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Just built my pc server - dead quiet as far as I am concerned!

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Very excited about this. Just built my first pc and I cant hear it running at all! I am really excited about this. I am new to PC as a high end audio source and by biggest concern was the noise that I am used to hearing from computers - fan noise, hard drive, disk noise.

I didnt want ot spend the money on one of the pre built "silent pcs" so I used reviews from slientpcreview.com to select a case, heatsink, fan's etc and I have to say that the end result is as quiet as I could have hoped.

All the parts came from newegg and ended up being cheaper than the lynx card it was built to run.

I will post a parts list later unless that is aginst forum rules. I dont want to come across as selling anything. I am just excited.


Still a lot more tinkering to do to optimize media monkey. Then I will be able to to some a/b comparisons to sonos and my universal disk player.


But I guess the real good news for now is that a pc can be built for about $500 w/o sound card that I cant hear in my listening room.


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Congratulations Jimmy!


Although you can't hear a peep out of your new computer, I bet it still keeps you up at night :)


I am very curious to hear all about your experiences. I discovered the silent pc site a few weeks ago. Perhaps your "report" might inspire some of us to try such an interesting and rewarding project.




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1 x ($79.99) CASE ANTEC|MINI P180 RT - Retail $79.99





1 x ($44.99) PSU PCPWR&COOLING|PPCS370X 370W RT - Retail $44.99





1 x ($7.99) CPU COOL ZALMAN|ZM-CS4A R - Retail $7.99





1 x ($57.99) HD 500G|WD SATA2 32M WD5000AADS - Retail $57.99





1 x ($50.49) MEM 2Gx2|GEIL GG24GB1066C6DC R - Retail $50.49





1 x ($74.99) MB GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-US2H AM2+ RTL - Retail $74.99





1 x ($59.00) CPU AMD|A64 X2 5050E 2.6G AM2 RT - Retail $59.00





1 x ($44.99) DVD BURN PLEXTOR|PX-850SA 22X % - OEM $44.99





1 x ($54.99) CPU COOLER ZALMAN|CNPS 9700 NT R - Retail $54.99





1 x ($-7.99) DISCOUNT FOR AUTOADD #2742$-7.99





And Lynx AES16.


I tried to go with low electric power consumption and big slow fans. The heatsink is a monster. I will try and post pictures if we can do that here.

The case is NOT pretty. but it is black and quiet. no heat so far.

I had originally planned on keeping music on nas at the other end of the house but I was getting drop outs so i moved the files on to the native hd last night. better.


Gonna let it run for a while. I have a 4 week old and house guests so no that i have it all together i wont be able to spend much time with it. but the real good news is that the folks at berkeley tell me that my new dac should ship monday!!!






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Yes, Jimmy, keep us posted on your results.


I am glad I saw your post, maybe I am overkill on the pc I was going to build too, alot of parts also sourced from newegg.com and endpcnoise.com





Custom Music Server, i7-3770T with Core Audio Filtered ATX Cables, Win 8, J River Media 17 with JPLAY, USB 1TB, Nuforce IA7 V2 Upgrade Co Signature modified, TimePortal Interconnects, MIT Magnum powercord, Wireworld Silver Starlight USB, Northstar DAC32, upgraded by the Upgrade Company, RSL 3600 Studio Monitors

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Nice work! Bring on the Sonos comparison! ;P


PS3 60bg (160GB installed + Native music Browser)-AVI ADM9.1-Klipsch SW12 Subwoofer-Belkin Power Board- Custom power cables-Supra Sub Cable- No Name Toslink Cable - PROUD NZer

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The two items that I could have saved on for me were the slim case and the motherboard, but I was looking for something specific. I wanted a slim case that would look hi-end and not look like a pc. I had some people over and they did not even notice it was a pc and assumed it was a regular component:) The mother board has HDMI & DVI Output, Blu-Ray & Dolby Home Theater Support for possible future use;) Let me know how your turns out. I am using the Lynx L22 card and its awesome!


Almost forgot to ask you does yours get hot? Mine gets hot like the cable boxes!


FYI I added a small case fan and all if fine know. The oem case fan was about half the cfm.


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