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  1. What device are you loading the OS on?
  2. Currently using the ROON bridge configuration Bob and upsampling in ROON to 192khz. Will also try the Squeezelight/ROON configuration later. Cheers.
  3. Listening to Gentoo on the USBridge Sig. and finding it very nice indeed. Seems to be a little more clarity at lower volume, which is what I like in my smaller room. Took about an hour to get set up, the web interface is certainly different to the other OS’s out there so there’s a bit of a mindset change needed for a user. But overall, not an ordeal. Will give it an extended audition.
  4. Thank you. I shall check it out in the morning.
  5. Having listened to Moode on the Allo USBridge Signature Endpoint for a couple of days I just found it too muddy and syrupy with my Khadas Tone Board. Switching back to Ropieee, brought sparkle and dynamics back to the music. It’s all subjective. What works for one listener won’t work for another.
  6. Some quick question for Jesus. I use my UltraRendu with LinnKazoo for streaming Tidal to a Topping D50S DAC. I can control volume either via the app, or the DAC remote but I’m confused as to how the volume is being altered. If I set the DAC to maximum output in the the UR, how is the volume then being altered from the Linn app? Does the UR control the volume on the ES9038 directly? Second, how can I effectively use the DAC remote? Should I set the Linn/UR volume to 100 percent and then allow the DAC and remote to have final control?
  7. Many thanks for clarifying that.
  8. I’m listening to Tidal via Linn Kazoo on my Ultrarendu using a Dragonfly Cobalt directly attached to a Schiit Aegir amplifier. It’s a nice combination which I find sounds subjectively better than ROON. Since I’m using the Dragonfly as a line out, I set the DAC volume to maximum in the Ultrarendu and use the Kazoo volume slider to control listening levels. Can anyone tell me how the Kazoo volume change is working? Am I changing the digital volume in the Cobalt, or is it a software volume change in Kazoo? I’m curious.
  9. I airplay to my LS50W’s occasionally for downloaded Tidal playlists. I use a raspberry Pi with a Hifiberry Digi Pro hooked into the optical input on the KEF’s. Volumio is the OS on the Pi. Works a charm.
  10. The ‘wait another 14 days’ seems to be stretching out into weeks. Would be interested in ordering, but still not ready for sale on the website. Can we get an accurate estimate as to when it will be ready for purchasing?
  11. Does anyone know if an external memory stick for an ipad can be used to store offline playlists for Tidal or Spotify? I don't see any option on either app to specify download location.
  12. I auditioned a pair of these late last year and was all set to purchase based on reviews. I walked out of the listening room after 15 minutes. Too aggressive for me, no subtlety or delicacy. Plus the bass sounded like someone banging a shoe on the wall. Most will no doubt love them, but not musical to my ears and not something I could live with long term after the novelty wore off.
  13. I'm really surprised the moderator hasn't shut this thread down. It has degenerated into the same argument we have been hearing about cables for the past 30 years. Those who have heard them, including myself, do not need to convince others of their capability. Those who have not heard them are not qualified to pass judgement. Time to move on folks, and probably time for me to find another forum where people enjoy music.
  14. I have the first production pair of TEO's GC liquid interconnects. Been listening to them for almost a year. What they bring to your system is coherence, a sense of all the information in the music arriving at the same time. My SO, not an audiophile by any means, thought the effect was akin to seeing a photograph with everything sharply in focus. In the grand scheme of Audio purchases, I thought the price I paid $625 including shipping, a steal and have never regretted my decision.
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