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  1. Is that a Klipsch Chorus II on the right side of this pic?
  2. oh..balanced outs too, at this price range....I wish you luck in your search 🙂
  3. They have a cheaper one than this also. Know someone who has this one below and they are happy with it in this price range https://nadelectronics.com/product/d-3045-hybrid-digital-dac-amplifier/
  4. OK, I'll be an odd ball. I would recommend against any of the NCore based Class D amps for these speakers. I've owned the Hypex NC-400, NC-1200, Merrill Audio Veritas Mono's and Mola Mola Kaluga Mono's over the past several years. All those amps worked perfectly on B&W 803d2's which are known to be a bit "pigish" but that all changed once I got my Magico's. Not a single one of them could cope with the Load the Magico's presented to them. They all puked RF or similar sounding noise out of the speakers, even before any music would be playing. Now if this happened wit
  5. I own pretty much every Sade album. The ones I own are all Redbook and old/early CD releases.To these ears they sound very impressive as is. Probably in the category of being some of the cleanest sounding CDs I own. HiRez or no HiRez, I'll stick with what I have and live in ignorant bliss 🙂
  6. Just go Mogami and call it a day when it comes to XLR interconnects. They have all specs listed and have no sound of their own worth mentioning, at least that I can detect.
  7. A diffuser to help break up standing waves in the mid/tweet range
  8. Quick..someone tell these fools to leave the damn "Loudness" levels the hell alone of those probably pristine original masters they are referring to. That is, if they want to have a chance of achieving what they are attempting to do. O...almost forgot about also telling them to not try and pull off selling HiRez stuff that was just upsampled from RedBook.
  9. Not a download but Discogs is my go to for most of my music purchases these days when I want something hard to find or something unmolested by the Loudness Wars. 12x DCD SACD Discs for sale right now. Haven't looked at all the offerings but I'd be surprised if they don't have any version you'd want: https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/1411160?ev=rb
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