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  1. IMO, I would be looking for something used in the price range given, especially since you are wanting a tower speaker. These days finding something new in the price range given is a tall order, again especially when dealing with a tower style speaker. The reality is that a used bookshelf/monitor speaker would probably offer more bang for your buck at this price point but there are options out there if you look long enough. I've never heard any of the speakers you mentioned but going strictly off of name brand the Dynaudio is likely a far better bet of satisfaction betwe
  2. Just throwing this out there but not sure if there is a specific need to have a streamer or not? A possible alternative could be a networked DAC like the Merging Anubis. Its within your price range and does soo much more. If you ran Roon on your music server you can stream just about anything you might want to including Tidal and Qubuz. Spotify and Youtube can be streamed as well just using your PC as the source. ES9026PRO DAC Chips...I believe https://www.merging.com/products/interfaces/merging+anubis
  3. Yes, that must be why. They will no doubt immediately find this one post first out of an entire site with literally millions of posts and run for the hills. Go be overly sensitive somewhere else 👎
  4. Interesting. As far as the RME goes that would make it even less appealing then if headphone rig wasn't being considered or part of the consideration in the first place. It looks to me that probably over half of its features are geared towards headphone usage. So bang for the buck wise it would sit pretty low on the scale of options IMO in terms of price to what you need it for ratio. Since the question was about what I would rather buy given some of the options mentioned then my choice would be to pick the device that can do the most things with the least compromises among all the
  5. I think current and future use cases are an important thing to consider when choosing between some of the devices mentioned. As far as the OP's list of devices goes, If your mostly only planning to use the new device as a 2 channel Vinyl ripping machine and headphone rig the RME may be the way to go. But with that said, if you want to do those two things and more the RME device probably is the wrong choice. As best I understand (after reading a good bit of the manual) the RME does not appear to offer true multi-channel capabilities based on how its Analog Outputs operat
  6. Here's two that I play several times a year that aren't exactly popular these days. I enjoy listening to them each time nonetheless
  7. Very cool....As soon as Lil Wayne popped up on the chart I knew it was time to stop watching the rest 😀
  8. In the Tool album example I gave there is only one version available on QoBuzz. I suppose its possible the stream could be a different version but not sure why they would bother having a different version for download vs streamed in that case. The playback buffering scheme is probably different though when pointing to a Local download on your NAS vs the same songs coming from the Cloud which could be one factor at play. There are ways to capture and analyze both versions using other software which I wont explain how to accomplish here other than to say that both spectru
  9. Thanks for the kind words Chris and likewise to your setup as well. Just to add two specific examples. A few months back I purchased/downloaded Tool's new album Fear Inoculum in 24/96 .wav format from QoBuzz. IMO this album is the best one the band has made in terms of musical content and SQ and I've come to know it very well since that time (probably have heard it upwards of 20 times now). Just for giggles I cued up Track #2 "Pneuma" from my Local copy version and then I also cued up the same song at the same Bit/Sample Rate directly from the QoBuzz streaming catalog (all via Roon
  10. Breaking out my shovel to dig this back up based on my own recent experience. I've just started a Trial of Qobuzz and this is my 2nd time trying streaming after a long hiatus with first trying Tidal. Anyway, I agree 100%, so far, with the original poster. I'm not even finding it subtle the difference in SQ between full CD Rip of Redbook quality Albums vs what looks to be the same version of the albums I've tried so far found on QoBuzz. The whole soundstage is shrunk, the level of output in terms of volume is reduced and the bass is flabby and not accurate sounding at al
  11. Hello, The purpose of the Beagle Bone or MicroRendu in this context is to be a receiver or NAA (Network Audio Adapter) of music that you are streaming from your main PC where you have your music playback software installed. These devices have daemon's running on them once setup that advertise themselves on the network as endpoints for the music stream. Basically they allow you to keep your main PC (which can be bulky,noisy or just plain too ugly to look at) out of sight. These devices also have USB ports on them that interface with outboard DAC's (like the Modi mentioned) so you ca
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