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iphone Headset/Headphone

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I'm hoping some of the audiophiles on here can help although this is Computer Audio not portable.


I'm looking for smaller form factor than headphones and portability so possibly ear buds. I'm looking for a frequency response 5 or 6Hz (but can be up to 20)- 23kHz(@ minimum). I was hoping to find a headset with microphone and controls but I can do without if that's not possible. I tried the Sony DR-EX300iP and the sound was fine but shape didn't allow full insertion into the ears and did not come with xtra small ear buds so they kept falling out.






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Take a look at Sennheiser's website. You didn't say your budget so start with Sennheiser mm 70i for around $100.




If you can pay more then this is the better model:




And this one is the top of the line;





they come with 5-6 different ear sleeve sizes so you will find the right size for your ear. They sound perfect and fit comfortable.


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I'd give Etymotics a call to discuss your needs and goals. They make all kinds of earphones including dead flat audio engineering ones (ER•4PT) and even special needs ones for speech recognition (ER•4B).


FWIW, I just ordered a pair of HF5 earphones last night which will replace a pair of 5 year old of ER6i (cable finally started shorting).


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Etymotic is a serious engineering company. It is likely that if their spec seems wanting in comparison to others that they are quoting for much smaller tolerances rather than any real shortcoming. Instruments for measurement usually are very much more accurate than domestic hifi phones.

I have had ER4S with custom ear moulds (an absolutely airtight seal is needed for good bass response whatever phone you have) for around 20 years.

I have tried loads of others, some much more expensive, none have been as accurate, though there are a few with bass boost which reminds me of the loudness button fitted to old hifi amps...


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1. Etymotic do -not- have bass boost, they are accurate, many others do and seem to be popular as a result.


2. Etymotic are -not- noise cancelling but a good seal with the ear results in low amounts of noise getting past them and a seal is essential for bass response anyway, many 'phones do not seal well enough to achieve accurate low bass. Using ear moulds is the best way to achieve this.


Frank[br]Mac mini, Amarra, Pure vinyl, Resolution Cantata, Metric Halo LIO-8, dCs P8i,DeVialet 800, Goldmund Mim 20/36+/22/29.4, Epilog 1&2[br]Reference Turntable Ortofon Jubilee pickup

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I misread the statement of base boost in your comment as being related to the Etymotic.


I think the point is being missed for those who keep pushing Etymotic. They don't fit the needed frequency response. I even called to see what they have or if they had a custom option.


I do want to thank everyone for their comments and assistance. I found the Sennheiser PX 100-II i. They are lightweight and fold up which solves my portability issue and the exceed my frequency response needs.


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I can highly recommend the Sennheiser IE 8. Maybe a bit expensive, but the sound is gorgeous.


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