share their experience and opinions would help communities a lot.
  6. I told him he can use one-time free hardware key changing right to change the key. Regards, Keetakawee
  7. Windows X

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Today we’ve reached 3,500th milestone now in this month. As a reminder to inform customers that they receive refund for returning customer purchase, I’m running purchase offer again in this week. I also sent partial refund back for customer who placed an order on 5th November 2018. Fidelizer Plus: US $39.95 —> $34.95 (Until 24th February 2018) Fidelizer Pro: US $69.95 —> $59.95 (Until 24th February 2018) This offer will last until 24th February 2018. Discount rate is the same as purchasing Fidelizer software again so new customer and returning customer will get the same price. You may order again anytime and receive partial-refund as discount later after this campaign is over. I hope this will be good chance for you to consider upgrading Fidelizer software. I also made adjustments to have fidelizer.key filled automatically when you use “Order Fidelizer” button in Fidelizer software. I hope this will make order process easier.
  8. Windows X

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Hi. Assuming it's been working fine until you receive Roon 1.6 update, I suspect the issues may happen with Roon update itself. I recommend to uninstall Roon and reinstall again in case there's issues with update process. You may keep settings and database during uninstall first. 1.6 was just launched so there'll be later patches to improve Roon experience in near future too. Regards, Keetakawee
  9. Windows X

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Hi. Thank you for your interests to try Fidelizer again. Fidelizer 8 has a lot of improvements comparing to previous version. However, most of improvements are implemented in Fidelizer Plus/Pro version so free version of FIdelizer 8 will not be better than Fidelizer Pro 7.Al though some changes in free version will be more preferable than previous release but that alone won't be enough to outperform Pro version. You can try free version first or upgrade your license to version 8 at $29.95 USD and get all improvements. You might as well upgrade to recent Windows 10 too since Windows 10 has better audio performance comparing to Windows 7/8/8.1. Regards, Keetakawee
  10. They're different software doing similar feature and both support flac. You can try both and choose what suits you better. Regards, Keetakawee
  11. Fidelizer improves sound quality of Windows' multimedia platform which will make all audio apps sounding better. JPLAY Femto is paid uPNP server/renderer software for better sound quality, Audiophile uPNP Renderer is free version working similar to JPLAY but accept WAV/FLAC/AIFF only. Threadripper is new AMD Ryzen processor having 32 cores. Sibilance is often vocal harshness from recordings with s/z voice or instruments with too high gain or volume sensitivity. Putting them on vinyl can still be heard. Glare is caused from frequency distortion bringing harshness to from digital audio transport device that can affect all sound. It makes system sound brighter with unnatural slope of transient dynamics as side effects from trying to be too analytical. Sibilance is part of recording and there's nothing much we can do about it except putting de-esser plugin ourselves. Glare isn't part of recording and can be redeemed. Some may mistook those added artifacts as finer details making the music sound more realistic. There's nothing wrong if you like sibilance or glare though. I also used to enjoy those effects as it made my system sound more live and more true to source before too before I know more about real sound performance. Regards, Keetakawee
  12. Also, some speakers may reveal glare and sibilance stronger than others too. I used to love increasing details and clarity with my computer audio setup until I later discovered side effects about glare. Regards, Keetakawee
  13. I'm glad to hear your case is resolved but that doesn't mean it can solve with others. Some people have different tolerance level of glare. I didn't mean to make this thread as to criticize AL having glare but all digital audio has glare to some degree as it's not pure and perfect like analogue. Trying to say digital audio has zero glare would be too unrealistic. I'm talking about this issue based on my experience $10-30k CD/SACD transports which I also own some of them too of course and I could say I still notice certain level of glare even from $30 SACD transport too, let alone servers. Regards, Keetakawee
  14. Glare and sibilance are similar but different. From my experience with ultra highend CD/SACD transport, I agree that some of them are sibilance from recordings but glare is the characteristic of transport itself. Such thing also exist in ultra highend CD transport to some degree. The least glare I've ever heard are Esoteric P-0 series and Emm Labs CDSD series, vintage Spectral transport, and maybe some others. Regards, Keetakawee
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