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  1. Thanks Alex and John. Uhhh, yes. The first output of the JS-2 powers my Synology NAS. I'm guessing that you're going to say "Nooooooooo"! What do you recommend? Is there some way to isolate the grounds or will I need to give up on the idea of using the JS-2 for the EtherREGEN? Tom
  2. Awesome news! Thank you Alex. I have a question and apologize in advance if it's been already answered somewhere deep in the 1,388 other posts. I intend to power mine via one port of my JS-2 power supply. What cable will I need and how do I order it? I look forward to this exciting product! Tom
  3. Thanks all. Sounds like I should just wait for my EtherREGEN. My Trendnet switch works well with its SFP port with the Sonore-supplied SFPs. I figured for $22 bucks, I couldn't go wrong trying out the Cisco switch. didn't think about the Cisco SFP compatibility. Maybe I can hunt around for some used ones and experiment; looks like new Cisco-compatible 3rd party SFPs would be at least $50.
  4. Can the optical port on this Cisco switch be used to feed an OpticalRendu (while waiting for the EtherREGEN!)? I just received mine and did a reset. It works fine for copper, but does not connect to my Optical SignatureRenduSE with the SFP supplied by Sonore. I know that the SFP works fine as it works in the Trendnet switch with optical port. I note that the Cisco spec says that the optical port is for "uplink"; I'm not network-savy so not sure if this means that it will only connect to other switches and routers or if it can be also be used to connect to a device as well in which case maybe
  5. Regarding the choice of LAN speed connection available on the M5: I am not an engineer but can only report what I've learned from other very reliable sources. Supposedly, gigabit ethernet CAN generate more noise than a basic 10/100 interface. Since gigabit connection speeds are way higher than what is required for even hires and DSD audio, the prudent approach is to use the 10/100 LAN connection to keep noise as low as absolutely possible. Bricasti is by no means the only company to take this approach. Another VERY highly thought-of / reviewed competitive renderer product also follows this sam
  6. I saw but didn't hear the WE room, but the Bending Wave speaker room with CH electronics sounded awesome fed by the Signature Rendu SE. Detail and transparency was amazing from this unique driver, which just goes to demonstrate what the SE is capable of! I marveled at the sound, then I noticed the SE in the midst of all that great CH electronics!
  7. Hi, Thanks to fsmithjack for passing along Brian's answers. CJF, I am a Bricasti dealer in the metro NY area and may be able to help you with home auditions, but only if fsmithjack is not also a dealer or you don't have a local dealer where you are. These are two exceptional sounding products and, in my opinion, bring network streaming to a new level.
  8. Thank you for the great comments on Bricasti products! We became a Bricasti dealer because we feel the same way too! Can you please tell us more about what you have experienced with the Linear Solution switch? Specifically, what difference have you heard between the Linear Solution and an off-the-shelf switch such as a NetGear or other good quality switch?
  9. 1. Sonore Signature Rendu SE 2. Sonore Ultra Rendu 3. Bricasti M12 Network Player / DAC / Preamp 4. Roon
  10. UPDATE & CORRECTION: The Roon firmware update is not yet available for the M1 & M12; only the M5 network player is available with Roon at the moment. This is due to the more complex products (M1 and M12) where Roon requires more feature/functionality control. The network player option though is available for the M1 and you can use it with JRiver and other DLNA players for now. As mentioned above, for existing M1/M1SE units, the network option is quoted by serial number. Sorry for the confusion. Tom
  11. Hi rjc1845, Disclosure: I am a Bricasti dealer- XtremeFidelity. The network player option for the M1 has been available for a few months now. My demo M1SE has the Roon firmware update and yes, the M1 can now be an endpoint for Roon. Existing M1s can be updated to include the network option. It's a fairly involved update as it includes a revised rear panel with ethernet jack; internal board; and updated firmware, and thus must go back to the factory. The cost of the update is somewhat dependent on the SN of your unit. Your dealer can give you specifics. If you have no local dealer, I can
  12. I am a dealer for both Bricasti and Sonore and I do not want to violate any CA policy on product promotion. What I can tell you is that both the M5 and the new Sonore Rendu series, especially the new ultra and Signature SE, are exceptionally sounding products which, in my opinion, significantly advance the sonics and "user-friendliness" of network streaming. However, they are two different products and thus should be looked at in the context of your system and especially your DAC. For example, the micro/ultra/SignatureSE Rendu's are USB-only, offer a variety of output modes (MPD/DLNA/Songcast/
  13. I am listening to the beta for testing Bricasti Roon firmware as I write this, so this is very real and is indeed close! It sounds wonderful. Bricasti has been working very hard on this- it takes a huge amount of work and investment, but all Bricasti products with the streamer option will be compatible.
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