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Farad Super3 Listening Impression

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18 minutes ago, Mjw21a said:

would a Super Fared 3 be a noticeable improvement over the Afterdark LPSU powering your clocks or is it overkill for this purpose

You must understand that the AfterDark clocks is extremely simple native 50 ohm devices. This is why a good 12 VDC power is highly likely to affect the SQ in a positive way. 
Good star-quad DC cables is crucial as well.

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Those that like to experiment with various DC voltages should consider these nice items
There are many ways to utilize these items. Adrian could even place those boards inside his clocks 😀. There is space available. 



@[email protected] is available here at AS, and can answer any questions about how to implement this technology into existing PS. Or upfront internal in almost any device. 


If you’re looking for a very reasonable PS, the Gophert CPS-3205 ll (or variant or upgraded versions  of the Gophert, like the NPS-1601). A Gophert mixed with Alexey’s modules may equal a Farad in SQ.

I guess Adrian own PS could as well be modified to be mixed with LT3045 boards.

Each board / regulator adds a 0,7 V drop. 

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1 hour ago, Mjw21a said:

Got overreacted and ordered a Super Fared 3 with Level 1 cable upgrade for my Mutec. Will be interesting to see what it does  :)

Is this a starquad cable ? That’s what you want. 
Have you been given any technical information about the cable ?


Whats the difference between lever 1 and 2 ?

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5 hours ago, Mjw21a said:


Yes, I'll likely order that down the track. Just a bit too much coin for me to shell out in one go is all.

I predict the Ghent DC cables is at least equal in quality. Gotham JSSG 360 is probably the best. Have a look at his website.

I don’t know prices of Farad cables.


Edit: Just checked. They don’t state if it’s a star quad, which is crucial in order to obtain a good result. Not saying what brand in use. Almost double price compared to Ghent. 

Stay away from manufacturers that’s not open about what’s going on. 

I have no reason to doubt their PS, and would highly likely purchase one as my next upgrade for my Sonictransporter. So I’m only criticizing the cables. 

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7 minutes ago, Mjw21a said:

If only I knew which would give the biggest performance benefit for the money. It will be one upgrade or the other.  Not both.


The balanced isolation transformer might have more impact cleaning up the AC for the clock, Mutec, DAC and 2x amps.... Or it might make no difference at all. Difficult decision.

Don’t you think the isolation property of the Uptone LPS-1.2 is a good option for the clock ?

Lover price as well. 

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