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DELA (Buffalo) "highend audio NAS" with SSD announced

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Buffalo Inc. has started their audio brand DELA with two "highend audio NAS", one in 350mm width and built-in SSD (2x512GB), another one with built-in HDD (1TB).


More info here:



Prices range from 735.ooo Yen for the SSD model to 157.ooo Yen for the HDD model.


A high grade ethernet cable (looks similar to the Audioquest Cinnamon ...) in various lengths will support the line-up.

Products will be on demo next week at HighEnd show Munich.

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Hrmmmm, looks promising. I like the fact that its using Ethernet instead of some other flavor of cabling for connectivity. A NAS with SSD over Ethernet can have some very impressive access speeds.


I'm betting you could easily fill a 1GB link full of data from point A to B if both points were using a SSD during copy process using this thing as long as they didn't cripple it with a limited amount of RAM and CPU.

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That looks fancy. Any reason they stopped at 1 TB? My modest library is 1.2 TB and growing…




Positive emotions enhance our musical experiences.


Synology DS213+ NAS -> Auralic Vega w/Linear Power Supply -> Auralic Vega DAC (Symposium Jr rollerball isolation) -> XLR -> Auralic Taurus Pre -> XLR -> Pass Labs XA-30.5 power amplifier (on 4" maple and 4 Stillpoints) -> Hawthorne Audio Reference K2 Speakers in MTM configuration (Symposium Jr HD rollerball isolation) and Hawthorne Audio Bass Augmentation Baffles (Symposium Jr rollerball isolation) -> Bi-amped w/ two Rythmic OB plate amps) -> Extensive Room Treatments (x2 SRL Acoustics Prime 37 diffusion plus key absorption and extensive bass trapping) and Pi Audio Uberbuss' for the front end and amplification

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Beyond the power being very nice for the SSDs, fancy ethernet connection, there's really no need for this. The access speed and time for "streaming" audio... well you are wasting your time with SSD being sent across a 1GB connection. Sort of like driving a Formula 1 car on a dirt track. Well maybe not that bad. lol. But it's all that power and not much benefit if any.


If you are streaming constant off the HD and doing as little buffering as you can. Any Sata II drive will be able to deliver this without any problem (not to speak of most Sata III drives).


To me it's going to be a lot of money for very little (if any) benefit, especially when your 1GB ethernet connection is the limitation.


John, the reason they stopped at 1TB is that's as big as the SSDs are now that they'd put in the units. I'm guessing they aren't doing RAID on those or if they are it's only Raid 1 to mirror. Otherwise they'd be going with 2TB.


But I'm sure some people will say the units make a world of difference.

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I don't see a design value either in using SSD vs 2.5" HD in a NAS outside of reduced power consumption. Streaming SW capability, compute power and NAS system stability seem far more important to insuring clean transfer of data under task demand for streaming audio.

The only real purpose (if like me your experiences lead you to believe the drive in a NAS cannot affect sound quality) is to reduce noise if you have the NAS in the same room as your HiFi.





...in my opinion / experience...

While I agree "Everything may matter" working out what actually affects the sound is a trickier thing.

And I agree "Trust your ears" but equally don't allow them to fool you - trust them with a bit of skepticism.

keep your mind open... But mind your brain doesn't fall out.

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What they ought to do is design a built in 16-32 Gig SSD drive for the NAS OS and server applications... SSD does matter for running the OS but I can't say that it does for media. Hard to justify spending $1K+ for 2 TB of SSD vs $200 for 2 TB of 2.5" HD. And easy with a NAS to put it in a different room to save $800




Audio system

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