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  1. Thx Jud, good advice for Saffuria and other users. Yate doesn‘t do the job I am afraid.
  2. Jud, I do appreciate your expertise on this topic. IMO, altering the presentation of music information from the way I wanted it to look like, and doing so by adding new content to the metadata area in the music file which I have obtained through a purchase, does mean a modification of my property. I have not seen an opt-in or opt-out tab or a pop window informing me about this automated editing. I am open to learn more about how to identify the modified files and to revert them back to the original status. However an information to the customer about t
  3. And I don‘t accept any software touching my curated files without my permission either !
  4. What file format was it? Flac? I had run AS over my NAS folder with DSF files when I read about these metadata changes, but could not retrieve any changes in my files (yet). This makes we wondering which file formats have been changed under which condition by AS... Does same behaviour occurs for AIFF files then ...???
  5. Did Audirvana made any changes to your files?
  6. You may not have read my post where I have described the way I listen to music, but actually my "computer audio" is always offline playing in a dedicated home network. I like the convenience of accessing my library like this and it keeps my listening room clean. Sounds good, no more walls loaded with CDs, LPs and stuff. Just like moving from physical media to file based data. Guess I will run my Melco as a streamer more often now, not only as NAS storage. So good to have other (offline) options ...
  7. Fair enough, I do respect your comment. However I do not like to get controlled or supervised by software I have paid for. I am not into torrents and such, but if some software programmer thinks potentially all his (long year, now third product generation) customers is then I do not share this position.
  8. Would you like your car manufacturer to check your car registration, insurance and/or service routines every 2 weeks and maybe don't let you out of your garage because it could connect to its factory ? I paid for that Audirvana license with a valid credit card. Am I suspiciuos for some reason because of doing so or why does the system now thinks it has the right to validate/re-evaluate my license every 2 weeks ? or am I a potential software hacker or fraud artist by definition of a computer software user? does digital / online world have another sort of law and legis
  9. Sure you can, but save your music files first as they will be erased like all other stuff on this SSD upon reformating. A 500GB Samsung Evo850 requires about 1Ah from your device USB port, assuming you are using a SATA to USB interface with it. A 1TB of this model needs about 1.4Ah. check your device owners manual how much power it supplies via USB, otherwise even reformatting might not help you. there are also SATA to USB adapters with external SMPS power supply, but you might not want them in your system because of that.
  10. I am online with another Mac, another iPad, my iPhone, or other devices in our household. we keep them more or less updated, because they are meant to act as multi-functional communication devices. but we have our file-based audio system setup and optimized like in old days you would have done with your vinyl or CD based system. and it just works flawlessly and sounds great. don't be on the run all the times, slow down and listen to music. don't feed the machines and loose your lifetime for ...!
  11. Jud, I do appreciate your position as an advocate for Audirvana, however I feel you might need to consider that other people do not feel happy with software which monitors users behaviour or activities. Call me an old fart, but I do not use facebook, whats app and rubbish like that, and I listen to my music on an old 2011 MacBook Pro with Mavericks 10.9.5, within an isolated home network on fiber dedicated to music playback, with some NAS and FireWire storage attached to it. My local iPad acts as a remote and controls the player, my Hue lights, etc, and there is absolut
  12. Oh, now what about those of us running a headless Mac inside a home network dedicated to music playback from the NAS and USB/Firewire connected storage only ? I do N O T like this kind of behaviour that an application starts talking to Mum or Dad without asking me ! I have paid my license fee for all three major release versions. If my system is running fine I even do not follow up on every update. Damien, this is really disappointing !
  13. I will be more than happy to experience the new mobile web interface as I most of the times read CA posts on my iPad in the evening while listening to some music. Never really liked the app version to be honest.
  14. Analysis of my Ummagumma CD, PFR4, mastered by James Guthrie and Joel Plante in 2011 - not so bad for a 1969 recording ... (but with some 21st century peaks ...) File: 01 Astronomy Domine.aiff Audio format: PCM Bit depth: 16 bit Sample rate: 44.1 kHz Cut-Off Frequency: --- kHz TPL Left: 0.4 dB TPL Right: 0.2 dB TPL Mid: 0.1 dB TPL Side: -4.4 dB RMS Left: -17.1 dB RMS Right: -17.5 d
  15. Hello Patatorz, any idea on their sales price for this item ? (couldn't find a price tag on their website ...)
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