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  1. Yes, I only RDP in when there's issues (like this). I play all my music through FoobarCon off my Samsung Tablet or phone. So I do not use RDP when playing music (unless I'm fiddling with AO or something on there). The computer is headless, so RDP makes it easier than keeping a monitor hooked up to it. Unless your SSD burns up... then you need a monitor to figure out what's wrong! ha ha. With KS back, I definitely can tell pretty easily the differences between ASIO and KS. I can understand why people like ASIO (WASAPI also) as it has a nice "warmth" to it, where KS is a little more precise...but I love hearing the ambiance of the recordings that KS seems to show off better. Either way though, I'm really enjoying AO and Windows server 2016 core for music! -Dan
  2. LMAO!!!!! I literally did nothing but turn the computer on, litterly just RDPed into the media pc and was about to start testing things and look.... LMAO I have no idea why it just showed up now when it hadn't for the last few days as I did NOTHING to the computer besides shut it down and start it back up maybe 2 or three more times... Oh well I won't complain! Thanks for all the advice! No wait, now that I think about it, maybe it needed more than a single reboot after the re-install of the device driver for whatever reason!?!?!?!? That's all I got. Loving the sound of the Windows 2016 Core + AO by the way!!! -Dan
  3. Thanks Jynyc, I figured it worked since I had it working on my Windows 2012 R2 server when it was working. I think I had to do something (simple) to get Kernel streaming to work, but I just can't remember what. I did just reinstall the driver and that didn't do anything as well as re-ran the AO and configured again. So something is stopping KS from using the driver. I just installed the SACD for DSD and it sees the dac fine with ASIO (using DSD : ASIO to output). So there's something I'm missing doing or something. I might delete the KS .dll and put it back to see if that works now. I'm pretty sure I had something similar to this when I built the 2012r2 back in the day and it's just escaping me what it was. -Dan
  4. Sorry I was out of town down at Capital Audiofest 2018 this weekend... now I'm back. I got ASIO to work. I have kernel streaming 1.2.2 installed and shows up in the components. I did verify (went through again) that I pressed yes to kernel streaming install... So at the moment I'm stumped why I can use ASIO but not KS. I'll keep looking around, but I first was finishing up the mapping of drives to automatically happen and a few other things. I know it's something silly (I might re-install the drivers for the Mutec and see if that causes something. It's just right there on the tip of my tongue what I should do to make it work.
  5. I know I'm doing something dumb or forgetting something... but I could use some ideas as to what I'm doing wrong here to get these two working... Where I'm at... well first, I was running Win2k12 Core mode perfectly fine until my SSD went up in smoke (litterally) a resistor or something failed and there was actual smoke! So I lost my customized version using W2k12 + AO. RIP server, you were LOVED! So instead of pulling out my backup copy (which admittedly was old, probably AO 1.2 or 1.4 or something like that)... I had started a Win 2k16 Core installation... so I decided to move forward not back! Anyways, Windows 2016 is installed. I have everything updated and configured, can get in remotely, can see the remote share as a mapped drive, got the USB card drivers installed, added the Mutec MC-3+ USB drivers installed and Foobar2000 installed. I verified I can see the Mutec MC-3+ USB in the "device manager" and was able to configure the driver for minimal latency and buffers (so with it seeing the Mutec, that's a good sign!). Things seem good so far. I put AO on the box, Foobar2000 wouldn't load without the .dll obviously, then ran AO. Got AO setup, installed Kernel Streaming, verified that foo_out_ks is there in Foobar2000. However, when I go to pick an output device all I have is Null Output. I figured I wouldn't have my WASAPI and other outputs that I used to have under Win2k12... but I don't even have any KS to pick from at all. What am I missing!?!? I'm sure I'm missing some step I just haven't thought of or missed some configuration somewhere but I just can't think of it. I probably need a day or two away (which is coming with going to Capital Audiofest 2018 in DC)...but I just really would've like to get the Mutec output seen. Deep in the recesses of my mind I think I think I remember having to do the Desktop Experience or something with Win2k12r2 before I put into core mode to make things work. Or did something with Foobar2000 to make it work. I just can't remember. I know you can't do Desktop Experience in 2016 in Core, so if that's in, my only option is to use 2016 in GUI then right? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! -Dan
  6. Talking with Brian at the last Capital AudioFest (which he is why I go and I am my friends are why he goes)... he was telling me that the Network Upgrade isn't really sonically superior... it's pretty much the same, however, one aspect that he did find interesting and maybe puts it just slightly better than the other inputs is the fact that it shares the same clock as the whole M1 and is the shortest path to get the data into the M1's decoder. So I'm sure that helps. I still need to send my M1 back to get all the upgrades done to it, he kindly upgraded my software without being SE, I just need to send it in for the rest of the upgrades (hardware) to be done. Just tough going without it for the couple weeks.... such a dilemma!!! ha ha. Still haven't found a DAC I enjoy more. There may be better ones out there, but I have yet to hear them where it's that noticeable. This DAC just does everything amazingly well!!
  7. For me, DSD: KS: Mutec USB (aka, Drivers for your DAC) hands down has given me the best sound from foobar2000. If you can get all the DSD stuff set up properly (even without a DSD DAC) and output via PCM to Kernel Streaming out to your DAC... wow is all I can say!
  8. I have a Mutec MC-3+ that I wish I could get updated the same way the Mutec MC-3+ USB was updated.... Whatever they did to the clock and how it filters and does it's goodness... the MC-3+ needs to have the same update! Minus USB obviously.
  9. If you go to Start -> Run, then copy and paste this in, it should open up for you: "c:\program files\MUTEC_Driver\MUTEC_USB_Audio_Driver\MUTECUSBAudioDfu.exe" You'll have to remove the space in MUTECUSB AudioDfu.exe, it should be MUTECUSBAudioDfu.exe, but for some reason the webpage puts a space there, yet when I edit it, there is no space?!? If it doesn't open then the file doesn't exist there and re-installing the drivers should put the needed files there.
  10. Just in case anyone has firmware 1.02 on their MC3+, I just upgraded and the only way to do it is to use the 1.01 to 1.03 firmware file first, the Update Software will show the update of current firmware version to 1.03, close it off then open it again and use the 1.02_1.03 to 1.10 firmware file. It'll show current version at 1.10 and then you can power cycle the MC3+ USB and it'll keep the firmware. I kept getting errors when I just tried to use the 1.02_1.03 to 1.10 firmware file.
  11. I have the iFi Micro USB 3.0 in between the computer and the Mutec 3+ USB. I'm using two WireWorld Silver Starlight cables between them. As much as I just wanted to admit the Mutec 3+ USB was perfectly fine with a single WW Silver Starlight cable, adding the iFI into the mix definitely improved the sound coming from the Mutec.
  12. How does one get in on the v2 upgrade? This is for Win2k12 and not just the other versions right? Sorry, it's been a while since I've been on the forum and I have a lot of catching up to do. I just don't want to miss out on the upgrade! I love my 1.4 AO, but if there's better out there then I want it!
  13. I'm using two WireWorld Silver Starlight 7 USB 2.0 cables. So far, one of the best cables I've heard/used. Enough for me NOT to pay for some more expensive cables I've used in my system.
  14. I started off with AES.... but I really feel the BNC SPDIF is better, there's just a little more detail to the signal. I did try the AES3/11id bnc and it's the same as the SPDIF BNC, but for me it's louder which I didn't like, probably in my mind it seemed more compressed due to being louder. So I switched back to the SPDIF BNC to run between the two. I have a DIY Rubidium clock, but it's at a shop being tested to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Hopefully I'll get it back at some point here soon to put into my system. Course I'm still waiting on Mutec to send me their's so I can play with it. ha ha. My Vote is two Mutec's with a Rubidium clock.
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