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  1. Dear Judd, I always trust my own ears . 📢 At your request a concise summary with key words: 😁 a better definition in terms of voices and musical instruments more dynamics ....less laid back.... than the TEACs a better stereo image and more depth resp.layers PS. Music upsampled by HQplayer to native DSD 256 transported via Allo USBridge, Uptone Regen (amber) => DAC This Pro-dac Dac is a bargain compared to Dacs that cost a lot more money/
  2. Have now the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital for a week. Use the standard SMPS with JS fix (=grounded the minus of the SMPS) Sounds superb. Ps. Use the Allo Bridge as NAA for HQplayer and I am able to decode with ease Native DSD 256. Will try also later DSD 512 with a Mac mini I5 and/or I7. (Much) More appealing DAC than my former TEAC 501 and 503 DAC.
  3. Dear all, Due to the fact that the ALLO WEB GUI doesn't support any DietPi updates anymore. Please look for latest / actual IP address on Web GUI ALLO. Than start APPLE MAC OS terminal and type to access ssh ssh [email protected] ( in my case) password : dietpi after installing ssh make a choice in the DietPi menu or for software update type dietpi-update regards, Andreas
  4. Dear Volpone, Please read my latest post to Bassivus & Tintinablum, and the reaction of Bassivus. 👀
  5. Dear Bassivus & Tintinablum, Please read my reaction a bit more carefully! Price or price level isn't the issue. I was using approx.1,5 years the Allo Web GUI (especially for updating) to my satisfaction . Without any form of communication, the service related to the Allo Web Gui is stopped. Respectively the possibility of updating is no longer supported. That's the issue that I have mentioned. My feeling says when If it is no longer supported it might be a signal that something is going out of production respectively becomes obsolete. Hopefully I'm wrong. #
  6. Dear Volpone, In my opinion, it is not a good sign that a company like Allo does not have its own ALLO Web GUI updated by the DietPi -team. This indicates no interest / involvement with the product and little or no respect for their customers. The updating may be fairly easy when you have connected everything. However, in a headless (without keyboard) setup this is very awkward. By the way you accept Allo's behavior very easily. With the reference that another company has arranged much worse. This is a very awkward reasoning.You would almost..... think that you have some business interests. Long story short..... the Allo USbridge remains a hobby and computer freak product instead of a Consumer friendly solution.
  7. There are more bugs in the Allo Web GUI. ONE OF THE MAJOR SELLING POINTS OF THE ALLO USB BRIDGE is the use of the Allo GUI. The update of new versions of DietPi by means of the Allo Web Gui isn't working any longer. Apparently since version V6.11 version on-wards DIETPI update works...... only through ssh terminal / monitor +key board. Really clumsy. It seems that the Allo USBridge is not longer supported by Allo & DietPi !😩😡
  8. Dear Allo Team, DAMMIT, ONE OF THE MAJOR SELLING POINTS OF THE ALLO USB BRIDGE is the use of the Allo GUI. Especially If you use it as a headless solution between the DAC and the Network. Apparently you let this happen without any interference from the Allo company!? Strange behavior maybe you have to pay more to Mr. Fourdee respectively Daniel to grant this highly valued functionality within DietPi software approach. Or will the USB USB Bridge be discontinued??
  9. Dear Allo Team, I cannot update DietPi by means of Allo.Gui anymore. I am redirected to the DietPi page telling that I have to do it manually. That is very awkward, cumbersome without a connected monitor and keyboard on a headless device! Please reply why I cannot update by means of the Allo GUI? Best regards, Andreas Ps. Please see screen copies
  10. Hallo Jussy, Many thanks for your quick reply. You mean send 705.6/768k PCM there in DOP = max 256 DSD . Instead of DIRECT DSD due to the fact I have an iMac. Right? Best regards, Andreas
  11. Hallo Jussy, If running at DSD256 in DSD Direct mode the DAC cannot be used as Pre-Amp ? Is that correct or do misinterpret your post and the bulky manual too? How do you rank the RME ADI- 2 on your own stereo installation ? This compared with the list showed on yr web-page? What is money wise a good DSD DAC in terms of SQ?
  12. ambre

    HQ Player

    Hi Jussy, Many thanks for your extensive and very meaningful explanation. I have learned a lot.
  13. ambre

    HQ Player

    Dear Jussi, I have two questions for upgrading my HQ-player system to handle DSD256 at least and preferably DSD512. I am using now a stand-alone headless Mac Mini I5 (2,6 GHz; late 2014) with 8GB memory for HQ-Player. I also have a Mac Mini I7 (2.3 GHz; late 2012) with 16 GB memory. At this moment I use an Allo UsBridge as NAA (based on DietPi 6.6) as input for my Teac UD 501 (Max. DSD 128). Do have the Mac Mini’s sufficient horsepower to use HQ-player with a new DSD DAC like Project ProJect Pre-Box S2 Digital? And if I decide to spent “some” more money the Chord QUTEST or the new TEAC UD 505? Is it possible to use on iMac (OS High Sierra) the DOP upscaling possibility to handle DSD 512 or is this limited nowadays to DSD 256?Ps. I am not sure if Native DSD is possible at all? And which SDM-filters can than be used for such an Apple config? If present Mac Mini don’t give the needed horsepower what are the minimum requirements within the Apple IMac IMac <=> Mini range? Please your advice. Very best regards Andreas
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