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  1. ambre

    HQ Player

    Hi Chris, RA Loopback2 is regulary updated. Also yesterday=> due to the new M1 chip of Apple. I can recommend wholeheartedly this app. Ps. Before Loopback RA used Soundflower may be this was different. May be you can give it a new try. Free limited download available for a fresh new equation! Regards, Andreas
  2. ambre

    HQ Player

    Hello Chris, Miska wrote following" I think this could be related to how APPLE CoreAudio prefers to do clocking and that in such case you would have software driven sample clock. Since you don't really have any real hardware audio clock in such case. I am doing this for months now the upsampling of QoBuz albums to HQP4 as described in an earlier post. Never noticed a hiccup or any kind of distortion compared with direct playing from HQP- library from Mac mini SSD or from elsewhere. Or what you described " There was a drift or added/missing sample once in a while tha
  3. ambre

    HQ Player

    The loopback only redirect output and doesn’t add something instead of other DSP software the same company. Or am I mistaken?
  4. ambre

    HQ Player

    How to install Loopback software by Roque Amoeba on a APPLE IMac or MINI for use for QOBUZ etc.... Try first (buy later ) the Loopback software. Read carefully the " easy" instructions. 1) Assign QOBUZ by means of Pass-Through in your Mac mini. Ps. The microphone has to be assigned to Loopback first. Please see picture 1. 2) Choose in HQP4 the audio frequency you have subscribed Qobuz in my case CD quality is 44.1. See picture 2 3) Doubleclick within HQP4 the desired frequency that equals subscription or if needed higher frequency like
  5. ambre

    HQ Player

    Correct ....but once SET to 44.1 as my part of my normal subscription = CD Quality it works very nice and adding this config to settings by script function it as piece of cake.🤠
  6. ambre

    HQ Player

    You can use Loopback from Roque Amoeba ivery easily to appoint Qobuz etc as input for upsampling nu HQP 4. And it sounds better than normal streaming from Qobuz. Regards, Andreas
  7. I am not using Gentoo But DieptPi on the Allo lSign . And HQplayer 4.6 on IMac.
  8. Dear Allo team please explanation about these issues. I own a Topping D90 and have never heard about these issues! I also own a Usbridge Signature too and donot have any problems. If these are any problems with for example RME or Topping D 90 dac how to resolve the problem. Thats a better approach?
  9. Hi Jussy, in case of Thunderbolt =Usb C connector for an Apple Mini 6 Core machine. Due to use of another big powercord there hardly space for using regular ethernet connector. What is your advice ? Dump the special powercord? Best regards, Andreas
  10. ambre

    HQ Player

    Hi Alex,, Very nice app. Top notch. Only missing the possibility to switch to audio output to play the songs by means of Qubuz in my case by using my IPad too. Very best regards, Andreas
  11. Jussy, thanks for reply and explanation. Is there a SQ benefit to switch from Hqp 4.0 to embedded? For the NAA task? For upsampling etc I still need My present Apple Mac Mini 6 core I7. Or an I misstaken? Regards,Andreas
  12. Uptone Etherregen highly recommended. ultra rendu + fiber+ EtherRegen is also top notch.🤓
  13. Roon does’t equals by far...,,.. HQPlayer4.x imo. Besides the Eq filters there are many other very nice variants too. Especially in terms of transcients and stage. But you have to replace yr computer first to unlock the REAL potential of Hq player. Besides that I use Allo Usbridge Signature incl. Uptone ISO Regen to clean the signal path and ‘reclock’ the usb signal. And the Uptone etherRegen which feeds the Allo. That makes anorher lot of differences to my Old ears resp. System. Very best regards,Andreas
  14. With HqPlayer and Ec filters for Dsd 256 / 512 In combination with a powerful pc / imac will give a dramatic jump with thé Topping 90. A realy Top Dac the same as Barrows said. A bargain.
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