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  1. Hrrrrmmm, I see a puff of smoke involved in your Avatar. Perhaps this post is the result of too much "magic green stuff"? Your math appears to be a bit hazy/fuzzy! 😂
  2. Something to be aware of, since you mention using company/work assets to accomplish the goal at hand. If you choose to continue to use ROON while at work you may very well eventually get a nasty note/email from your IT Dept, depending on their level of sophistication, about your device being the source of large amounts of "Traffic/Chatter" on the Wireless Subnet it resides on. ROON is great in a home environment but is not software written in a way that is very friendly to play well with enterprise network designs/environments. Each time you interact with the ROON Remote on your Mobile Phone it blasts out a Multicast/Broadcast storm to every device residing on the same Subnet in an attempt to blindly "find" the ROON Core or ROON Endpoint of interest. Just as word of caution, take it into consideration if you wish/care
  3. cjf

    Qobuz in US: When?

    I just stopped in to take a peek at the QOBUZZ site for the first time. I did a few random searches for albums that I know to be VERY obscure and was pleased to see they had most of them for download/purchase. +1 Points for that The bad news though....it seems none of these online services gives a hoot about publishing/listing provenance data on the version of album they are selling/streaming. Why on Gods green earth does this important detail seem to escape all these services? -5 Points for this I want to see a Catalog #, BarCode # and a creation Date as seen on the original media....damnit ? I'm not spending another dime on any of these online streaming/download sites until that starts to happen. I've been burnt more times than I care to think about by HDTracks for crushed/compressed garbage downloads. Fool me five times shame on you, fool me more than that, shame on me. Basic to Discogs I go ?‍♂️
  4. cjf

    Is It Time For Moderators?

    I voted "NO" in the Poll but in reality I'm mostly indifferent to the idea of having more moderators. I come to Audio Forum XYZ strictly as a form of entertainment and amusement in my free/down time. As such, I dont take anything I read/see on audio forums to heart. Actually I may be in the minority here by saying this but, I actually find the Trolls entertaining....to a point. I cant think of anything I read here that bothered me enough which resulted in me in stressing over it for more than a few seconds at most. I would only offer others to try and do the same. Its just Audio/Gear folks, were not taking/saving lives!
  5. I dont doubt it. I own the Shure SE435 IEM and find them excellent for travel purposes. Very good isolation, even on an airplane. But for at home use, I step it up a bit using Mr Speakers Alpha Prime and a Benchmark DAC1 USB. The difference is night and day better but its not good a good choice for travel by any means. I say get a set of Headphones for both occasions.
  6. Sweet Jesus! I stepped away from this thread for a few days and it appears to have blown up a bit since then. Thanks to all who have contributed. I've got some reading to do to catch up. At first glance so far though, it appears there is no concern with using AccurateRip based on the replies. That was my main concern as I didn't want any precious musical content being tossed because it doesn't match the online DB. I did do some comparison listening tests between the two ripping approaches mentioned earlier and couldn't hear any difference between the files. I even tried to do it as blind as possible by creating a playlist in ROON with all the files in it and setting it to Random. I did find one alternative ripping App for Ubuntu that so far seems pretty decent. I'll report back once on that software once I finishing reading thru the replies here. Thanks again
  7. Thanks for your thoughts on this. I took a look at your website and it appears to discuss some interesting topics in regards to ripping music. I will revisit it at a later time and perhaps give your product a try as it appears to attempt and address many of my ripping concerns. There is mention in some of your text about using online databases such as (Accurate rip) which is one thing I have always been afraid of using. It may be just my misunderstanding of what this online ripping reference is attempting to do. Say you own a rare 1st pressing or original mastering of a particular CD. You then rip it using software that uses this online DB and the checksums do not line up with what the online DB has. This could be because 90% of people who the crappy remastered version and the average checksums from that crappy version have skewed the expected results of a particular ripped CD. My question is, will the ripping software using this Accurate rip feature proactively try and "correct" the ripped data to match its online DB thus screwing up my rare/proper/original version of said music CD?
  8. cjf

    All you can eat

    Oh...and tell the contractor to move that damn staircase on the outside of the building of the Bonus Room and you will be golden. That's at least 3'x6" of additional listening space depth assuming Long Wall usage ?
  9. cjf

    All you can eat

    Based on the drawings I feel the only two locations you have for a system are on the very small side. Spot # 1 Living Room - Good Length, Poor width, Only one useful wall Long wall Spot # 2 Bonus Room - Good Length, Poor width, but better Long wall/door layout Living Room would probably give the best SQ results since you can take advantage of the extra air space/cubic feet provided by the open attached Kitchen area. But, I suspect your target is the Bonus Room since that is where the Beer will be ? So assuming Bonus Room, I would use the Long wall for speaker placement. I am referring to the usage of the area between the Bedroom door entry. A speaker on each side of that Bedroom door. As others have stated, will need some budgetary numbers to work with in terms of speakers to use including what your current equipment is to power these new speakers. Just my opinion
  10. OK, I'm beginning to become concerned at the lack of availability and choices in "Good" CD Ripping applications for the Ubuntu/Linux platforms. The one I've been using and have trusted up until recently have slowly died off with every new release of the Ubuntu OS. My previous favorite was "RubyRipper" but that now refuses to work on my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS box. At one point I thought "K3B" was decent too but I kicked that to the curb once I realized it wasn't consistently making exact rips. So because of the above issue I found myself in need of something new to Rip CD's. After much searching I decided to give "Audex" a try. Being skeptical of its abilities I decided to take one CD I was in need of ripping anyway and decided to make copies of it using two different methods in an attempt to confirm the accuracy of the RIP via AUDEX. Method #1 was just to simply RIP the CD via AUDEX to .WAV to a folder on my local machine Method #2 was to use a Caveman approach and browse to the mounted CDROM via the Ubuntu Desktop GUI and "CTRL/A ..CTRL/C" the CDROM contents and paste those files into a new folder on my local machine. After the above was completed I took a look at the file sizes of the two copy approaches via the terminal. To my dismay, I saw that the files sizes were not the same. I then proceeded to puke out a "sha1sum" of each file and as I suspected the hashes were different also. When I say different I mean comparing any one given file to its sibling file which was copied via the opposite method. After some additional waffling around I realized that the size difference between the two Copy approaches was off by exactly 70 Bytes for each and every file. The files having the largest Byte count were those that were obtained NOT using the Ripping software. (..ie browse,copy,paste). I am sure the consistent 70 Byte difference is telling on some level but I'm not sure what to make of it. I then proceeded to pull a Spectrogram of one sample file from each copy approach. Visually they appear the same to these old, failing eyes ? AUDEX Rip Manual Copy/Paste So with all that said I suppose I will now need to listen to both versions to see if I hear any differences between them. BUT...while I am doing that, does anyone have any ideas on what may have happened to my 70 Bytes of Data in each file while using the Ripping software and what that Data may consist of? Thanks
  11. Sorry for the dumb question here but is it safe to assume you are trying to do this because you wish to keep/re-purpose this particular drive that is giving you problems? If you are not trying to reuse this drive then may we can discuss ways of permanent/physical destruction instead at which point you can then just drop it in the garbage ?
  12. cjf

    Windows 10 Worth It?

    Like others, I too keep a few Windows boxes around (Win10) but only for certain pieces of software that live in the Windows realm exclusively. All the pieces of software I am referring to are luckily ones that I have no need to interact with on a daily basis. I can tell you it took quite a bit of work to get those WIN 10 boxes I do have to actually "somewhat" behave. The WIN 10 Update/Call Home processes are so intrusive with this version it borders on harassment. If your bored one day take a look into how determined Win10 is to try and report back to the "Mothership" after you block all ports outbound from that WIN 10 machine on your firewall. Observe the logs closely. Its almost comical at its level of determination to try and contact the "Mothership". Well, that is, its only comical until you realize where some of that data is trying to go ? I am married to Ubuntu/Linux 99% of the time.
  13. I would argue that a DAC not using some form of Galvanic/Optical isolation on its USB Input would not fall into the category of being a "Good" DAC in the first place. These would be the ones most often touted by their owners as having noticed a massive difference after inserting Dodad XYZ inline of the USB cable between Computer and DAC. I would say many folks using ETH based connectivity are first terminating that ETH connection into some kind of streamer/NAA..etc first (which does not have a DAC of its own) after which they then use AES or USB to connect to their DAC. This may give the false sense that ETH is cleaner because there is now some separation involved but that doesn't make ETH any less noisy. Depending on the level of commitment to ultimate SQ, some will not want to use a streamer/DAC/all-in-one box as those things have their own set of "noise" issues since they include a computer inside that fancy box anyway but now its on top of your DAC Chip which is worse then having it separated.
  14. Spoken just like one of those dealers previously mentioned. Are you a dealer? Do you have a product to sell? Any decent DAC could care less about the USB interface on the PC Side anyway. Besides that, there are only so many ways to create a USB Interface that is actually certifiable to meet the USB standard. The physical hardware used to create the USB interface itself is basically unchanged be it on the PC or on a $50K DAC. Same story goes for ETH based RJ45 Jacks. Maybe some have "Gold" pins on them but I bet a small rub with your fingernail would remove that "Gold" paint layer you see with almost no effort and then your back to a bog standard RJ45 jack.
  15. If you live in an area like myself who has had ZERO other choices but Commie Cast for the past 20yrs and thus had to put up with their arrogance and total lack of concern for anything customer related I would jump ship in a heartbeat if the option was there to do so. Even if it cost me more money! Being able to finally flip them the bird and prove that Karma is indeed a bitch would be worth every extra penny. The grass may not be any greener on the other side but that is a gamble I would gladly take ?