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  1. The Waversa Lan Isolator is passive device, qutie a different design or approach to deal with the isolation from EtherREGEN. We experienced the Waversa Lan Isolator is more natural sounding while optimise the details from background.
  2. Hello! We are delighted to receive some positive feedback for Giesemann Clock and BNC Clock cable. The improvement is quite impressive for audiophiles. Thanks everyone's support. Best Regards, Adrian AfterDark.
  3. Hi! Lving, We tested the adaptor, this is only for 10M Master Reference Clock at Imedance matching with 50ohms signals. It is really important to match the Imedance for all connectors and cables. So we found the adpator can degrade the sounding if the 10M Master Clock signal is on 75ohms instead of 50ohms. We suggested MartinT not to use it. So his 2 clocks system is way better when there is the ER moat issue. Have a nice day. Best Regards, Adrian
  4. Waversa System is based in Korea, produce some of the very innovative network product for audiophiles. The latest development of lan isolator removes noise from Lan cables and provides excellent sound quality, the device is speical design with huge isolator performance. It dramatically upgrades the sound quality of digital streaming. Highly recommended to increase dynamic and details in audiophile system. WLAN Isolater is a patented electromagnetic (Electromagnetic) technology , the removal of the RFI noise and Impluse noise coming from the cable, also revive the equipment fine sou
  5. Hello! We just received positive feedback from customer: 😁 The mod GS105 OCXO version will require 5A 2A. Best Regards, Adrian AfterDark.
  6. Hi! We shall provide the list of compatible device as below for references: ESOTERIC Grandioso K1X, K1, P1X, P1X, P1, D1X, D1, K-01Xs, K-01X, K-01, K-03Xs, K-03X, K-03, K-05Xs, K-05X, K -05, K-07Xs, K-07X, K-07, D-02X, D-02, D-05X, D-07X, P-021, P-02X ,, N-01XD, N-01, N- 03T, N-05, G-0, G-0s, G-0Rb, G-02, G-03X, G-25U, TASCAM CG1000 dCS Vivaldi clock, Paganini clock, Scarlatti Clock MUTEC iCLOCK, MC-3 + , MC-3 + USB Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX HD, OCX-V, OCX, TRINITY, PURE2 BRAINSTORM DCD-8 Phaseteck HD-7A Phasemation HD-7A192
  7. Hi! Sakso136, The Trifecta - Emperor Double Crown is the best seller and best / price performance ratio. The SU-1 and ER is worth to have EDC. Thanks Best Regards, Adrian AfterDark.
  8. Hi Sakso136, Thanks for your questions. We just check the specification for Singxer SU1 Convertor can accept 10M Master Clock in 75ohms. ER normal version is on 75ohms as well. We have one products called Trifecta Ultra Edition, which has triple 10M outputs at 75ohm. https://www.adark.co/collections/project-giesemann-ocxo/products/afterdark-project-clayx-giesemann-ocxo-10mhz-x-triple-integrals-integrated This model becomes very demand, as we have more devices which can accepting 10M Master Clock. Thanks and have
  9. We just finished modifications and upgrades to Farad Super3. The DC cable is upgrade with double run, with two ends GX16 - 4 pins, which improve the current and electric flows from Farad Super3. The DC plug is the same specification as Farad. The upgrade option wll includes AfterDark. Continental Triple Crown DC Cable Double Run Special Edition. Plug and Play after upgrades. The Farad will output 6V to the Mutec MC-3+USB. The GX16 plug - 4pins will match the Farad Super3 after upgrades.
  10. Work in Progress on Mutec MC-3+USB Silver: The Dulund JDM 600V 0.01uF Audio Capacitor just make ther Mutec MC-3 to another levels. Very natural lush sounding and decay is details and beautiful repersented. The EMI absorber material from KAMET Corporation is placed on CPU. Ultimate Ruby MICA Capacitor the most natural way to enhance power section. We hand solder 3 of MICA togther into one with Kester SN63PB37 solder by Weller EX2. The Carbon Fiber backplate + GX16 4 pins plug, provide the best contact and EMI pro
  11. Hi Johnnydev, Thanks for your question. The Netflix and YouTube quality will depends on your bandwidth to adjust the quality. So, runing the 100M connection may downgrade the quality depends on compression ratio. We suggest if playing the 4K material, just get the 1G connection to avoid video lagging problems. Most customer requests us to make a port at least 1000MB, together with the OCXO optimisation, which can be produce better Video Quality. The 1G speed is future proof for the investment at least for 5 years. So why Videophile customer is
  12. We just add the extra LPS upgrade option for Cascade Netgear GS105 x Giesemann OCXO switch. AfterDark. Black Modernize LPS x Giesemann OCXO has two 5V supply for cascade version. Carbon Fiber 6mm at Front and 1mm at back as standard option Gold Schurter Gold Fuse Upgraded Futurech NCF IEC Upgrade. Two stock DC cables will included, to plug and play when receiving the GS105 Purchase Link
  13. The development of Cascade Netgear GS105 x Giesemann OCXO Video Switch for Netflix and 4K YouTube We received some customer asking for better switch for Netflix and 4K YouTube, they requires to have better picture quality and the switch requires to have sufficient throughput to provide the smoothness. While enhance the OCXO can improve alll Video and Sound quality for watching 4K movie or concert. They are trying to isolate, separate the switch independently for video and audio switch. Purchase Link This Netgear GS105 x Giesemann OCXO may be the very
  14. Hello! We just received some feedback from Farad Customers to power the Mutec MC-3+USB in 6V: "This change has redefined what I thought digital audio was capable of, seeming to remove a layer of noise I wasn't previously aware was even there allowing more fine detail to shine through. " " entire tonality of instrumentation has become more real and lifelike with great body to the sound and improved bass response"
  15. Hi! Mjw21a, The Giesemann Clock is 2.1mm plug. So, please change the plug to 2.1mm. Very important to have best contact for power supply. Best Regards, Adrian AfterDark.
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