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  1. Hi Rossco, does it generate a hum via the amp or does the Shanti is itself?
  2. What does this mean and how can you underpin this kind of statement? Advertsiments are mostly marketing driven Subjective comparing both dacs is first step and would be nice if this can be underpinned with objectieve measurements and blind tests. Would be great is this manufacture outperforms the imo very good Topping 90 which supports Direct native Dsd. Just curious and itwould-be a bargain.🌞
  3. Hi, indeed the learning curve of DIETPI is really steep. What was in detail the solution to resolve the Pops and clicks issue? Very best regards,Andreas
  4. Hi Jussy, Do i need Win10 installed first and than launch your NAA software. Like i did on MacOs instelling via terminal? Or is abovementioned image bootable in itself? Via usb stick ? Thanks in advance, Andreas
  5. I have same problems witH my LG OLED 65 inch 2018 Tv. Discussed in detail with Uptone. But found no solutions. Added an anditional switch A- Port and it works. Strange. Regards,Andreas
  6. Hello Jussi, Just bought the Pro-X5 2Gb. Which NAA and no operating system do I need to install looking at your site? Please advice. Best regards, Andreas
  7. Hi NewBigEars, Please try dsd 256 with HqPlayer and you will notice where the Topping 90 is designed for and a next step SQ and hires via usb. Very best regards,Andreas
  8. Hi Allo Team, I am trying to download the latest DietPi version from your side now for 2 days. After 2-5 minutes the speed is that slow that I cannot proceed downloading. Do you have a better and especially faster link? Very best regards, Andreas
  9. Hi Barrows, it was you who questioned the choice of a Fast Blow fuse. Can't handle this way of reacting. Back to the end. Have a nice evening.
  10. Hi 4est & Barrows, A lot of discussion and confusion now and not a straight answer yet. What will it be: Fast Blow or Slow blow? What now is the safest type and functions well? Please an understandable advice for a laymen. Ps. Barrows promoted the Synergistic Research Orange. If there is an underpinned measurement, blind test etc.... is a complete other kind of discussion. First of all I will trust my OldEars🤩.But it too costly to blow €155 within a few minutes of time. Ps. In my Shanti Lineair Power Supply as counterpart for the Allo USBRidge they also describe Fast Blow (20mm fuse 500 mili amps Fast blow).🤭 Please see attached today's reaction by Topping. They might also be confused. 🤯
  11. Which kind of OS are you using. Windows, Apple in combinatie with GemToo?
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