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  1. The external LPS and mu metal will reduce the interference on the electronic device etc is applied to enhance the environment on electronic device so that it run in optimal status. OCXO is stand for Oven Controlled Crystal (Xtal) Oscillator, which required to work in heated temperature, Power consumption for OCXOs is of course higher during start-up/warm-up periods, once OCXO is Warm-up and Steady-state, the power consumption will decrease. So, this is always benefit to prevent heat loss and caused the OVEN start up again. Therefore, the use of heat isolation and sound
  2. The adapter is a matching adaptor made by Cybershaft , we sold a unit of EtherREGEN to them, and they have perform testing when this adapter was plug into 75ohm EtherREGEN, it work well and no performance issue.
  3. The lower the phase noise (more negative), the better the OCXO Clock can performed.
  4. Dear GMG, 1. All model is 50ohm, adaptor to 75ohm can be bundle for members. 2. This one is the linear power supply to power up the Giesemann. 3. Dual 12V DC outputs.
  5. Hi Ambre, The square wave version can be made for Giesemann. The above graph is from the mid-range is Emperor CROWN. Square & Wave is working well with EtherREGEN, but they are different sounding We suggest to use quality OCXO which around the price range vs EtherREGEN.
  6. Yes, square wave version can be made too. The above example is mid-range model. The quality of OCXO clock is always on the sine wave - original version, it is because the square wave version is re-generated by sine wave with some jitter on re-generation, so in general the very good quality OCXO can only be found on the original form as sine wave version. When measured the phase noise with Symmetricom 5125A on sine wave OCXO, it can measure directly on the output BNC. However, the phase noise cannot be direct measured by Symmetricom 5125A on square wave ver
  7. For 10M clock, we agreed with Alex that, the good OCXO Clock should be at least above -130dBc at 10Hz & -107dBc at 1Hz The reference point is on -125dBc/Hz @10Hz is about what it takes for a 10Mhz clock to audibly surpass the EtherREGEN's. The OCXO performance can further tested by phase noise @ 1Hz and Allan Derivation which indicate short-term stability with respect to time (1s) For example, the above Phase Noise graph is measured by Symmetricom 5125A is showing phase noise of the OCXO clock is [email protected] / [email protected]
  8. Phase noise measurement and Allan Derivation can shows how good is the OCXO for audio equipment.
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