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  1. I picked up the D-90 as an easy way to evaluate the new AKM 4499 DAC chip, I never intended to keep it for long. Currently I am using the Bricasti M3 as the main DAC in my main system, and I also have my ESS 9038 based DIY and DSC-2 DIY DACs as well.
  2. 4. Was kind of answered in question 7... Been an audiophile/or music lover since High School, my Father and Uncle were both audiophiles, so I was kind of raised into it. Names like Dynaco, Quad, AR, Dahlquist, and glowing tubes were common to me from pretty far back.
  3. Hopefully he means the music, as presented by the Tambaqui, is captivating and beguiling! I have loved the Mola Mola DACs every time I have heard them...
  4. wow, nice find on the ticket stub from the ELP concert! I wanter to relate a story on this, my first, rock concert: Originally, the concert was scheduled for a Thursday night, and I, being captive in a boarding school, was not allowed to leave campus on weeknights, so I could not go. Emerson, Lake and Palmer played in Philadelphia on either Wednesday or Tuesday, and there was a big snowstorm. The snowstorm was so big, that the Princeton University concert date had to be re-scheduled to Friday night. The young Barrows (I was 17 at the time), incarcerated at boarding school, heard on the radio about the re-scheduled date... I immediately called my Mom in Princeton, and asked her if she would be willing to stop by the Jadwin box office to see if anyone had turned in tickets for a refund due to the re-scheduling. My Mom was awesome, and indeed got two tickets, front row center, to the sold out show! As the concert was now on Friday night, i could get permission to leave my boarding school for a weekend at home in Princeton, so my roommate and I spent the weekend at my house in Princeton. My Mom dropped us off at the show, and we had our minds blown by ELP. My house was only a couple of miles from the Princeton University campus, and we walked home afterwards, through the deep snow, I'll never forget that walk home, my world had been changed forever.
  5. Thanks Chris! can we update my DAC in the article to the bricasti M3? Sorry, i should have mentioned this...
  6. Of course the heat sink on the case is helping, if it was not drawing away heat, then the sink would remain at room temperature! I realize that this approach is not the "best" way to cool the internal chips, as these chips are not in direct contact with the case. But, one has to consider that the air inside the case is transferring heat from the chips, to the case, and hence to the heat sink on top of the case. Could the heat dissipation be better with direct contact tot he chips, of course it could, but this does not mean that the sink on the case is not lowering the internal temperature of the eR, it has to be, because the heat sink can be seen to rise above room ambient temperature. Remember, the case has very little distance internally, from the PCB to its surface, and will conduct heat both by radiation and convection to the case. When I run the microRendu v 1.4 in my bedroom system at DSD 512, it gets very hot, so I added an external heatsink, and this lowers the case temperature by about 5-6 C. this will help with long term reliability. Also, remember it is not just a single chip in the eR which is creating all that heat, because there are multiple linear LDOs in there which drop significant voltage, so just dealing with a single chip is not what one wants to do. Thinking about it, a little ventilation for the case could do wonders as well, especially if it was applied in such a fashion as to encourage convective airflow though the case... The case is small, so the internal air volume heats up a lot.
  7. @vvcv, the Topping D-90 does run the AKM 4499 chip in "Direct DSD" mode when the DAC is set with the volume control defeated ("DAC mode"). This has been confirmed directly by Topping, as I asked them this question.
  8. Shipping today! Everything has slowed a little bit due to COVID-19.
  9. Just resting on there will make for good heat transfer, adding thermal paste will probably not help, unless;ess there is some pressure applied (clamping force) to press the sink to the eR's surface. Thermal paste is designed to be used in an arrangement with clamping force, to insure the paste is just a very, very thin layer. If you must keep the heatsink removable, perhaps a double sided thermal tape would be the best way to affix the heat sink, which would provide good thermal transfer, and still be removable.
  10. I know, that is one of the reasons I am asking. I owned an original Lush for a brief period (I did not like its sonics).
  11. I find it interesting that you like this USB cable, what might you have compared it with? I ask because it appears Ghent makes this cable with wire not designed for USB, and which does not meet the USB impedance specification.
  12. And I intend to be just as active at AS as i have been all along. So, hopefully no worries.
  13. My understanding is that the sponsored Sonore forum here at AS will remain. As far as i can tell, Sonore's own forum will not be a commercial endeavor, that is it will not have advertising, etc, so this change is not being made as an attempt to make money. I think the main impetus for this move is that Jesus is getting stretched too thin trying to keep track of support issues by e-mail, the forums here at AS, and other forums around the 'net. He wants to have all support requests come to a single location, so that he can more efficiently address them.
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