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  1. Dear Firedog, Please read my posting more carefully before you make such statements. It was 4/5/2021 at 2:34 PM, Confused said: I notice that you list the LinQ on your website. Only I made one mistake in one description called it Stack Linq2 😎 You stated and asked more or less same questions: The Stack Audio Link II runs a proprietary version of Ropieee XL. So it works perfectly as an NAA. Jussi can answer, but other than his own software, I don't think he makes devices official. Anyone is free to download NAA and run it. So just curious how it
  2. Hi Markus, Have a look at Afterdarks double Buffalo 16P with a Giesemann Master Clock build in one case threr outputs ( 1 x 10mhz, 2x 25mhz for the 2 Pink Faun OXCO's) and LPS on board for Clock.
  3. Dear Miska, Strange especially referring to your earlier statement " Some devices are more official than others. I prefer companies to ask me for approval before delivering products that include my software. Many companies do that, but not all. Products I'm personally testing with can also end up on my recommended hardware listing. Yes, but not distribute it... That you put it on your Home Webpage and NOT knowing what of kind of device and/or software is used only creates confusion in this way. Sorry Miska, Our discussion concerning NAA for moreove
  4. ???? Adrian please comment https://audiophilestyle.com/profile/41989-afterdark/
  5. For me the same. All our discussion was about my NAA - issue and my Mini Pc ! Is it running yr bistro or Rioopee XL was another question? And is it appropriate ?
  6. Curious how Crystek compares with Mini Circuits BLP-10.7+. ?
  7. Who Afterdark if so ask [email protected] If you mean Sotm they make a very good Master Clock with SIN WAVE too. And there cables bnc are filtered maybe they have a similar approach as the Mini Circuit ??
  8. Of course power down EtherRegen . But power clock maintains and add filter to already existing Cybershaft 50=>75 ohm converter. Have now EtherRegen on its site with connectors supported to cabinet floor also due to heavy SOTM Cat 7 with filter.
  9. 1) No changed on the fly. @AfterDark. 2) John Swenson statement “ That is exactly what it is supposed to do. The purpose of that filter is to get rid of everything above the fundamental. The reason I mentioned it was to use with a sine wave which is much more susceptible to AM noise, either from the clock itself or picked up in the cable. Most of that noise gets taken care of by the filter.If you already have a good square wave the filter is not appropriate. John S. Do you have and very good cable too.....for instance the SOTM BNC with also a filter mounted ? W
  10. Hi Jussy, You have added the Stack Audio Linq2 to yr preferred list on your site. is it running your image or the Rioopee on as stated earlier? And did you tested it? Because during a review some remarks where made that when switching rates noise was generated in combination with some Dac’s?
  11. Hallo Martin, Fully agree the addition of the Mini Circuit filter can be heard immediately and with such an ease that “ subtile” isn’t a correct description at all. After playing now for two days my brains tell me that’s even improved!😇🥰😇 Another tip: add upfront ER additional switches and you will be amazed and rewarded again. Why and how I do not know ??? Very best regard, Andreas
  12. B I N G O HERE ALSO with BLP-10.7+ of Mini Circuits! Now things are indeed less subtle and more obviously improved. More defined detail, better ambience, edges with real shape. I’ve never heard the AURALIC Vega G2.1 streaming DAC sound so good. Indeed a testimony to the ultra-pure reclocked signal reaching to Afterdark Emperor Crown Masterclock with Cybershaft 50=>75 and BLP-10.7+ The system sounds increasinly more detailed and textured, yet calmer in presentation. Thanks John Swenson and Superdad for tadvice and explanation. It was worth the wait 😃
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