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Sonore Signature Series Music Server and DAC


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I am in the process of demoing new digital front ends. I was curious if anyone here has had a chance to listen to Simple Design's Signature Series Sonore Music Server and Signature Series Sonore DAC as a digital front end? Also, has anyone with one of the Sonore Music Servers had a chance to listen to it with the Sonore Upgrade Power Supply? Thanks for any info that you can provide.




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A simple search will bring you to my and others' notes on the Sonore with and without the new PS.


Short version - Highly recommended.


Haven't tried their DAC.


Al J.

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I did read that review by Jeff Fritz at Ultraaudio. But you are right, he has not heard the dac and I am really trying to better understand how the digital combo sounds compared to others that I am auditioning including my own current stack. I did search this site (thanks Al) and it does sound like the external power supply makes a significant improvement (which Jeff Fritz at Ultraaudio also did not get to hear for his review). I couldn't find anything about the Sonore Dac yet.


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I recently had the opportunity to audition the Sonore Signature Server, Signature PS & Signature DAC in my own system. I was extremely impressed and, as a result, am seriously considering a purchase when budget allows. While the products were here, I had the opportunity to listen to the server and power supply both through the Sonore DAC as well as via I2S into my PS Audio PWD DAC. I only had the Signature PS, so I was not able to compare the sonics due to the different power supplies.


The server alone via I2S was at least the sonic equivalent of the PSA network Bridge and rivaled the PWT transport, if not exceeded it. It certainly exceeded the sonics of my MacBook Pro with Pure Music. It was a joy to use, essentially plug n play for setup. I mostly used the Mpad app for iPad. After some initial setup issues with Mpad, due totally to my own "cockpit" errors, everything worked like a charm and was totally rock solid. My sense tells me that a big component of the exceptional sound was the new power supply, although as I mentioned above, I could not compare supplies. However, it seems to now be an accepted fact that better power supplies do make a significant positive improvement on most all computer audio solutions (as they do in most audio components as well). I would personally consider the Signature power supply as a "must", but it can always be ordered later and just plugged in.


I was also impressed with the Sonore DAC. I opened it up and was pleasantly surprised to fine a tube analog stage. Build quality of the boards and components was very impressive. I used I2S into the Sonore DAC as well and did some extensive listening. I believe that it is very highly competitive to most other DACs in its price range (I believe just under $3K) and certainly approached or sonically beat some more expensive DACs. It had a very clean, detailed, transparent sound, extended on the extremes, without sounding "digital" (no doubt helped by the tube output stage). In comparison to the PS PWD, the Sonore DAC was a tad more "detailed", the PWD a bit more "warm" (oddly, the opposite of what one would expect based on their output stages). The magnitude of difference was at the level of system dependency- it all depends on how the rest of your system is voiced.


As others have continuously stated here at CA and on other forums, the support from Jesus and Adrian was exceptional- a very high level of communication and interest in insuring that everything was working well and meeting expectations. They treat everything as a system, including the right cables (very high quality Cardas), choice of output, etc. Very highly recommended. ( I have no affiliation with Sonore).





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In my system, but not the Sonore Signature Server and better power supply (although I did hear it at RMAF where it worked and sounded great), so I will keep my comments to the Sonore DAC.

I listened to this DAC in my system, and was very impressed with the sound being fed via SPDIF from my Wavelink using MacBook and Pure Music. This is a great sounding DAC, low noise floor, excellent detail retrieval, and a beautiful midrange with outstanding instrument timbres. I peaked under the hood, and the build and parts quality is very, very high including Lundahl output transformers, Cardas coupling capacitors, and high quality resistors and capacitors all over the place. I am quite confident that there is no commercially available DAC with this level of parts quality available at even 2x the price. Anyone looking for a great DAC, with a little bit of tube "magic", should give this a listen. And, for complete computer setup, connecting this with a Sonore Signature via the I2S link is a fantastic way to go.


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