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  1. Personally I think DR effects the quality of the music a lot. Having said that I think it has some impact on the enjoyment of listening to the music and zero impact on whether I actually like the music.
  2. I don't think they can sound good but you can still enjoy the music. I much prefer great sounding music but I appreciate good music period.
  3. I'm a big Patricia Barber fan. Her album Modern Cool was the last album I ever bought based on hearing a song on the radio in 1998. I have nine of her albums each one that I like to varying degrees. However the album Higher I found no connection with and was disappointed. But, that's not unusual even for artist that you love.
  4. I live in a one story building but I share one wall with a neighbor. I use an app to check db and I try to keep it around 60db which I think is quite low, under the normal speech level of 65db but I've become quite use to it and it is sufficient enough for me to enjoy my music. It's hard though with really dynamic music to find the right level but so far nearing three years no complaint from the neighbors and I listen, like I imagine a lot of you, a lot of hours.
  5. I'm generally an Apple fan but when Apple Music came out and I tried it I learned all too quickly it was messing with my digital library stored on an external drive to my MacBook. I stopped as quickly as possible and did a restore of my library and to this point have never looked back at Apple Music. I am interested in the streaming of music though. I currently use Tidal but it is only used for review of new and old music I am not familiar with that I might want to add to my digital library via ripped CD or just recently purchased downloads. Is there a way to use Apple Music str
  6. I actually use three drives for backups. One for Time Machine and two different ones for Carbon Copy Cloner. The Time Machine drive backs up everything Mac and also an external drive that houses my music library. The first CCC drive is used specifically for a bootable backup of the Mac system. The second is a dedicated backup of the external Music Library drive. Maybe a little overdone but I have peace of mind as much as possible and have both my computer and my music library with two back ups.
  7. The only issue I ran into with Catalina and Sonos and Music (iTunes) was the issue regarding being able to import playlists. I received an explanation from Sonos that whatever it was they used to import the Playlists was no longer published by Apple. In the end it was no more than a minor inconvenience.
  8. I'm very in tune to the artwork of albums and in fact even many years ago would buy an album with a cover I thought was cool. It may have not been the most successful way of judging the quality of the music but it worked out well on occasion. Even today when all the new releases are shown on Fridays at AMG and for me Tidal I check over the lot of them and of course sometimes it is recognition of the artist but at other times it may be the cover that appeals to me to include it into my weekly Review playlist of new music.
  9. I still haven't made a move to back up with CCC. I did order the 2TB SSD to use with CCC. I am having a bit of difficulty in understanding how to set it up so that two sources, my MacBook SSD and my Music Library SSD, can be backed up to the same destination at the same time. With Time Machine this task was quite easy to include/exclude drives.
  10. Once you have Roon working with Sonos you no longer have to use the Sonos app but it would need to remain installed.
  11. I have primarily used Time Machine on two external HDD as primary and secondary (weekly/monthly) backups. I am experiencing some slowdown in the time it takes to backup. I'm unsure if it is the HDD or Time Machine causing this unusual (it seems to me) long back up time (several hours vs a few minutes). I have used Carbon Copy Cloner in the past but I would consider myself very novice in understanding the set up and advantage of using one or the other. I want both my MacBook and my Music Library which is on an external SSD to be backed up at the same time. Can you advise which s
  12. I use dBPowerapmp to rip my files to ALAC. I had the old version of MAAT DR Offline to measure dynamic range. It would no longer work with Mac OS Catalina. The newer MAAT DR Offline gives me the following error message: Do I have to convert all my files to 64bit and how is that done? Will dBpoweramp do this? What is the impact on the various softwares I use, Music (iTunes), JRiver, Roon, Sonos on playing 64 bit files?
  13. From October 5th on the Roon site. "Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina has dropped support for XMLs with the iTunes app, now called Music. The Sonos software looks for an XML file for importing playlists out of iTunes. Because of this, music libraries shared with Sonos will not be able to find playlists that are created in or updated with the new Music app. Please note that the rest of your music library should work with Sonos without any issues, this just affects the playlists in XML format from iTunes.We'd recommend holding off on updating to Mac OS X 10.15 Catalina, but if you've done so a
  14. I wish I knew. I still can't access my library with the Sonos app though I can use the Sonos speakers through iTunes (Music) and Roon but not JRiver either.
  15. I did not have to do a thing but run the update.
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