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  1. Two more options. I believe the creator of these Vivids worked at B&W back in the day. https://vividaudio.com/giya/giya-g2-series-2/ Another option with some Spice to its looks: https://us.kef.com/kef-blade.html
  2. IMO....No. There would be no benefit of moving off the NAS to Local storage. Reason being, just about every decent music server/library software out there will "Cache" some number of seconds (or more...) of the audio file being played so what you hear is coming from that Cache and not real-time off the ETH/wire.
  3. I'm not clear on which Hard Drive currently holds your music files. Is it an external USB Drive or is it a typical "Internal" hard drive taken out of some other Computer that your trying to install? Assuming the Hard Drive that holds the music is an external USB type drive, is there another computer on the network that you own where you can plug it in and see all your music files without issue? If you have another Computer where this drive holding your music works it may be easier to try and "Share" out the Parent Folder on the drive over the LAN and point your Zenith MKII SE to that Shared Network Folder and perform an import that way. In doing so, drive format will not matter. If on the other hand you are seeing this Format Drive message and its referring to the drive inside the Zenith MKII SE than that is another problem altogether.
  4. I don't own a MR anymore but I believe there is an "Advanced" Tab or something to that effect in the web page somewhere. Maybe download the owners manual (ie....RTFM 😀 )
  5. Hard to say for sure what your connection chain is but I think you have a MicroRendu connected to your DAC directly via USB. First question is....does the MicroRendu "See" your DAC? You can confirm this by visiting your MR's webpage that can be loaded by inputting its IP Address into a Web browser. There are a few checks that can be done to confirm this device "See's" your DAC first and foremost. Roon would be relying on the Rendu to report back the info about your DAC....I believe.
  6. Sounds like you have a choice of multiple things that may have happened. 1. Original owner didn't leave behind the passive crossover network that might have gone along with those tweeters and in its place you just have a full range signal going straight to the tweeters now. 2. Original owner DID leave behind the passive crossover network that might have gone with those tweeters BUT its fried and no longer doing its job. 3. There is no passive crossover network (in the traditional sense of a passive component set having a matched mid/tweeter combo) and instead the tweeters are receiving a feed from one of the Amp channel pairs and relying on some built in crossover module within the Amp. If that were the case then perhaps the module is missing or someone brushed up on the crossover knobs on the Amp and now its just set too high by accident. Many more possibilities from here but these are just a few speculation's to consider
  7. Here's another option assuming they are available to your location. Company mentions something about providing auditions to folks with no dealers so may be useful. Lots of good reviews on these and they are within the bottom of your price range. You mention having Subs so they may be useful with these speakers if they don't play low enough for you after review. Magnepan Model 17i http://www.magnepan.com/model_17
  8. Finding a good tower speaker within the provided price range is a tough job. But, if I were willing to spend an extra $500 bones my sights would be on this assuming the new market https://www.psbspeakers.com/product/imagine-t2-tower/ I think the best bang for your buck would be found on the Used market for a tower but I understand some folks are not willing to go down that path so the PSB would be a decent alternative to something Used. Happy shopping
  9. Ya'll keep dumping them CD's and I'll keep scooping them up by the fist full with a grin from ear to ear 😀 I have a good ole time getting elbows deep in the Used CD bin's whenever I find them. In fact, I only buy used old CD's because 9.5 times out of 10 they sound better then the fancy new "Hi-Rez" stuff and especially those new "Remasters" of ----fill in your favorite band here---- I have no concerns of them accumulating after they have been ripped. It gives me some comfort knowing they are there if something catastrophic happens and I can recreate my library back to its original SQ level. Lastly, I myself do not stream anything. Everything I listen to is from my own personal collection and it doesn't get old 👍
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