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Question to Hindemith listeners

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I recently found this Hindemith album:


Hindemith: Violinkonzert - Symphonic Metamorphosis - Konzertmusik, Op. 50 | Paul Hindemith par Christoph Eschenbach – Télécharger et écouter l'album


I know that it was a Grammy Winner in Classical Compendium category this year, but I am not so familiar with Hindemith yet asking more experienced listeners if you think this is a really good album to start off? Also considering the sound quality.


Thanks for your suggestions.


Krzysztof Maj


"Music is the highest form of art. It is also the most noble. It is human emotion, captured, crystallised, encased… and then passed on to others." - By Ken Ishiwata

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Hindemith actually wrote a sonata for all the instruments of the symphony orchestra.

The Tuba and Double bass sonatas are very enjoyable. I can, however not recommend one with a good recorded sound.


For sound quality this one is good.



all though audiophilia did not like the performance;Miraculous Metamorphoses — orchestral music by Hindemith, Prokofiev and Bartok/Reference Recordings

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In addition to the unaccompanied viola sonatas recommended by Boris, there are some very nice sonatas for viola and piano by Imai and Pontinen on BIS 651.


Hindemith's most popular orchestral piece is the Mathis der Maler symphony. The two orchestral pieces on your Eschenbach album are his next most popular ones.


The sonatas for violin and piano are played wonderfully by Frank Peter Zimmermann on BIS 2024, which is 24/96. Since you already have the violin concerto by Midori, you don't have to buy those tracks on Zimmermann's album. (If it matters, the concerto is 44.1.)


You also might try the first three movements of Kleine Kammermusik for wind quintet, op 24/2, on BIS 291. I especially like the 3rd mvmt, but I don't like the 4th and 5th.

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Hindemith was a great viola player, and so many of his pieces with viola reflect that. However, one of the great recordings of all time is the Hindemith Violin Concerto with David Oistrakh. Hindemith conducts the London Symphony. It was recorded by Decca in 1962. I think it is generally agreed that the best version is the Tape Project release of the Decca which also includes the Bruch Scottish Fantasia with Oistrakh. For a digital version, Winston Ma's version on First Impression Music (CD) is really fine and originated from the master tape. Paul Stubblebine mastered the FIM version and also did the engineering for the Tape Project. If you compare the FIM to the Decca release which is contained on the 50 CD box "Decca:The Analogue Years" you can see the difference that mastering makes.


A shameless plug: I have a nice story about the recording in my book Decca:Supreme Stereophonic Legacy which is coming out in late June on FIM. There is a nice excerpt of the Bruch in the 4 CD's that come along with the book, but nothing from the Hindemith.



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Really appreciated your suggestions. I've heard Frank Zimmerman album and it's really pretty nice and well recorded. From other sources I got recommendation also for Tabea Zimmermann from Myrios Classics, but I am not sure if possible to find it in high resolution somewhere?


Krzysztof Maj


"Music is the highest form of art. It is also the most noble. It is human emotion, captured, crystallised, encased… and then passed on to others." - By Ken Ishiwata

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