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  1. Is it possible to delete an account? How? thanks
  2. Thanks Barrows for those sobering words of warning about the impossibility of protection outside of unplugging. I think I'm going to keep things unplugged unless I'm using them, regardless of any products I buy to protect them.
  3. Nice topic, cjf. Here in Bangkok, we seem to get a lot of lightning and until recently, hardly paid it any mind. Then, last week, my McIntosh 2300 preamplifier wouldn't turn on. Between the time it worked and the time I tried to turn it on two days later, we definitely had a storm or two. Thankfully, all that happened was the it blew out a fuse; however, that made me acutely aware of the potential dangers. And when the storm brewed up last night, the first thing I did was unplug my preamp and amp. I have been investigating the issue of power conditioners for a few years (it always takes me forever to finally buy something) and I am totally sold on the positive contribution to the sound and especially, the preventive protection to the electrical system of PurePower's products. Essentially, they run everything off of batteries and when there is a severe problem, the batteries blow, not your system. I first heard of them on the McIntosh forum at Audio Aficionado. PurePower Home just my thoughts... ron
  4. Thanks Gussy, I'll have a look at it. I must have at least 6 versions of this already, but I'm always eager to hear a different interpretation.
  5. I suddenly remember how my high school GF insulted me when she broke up with me on the telephone: "And I hate your classical music!" I'm tempted to insult her here, but nothing I say could compete with her quip above; although, if I had her number, I might be tempted to ring her in the middle of the night and share a selection of Schoenberg's piano music. ron
  6. Thank you all. I will try as suggested. About shrinking the volume, I used the system tools to do this. as an aside, this afternoon, I reinstalled XP. What I was hoping to do was to see the Win 7 administrator's desktop (that's me) so that I could grab some files that weren't showing up in Win 7 because of a problem I had with a virus that turned folders on my USB drive into .exe files. When I (perhaps foolishly) ran a program I found online to fix the virus, it worked, but it also made many folders on my usb drive and an important work folder on my desktop invisible to Win 7 explorer. I know it didn't delete these because on my iMac, I can see the folders on my USB drive that I can no longer see on my Win 7 computer. Very confusing and frustrating. Anyhow, thanks again for the advice. I really appreciate it! cheers, ron
  7. Could a windows' knowledgeable members please advise me about the computer I just messed up? I was running Windows 7 on one of the two 250GB partitions of my hard drive (on a windows computer). On the second partition, drive D, I used shrunk the partition by 20GB to create a third partition, let's say drive E, of 20GB. Then, I installed XP onto drive E. The problem is that I could not reboot into Windows 7 so I reformatted the drive E partition to erase Windows XP so that it would have no choice but to boot into Windows 7 on drive C. Alas, it has messed everything up. Now, I cannot access any OS. I naively thought it would be like OSX on my iMac, where you can simply point to a volume with an OS to boot from. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you, ron
  8. I too am thrilled to have a classical musician —Wow, Julliard!— writing for CA. I've been eagerly awaiting your Sonata review.<br /> <br /> Cheers from Thailand,<br /> ron<br />
  9. That's great you keep us up-to-date on what's happening at CA. Someday, I'd like to attend an audio show. It must be a blast. And the Sonata review will be well-worth waiting for I imagine (Carly Simon's Anticipation is playing in my ears).<br /> <br /> thanks,<br /> ron
  10. Thanks Chris! Usually, I eject teh disc before disconnecting, but I must admit, before I learned about turning off the media library indexing feature, I'd sometimes get impatient and disconnect drive improperly in mild disgust Now, more than ever, I'll follow the rules to avoid losing files. Happy New Year, ron
  11. I'm so happy to hear that! Really, your forum is the best, unquestionably. I worked in a university library for many years and can't get my head around the idea that we should not direct others to the information they seek, because it is located somewhere else. That you encourage this speaks voluminously about your character And actually, the place I suggested to realhifi does not allow users to link to outside sources Oh, may I ask about the December Sonata review and guest (or second) writer you mentioned previously? Happy New Year, ron
  12. Hi realhifi, I adore McIntosh gear (recently bought a MC275 tube amp and C2300 tube preamp) and would love to get the 1100 cd player, but it's beyond my budget at the moment, and it's gonna' be a long moment I fear:) I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules but I would strongly suggest you visit the Audio Afficianado site, where you will find the most incredibly helpful and knowledgeable members regarding everything McIntosh. enjoy the shopping, ron
  13. esldude, Thanks a bundle for your advice. I've been busy with work and haven't been reading too much on CA so didn't see your comment until tonight. Luckily, I thought to give the windows' Error Checking utility. It took 12 hours or so to scan the drive, but after it finished, I was totally floored to see that all the file were back and intact. I think the master file(s) that index the drive somehow became corrupted. In any case, I am so happy to have resolved this favorably. thank you again ron
  14. Hi Nemick, Why don't you give The Classical Jazz Quartet Plays Bach or The Classical Jazz Quartet Plays Tchaikovsky a listen. I think this might be right up your alley http://www.amazon.com/Classical-Jazz-Quartet-Plays-Bach/dp/B000H8RVCU/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1324115650&sr=8-5 cheers, ron
  15. Still planning my purchase (it always takes me years to buy something) but my online research points to Synology products as relatively reliable and very user-friendly. You might give them a thought in your quest. thanks, ron
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