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Advice on Jumper cables

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This is not exactly computer audio but need some advice on Jumper cables at a reasonable cost. I am not a DIY guy but I would like to upgrade the standard jumper clips that came from the speaker manufacturer. Much appreciate any input from the jumper cable gurus out there.


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Most cable manufactures make or can make jumpers. Otherwise Cardas makes some solid copper ones available at Parts Connexion.



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DIY my own jumpers with multiple runs of teflon insulated, solid core, 24 awg silver wire. But when Nordost released the "Norse" series jumpers I got a set of them-seeing as I am a dedicated Nordost Homeboy!

Anyway, the Norse series are pretty reasonable in price, and offer excellent performance.


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I bought some solid silver wire (uninsulated), only need about 4 inches for each jumper to connect the terminals.


18AGW or 1mm should do fine, checkout homegrownaudio.com.


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