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  1. I wonder how many artists take an interest in the sonic image. Certainly Pink Floyd did with all kinds of sounds flying around all over the place. On the flip side (har, har), I sometimes wonder what the sound engineer is thinking. One of many examples that jumps to mind is "My Dear Companion" on the "Trio" album. Most of the song is fine with Emmylou Harris crisply placed on the left, Dolly Parton in the middle and Linda Ronstadt on the right. However, toward the end, Harris and Ronstadt abruptly float to a combined position kinda sorta a bit to the left of Parton. It drives
  2. Fascinating read. Thank you!!! The article certainly moots criticism of the likes of Gilles Martin rejiggering the sonic image (did I use that term correctly?) when remastering the Beatles stuff.
  3. I think the answer to the question as to why there is so much turmoil on this forum is also the answer to the question why audiophiles even need an online forum. It strikes me that all forums have a big social aspect to them. In addition to the stated practical purpose for any forum – be it living with stage 4 cancer or rebuilding carburetors – people come to a forum because of the community. If that community has a common purpose, people need each other, support each other and help each other; dealing with their cancer or rebuilding their dang carburetors. I struggle to be abl
  4. Wow. Just wow. I love it. To me the only thing lost in the new release is the documentation of the recording constraints of the era. I can’t imagine those recording/mixing compromises made in 1967 were part of the Beatles’ artistic intention. All I hear is goodness.
  5. Hi Chris, Thank you for writing this interesting and thought-provoking article. Interesting stuff. I have been browsing your website in recent days after a long hiatus. I returned to it curious about how the thinking of audiophiles has evolved (or perhaps stayed stagnant) related to digital. Also interesting stuff. I agree with your observations about tactile attractiveness of vinyl records, of cameras and of paper photographs. I wonder though if it is deeper need, related to memory. I would not call myself a “materialist” but I have a lot of possessions which I value hi
  6. I have considered that, but concluded the notion is invalid. Since the test was experiential and subjective, there is no such possibility of concluding incorrectly. My conclusion is valid for my reality. All I can say is that, for me, differences between the sample files did not exist. For others, they may. For me, the bottom line is that even if I am “cloth eared”, I am also happy.
  7. A few years ago, when I more actively posted on the Computer Audiophile website, a character with ScreenName "Julf" posted a test for us all. He took a high res source file, downsampled it into various lower res formats and then upconverted them back to the original high res format (to make them all look the same). He asked us to play them to see if we could tell the difference between the various resolutions and post which one we liked best. One sounded better to me and I picked it. All the rest sounded the same. Well, the file I picked was the lowest res version but one where he h
  8. Yes, closed. Its an organized annual event, complete with police controlling entrances, fire trucks, ambulances (and presumably hearses) on standby. The closed road is 5.2 miles. The course record was broken this year by a 950 hp Nissan GT-R. You need hp for a hill climb; my 33 year old car is relatively gutless.
  9. Thanks. I really like the equipment, some of it now has sentimental value to me. In particular the power amp is special. It was given to me for free by an old audiophile over 20 years ago. I used to enjoy taking a breaks at my office and walking a couple of floors down to talk a guy named John Lishman, who was over 60 years old at the time. He told stories about being an audiophile in the 1950s, where you had to match your cartridge to your phono preamp to your preamp to your amp to your speakers because all the components had idiosyncrasies which had to be offset by a component tha
  10. If you enjoy the car hobby, the Virginia City Hill Climb is awesome. All makes of vehicles are welcome. I was really "scared of myself" misjudging speed and getting myself into trouble. The reality is that the corners are predictable (no decreasing radius, only one off-camber; marked with a red flag, etc) and it is easy to run at your own safe comfortable pace. All the people who attend are track rats. Good fun.
  11. Now THAT is crazy. I could never drive that close to the limit. Never ever. ... well, at least not intentionally. Regarding steering. The 308 steers like a tiller on a ship. The wheel needs to go 180 degree rotations just to make plain turns. I have bad habits with hand-over-hand and have been trying hard to shuffle steer a lot more, on the Hill Climb I got a bit carried away. Here is a photo of Niki Lauda showing how he dealt with the 308's slow steering rack:
  12. Thanks. I was intentionally wasn't pushing it because I was learning the course (and because there is zero run-off). I had always wanted to participate in a Hill Climb; such a famous historic format. The people in Virginia City were very welcoming. You live in a nice little part of the world. The car is a 1983 US-spec 308 GTS Quattrovalvole. It a fun little car although a modern Camry can probably blow its doors off. I hear the gaurd rails are new. Must have been crazy running fast without them.
  13. It's a 1983 308 GTS Quattrovalvole. STEERING??!!!?? My track-out stinks, some of my apexes are weird, but my steering...??? ... It might have something to do with the cliffs on the side of the road. (... we might be OT.) (just maybe)
  14. Me: My audiophile recording capability really stinks.
  15. The weird thing is that my brother is a Mechanical Engineer.
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