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  1. On question #1..IMO yes different brands and components are better at detail retrieval than others. Some might argue that a Tube Amp/PreAmp is not ideal for providing a clear, unfiltered picture into the sound of the original source unless your playing in the big money versions of components in that category. Perhaps certain music makes the extra "glow,salt/pepper,flavor,seasoning..etc" that Tube components tend to be known for not a good match in those cases resulting in instruments or other objects in the soundstage getting glossed over in an effort to make things always sound sweet or warm
  2. My guess is that this is your Sub with model information: Found here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/323598227239 Model CES501 https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/zIEAAOSwQ9lcEpNV/s-l1600.jpg Sounds to me that the Sub may be busted. Maybe open it up and see if a fuse or something is tripped in there given the mention of a Red blinking light on its front panel. But, unless the Schitt Preamp allows you to simultaneously play both the Analog Output and the Headphone Outputs at the same time you may be dead in the water. If the Schitt does allo
  3. I haven't heard either of the DAP's you have listed but both look like they would be a nice choice for your purposes. If I were choosing between these two I would probably lean towards the AK unit before the other one if for no other reason than it might be easier to have repaired if that ever was needed. Plus it looks to have a good bit more power output for your difficult to drive headphones. I own an old school Pono Player that always amazes me how good it sounds for being a portable unit. I use it to power a balanced Mr Speakers Alpha Prime headphone. I'll just say that, if I h
  4. Cant forget the ladies of Metal with solid albums that sound good as well
  5. Is your intention with this new setup to have an "Active" speaker with D/A converter built in along with various Wireless, Bluetooth connectivity options so you can stream directly to it and be done with it? OR Are you open to something more component based of a similar price point? Depending on your answer above, it may possibly answer why there has been a lack of experience with these B&W components in this forum or possibly other forums who target the more audiophile type crowds. I would wager a guess that the majority of folks here and again in other
  6. I've considered what you are doing and have thought about how I would address my audiophile needs in such a situation. If I was in your shoes I would sell both the speakers and the Hegel and start fresh with something that you can enjoy all the time vs having to worry about unhooking and boxing things back up over and over. In this case I would recommend the same system I am using in my office. Very simple setup with impressive SQ for a kinda small'ish outlay of cash: 1. A Benchmark DAC3 (or equivalent) 2. Genelec 8020d powered monitors 3. A laptop or Intel NU
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