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  1. Thank you. I had put off a trial of Roon because I could not find information. Somehow I miss the Sonos on the Roon site.
  2. I was wondering if anyone is using Roon with Sonos equipment and how is your experience with it. I currently run Sonos equipment and either play from the Sonos software/controller, iTunes or JRIver. I was wondering if the Roon experience and sound quality may be better.
  3. I got totally into this album and ended up getting his album Pin Drop which I like even more.
  4. I have a need or want to look into changing from my current external HDD that are used to store my music library and for backups to SSD drives. I am looking for advice. I have a MacBook Pro (circa 2014) with latest OS updates. I currently have three Lacie D2 3TB Thunderbolt HDD. One holds my music library. The other two are backups with one using Time Machine and the other Carbon Copy Cloner. I also have a Western Digital My Passport 2TB that is my "emergency" backup using Time Machine that is kept in a firesafe. My need is primarily looks and logistics. In my previous home I had a bedroom used as an office and my MacBook and the HDD resided on a desk there. My new home is a small one bedroom condo with an open floor plan where the kitchen and living space are in one large room. The only place I have for the MacBook and HDDs are on the kitchen counter where I sit on a counter stool. With the external power supply of the HDD and the charge cable of the MacBook and my power protector for those it is just a mess out in the open and taking up too much space. The basic idea is with SSD drives they are power off of the MacBook. I lose all of the external power connections. I've always kept my MacBook plugged in and charged but I thought I could just deal with it like my iPad and iPhone and charge it every night after use. The SSD drives are about 1/3 the size of my current HDD. I lose the power protector. It appeals to me to clean this swath of cables and HDD up. But I don't want to throw out the baby with the bath water. The SSD will run off the power of the MacBook but I don't intend for the MacBook to be plugged in so how badly will this use drain the battery? How about sound quality? Is there any reason to think the SSD would be any better or worse sounding? I know expense is a consideration. My MacBook only consumes 65GB. My music library drive uses 720GB. The two Lacie backups about 1.3TB and the Western My Passport about the same. I have spotted a drive that is of interest to me. The G-Technology G-Drive mobile SSD R-Series Storage. They have a 1TB that is $299.95 and the 2TB jumps to $649.95. I'm thinking I would eventually get three new SSD drives one for the music library, one for primary backup and one for a safety backup. So I'm hoping for advice. Good idea, bad idea? What operational consideration do I need to be aware of? Thanks for taking the time to read this and anything you can offer of insight to my plan.
  5. All things have been resolved. The back up issue I got lucky and discovered about 5 Buddy Guys albums that someone became corrupted in the conversion processing. Once I removed them from the folder structure of my music library both back up from Time Machine and Carbon Copy Cloner were successful.
  6. Very first listen to the very first cut on this and sounds intriguing.
  7. I am in agreement down the line with these suggestions.
  8. I want to convert my library from AIFF to ALAC. I have four different softwares I could do this in. If possible I would like to convert the files to ALAC and have the AIFF versions deleted in the same action after sufficient testing so I have confidence everything is working. I have multiple backups of my library. The softwares available are iTunes, XLD, dbPoweramp and JRiver. Which would you chose and why? What would be the workflow to convert and delete?
  9. I would get two white ones and get rid of the black as they will match the room decor better. That's the safest route.
  10. A new version of XLD was made available a few hours ago. XLD Version 20161007 (149.3)
  11. About 15 to 18 months ago during a change in external drives or some such thing I lost play counts on my library. About 6 months later I decided I would create a smart lists for all songs that had not been played. My overall library has about 24K songs. When I started about 5K showed a play count leaving me 19K to play. A year later and I'm down to 9K remaing. I play almost everyday in shuffle mode from the "unplayed" smart list. I figure in about another 10 months I will have listened to everything again. I say again because I did this 5-6 years ago also.
  12. So let me see if I understand correctly. Don't tell me I am wrong. Only tell me that I am right and how I can verify that I am right.
  13. I am trying to set up a pair of Denon Heos 7 Speakers to use with my music library preferably via JRIver MC. I have done this with Sonos as a DLNA Renderer but for the life of me I can't figure out how to have these things see my library and JRiver. Anyone with experience?
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