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  1. Well, I told it is useless because the way used not very efficient, heatsink attached can reduce the case (and internal temperature) for a few degrees, but the ic still can be very hot because it is not attached to the chassis and the heat dissipated not transfered to the chassis/heatsink, below you can see an example of proper design, but I don't think it can be implemented with the chassis used As you probably know - air is a good thermal insulator (with very low thermal conductivity) and even 0.5W of dissipated power can cause local overheat for the IC (not a case temp, which b
  2. Exactly, all this heatsinks absolutely useless, melting point of aluminium about 660C
  3. Yes as per switch specs max power consumption about 11W for all rails And probably 2A is not enought for 1V rail but it is impossible to have 5+A @3.3V
  4. 5-7A!!! Are you serios?? i think problem not with the current limit but with the way of external regulator connection, if onbord regulators not disconnected from the load (reverse current protection can cause the problem). @RickyV How did you connect Lt3045 regulators to the BS??
  5. Yes I am able to get 0.7A from a single LT3045 (internal current limiter configured for 695mA) but is it the right way to use it? My 5seater car can easily carry 7PAX, but i dont think that i can sell it as a 7seater van. Even your beautiful LPS-1 (Supercap followed by single TPS7A4700) rated for 1A only, but LPS1.2 (supercap followed by the same TPS7A4700 and dual LT3045) rated for 1.1A. I can not find any logical explanation why the old LPS-1 is rated for 1A only...
  6. Alex, as per LT3045 specs it is 1A MAX, probably you can send an email to Analog devices and ask to revise the specs as per your measurements and about the current limit, can you confirm how many ampers can be provided with 215Ohm ILIM resistor (and it is not 0.55A per IC)
  7. Hi Rajiv You are right - driving/feeder is important for any PSU, even Uptone LPS-1.2 is sensitive for the feeder type. Several users confirm that its works better with a Linear PSU as a feeder vs stock Meanwell SMPS (in therory it should not make a difference because the dual stage linear regulator of lps1.2 is powered by isolated supercap bank/and not by the drive/feeder PSU). It might be interesting if someone can make a direct comparison of cheap Linear PSU (like STUDER900 15W Regulated PSU) followed by DXP-1A5DSC vs Uptone LPS-1.2 with stock SMPS Again - it is t
  8. i am apologies for the delays, but i can start shipments by the last week of January only , i can not get enclosures faster, Chrismass and New Year holidays affecting deliveries
  9. Hi I have limited abilities to comment here due to my internet access limitation. Please note that above calculations valid only for the "measurements were taken in still air on a 4 layer FR-4 board with 1oz solid internal planes and 2oz top/bottom planes with a total board thickness of 1.6mm. The four layers were electrically isolated with no thermal vias present." but not valid for dxp Very efficient heatsink enclosure (7.32C/W), Copper Heatbridge with thermal trasnfer tapes 10x35x5mm (<2C/W), Unique Thermal Vias Pattern and PCB Layout, all this allow you to have upt
  10. does my topic violates any of CA rules? and it is reffered to @Superdad comments about 4xLT3045 chineese board here (does is looks like "talk about competitors or competitor's products" or "sneaky sentence" in your opinion? ) and few following comments with my name as an opponent comment one comment two
  11. Thank you for the information, I add company details in my profile as requested, but I think most of the CA members can identify me by email. Is there any place I can read about the rules for industry member's limitations and forbidden subjects
  12. Yes, but i am not going to promote it here. May I ask why did you ask such a question?
  13. 1. I am not a professional radio engineer 2. English is not my native language I don’t agree with @Superdad that ILIM based “unique” way of paralleling LT3045 is better and this is the only reason why I don’t use it. I already explained why the statement about his “way to cut the output impedance nearly in half” is a bit tricky (because it is very low absolute values and a minor part of the full impedance measured at the point of load even with high quality cable/connectors used). And don’t forget - the maximum power transfer from a source to a load is usually achiev
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