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  1. The English Electric 8Switch retails for £450. https://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/english-electric-8switch-network-switch
  2. I’ve moved on from USB storage to internal HDD in a Small Green Computer. The only USB in my system is a Mad Scientist Heretical with ground switches at both ends between my Sonore Signature Rendu SE and Magma/SOtM modified Singxer. Once signal is established, I disconnect the ground switch at both ends.
  3. Thanks for the offers, but Acoustic Portrait responded quickly with new download links. They recommend downloading these long tracks one at a time and that helps. Track 1 16 min Track 2 34 min Track 3 11 min
  4. Not having much success with https://acousticportrait.com/product/raag-bhageshri/ First, Paypal failed, then it worked after the shop “made some configuration changes in consultation with Paypal.” Then, only one of three tracks downloaded. The others failed after a long wait and could no longer be attempted after code “403 Forbidden.”
  5. Thanks again. I found my endpoint Sonore Signature SE and now there is music. Bypassing Roon’s processing makes a huge difference!
  6. Just installed HQ Player Embedded on my Sonic Transporter. When I try to play via Roon/HQ, I get the following message: “Transport: Couldn’t connect to HQ Player” and nothing happens. Any suggestions?
  7. Let’s see. You’re suggesting that I put a DAC between the source and the Lyngdorf TDAI-2170, run analogue into the Lyngdorf where it converts back to digital for room correction, electronic crossover and digital amplification? Apart from the additional cost of a “good” DAC and a Lyngdorf audiophile ADC to make all of this even possible, I am in no doubt that my path, source to Lyngdorf to speakers with the signal entirely digital all the way, will be cleaner in every possible sense of the word.
  8. Yes, sorry I forgot to mention the Synergistic Black fuse. Since I haven’t heard the SSRSE with any other fuse, I didn’t mention it.
  9. Like so many here, I have faithfully followed the Sonore/Uptone path. I began with a custom Sonore server PC in 2011, upgraded quickly to a then new Sonore 12.5V/12A PS and the rest is history. From Regen to Iso Regen, from microRendu to MR1.4 to UltraRendu, I continued to be amazed at each step forward. I paused only at the introduction of the Signature Rendu SE, mainly because it represented a considerably greater investment and I had my doubts about whether it could offer a level of performance sufficiently above my UR/LS-1 combo. But I was drawn by the promise of power and process
  10. Wow, the Oppo’s seem heavily modable. Mine is currently in Norway for mods by Coris (search Oppo mods, Coris). Photos on diyaudio.com. The mods consist of: 280€ R-core LPS 40€ DC blocking filter 200€ Clock board with battery 200€ Elastic drive damping 50€ New ventilated side panels Incl. cable shielding, improved ground, silent fan installation, front panel battery charge status indicator
  11. I just spent a couple of weeks conducting a head-to-head shootout between the Aqvox AQ-Switch-8 network switch (€398) and the more recent upgraded version Aqvox AQ-Switch SE (€798). Owners of the original can have it updated to SE by paying the difference. For clarity's sake, I will refer to them in the following as the original and the SE. As always, the usual disclaimers apply. I have no affiliation with Aqvox except as a satisfied customer. My initial impressions of the original can be found here: Aqvox tries to describe the improvements int
  12. I just hooked up an Aqvox SE switch for burn-in. I will give it a few days, before I start comparing it to the standard version.
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