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  1. Put the Farad and after that the Etherregen on power due to the fact that the Faradds use a supercapacitor which takes time to fully load ( see manual Farad) will solve your problem. To put everything at same time by Furman (? Don’t know this device maybe it needs also time to come max power/ load) lead to mismatches IMO Ps if I switch to early by inserting dc powercable in ER ….I have similar problems.
  2. Dear Cris, Could you please add a new button for annoying postings …that’s missing. This seems to be a never ending discussion …debate without any kind of news.
  3. HI Andreas, Please look at heir website. Level 2 sound much better ...but avoid the Silver only needed if you need pepper& salt for your audio?
  4. Imo removing Mini Circuits filter betters overall sound on my 50 Ohm Afterdark. At first instance I was delighted but …after a while I was missing some aspects. High focus on mid high and really airy but cymbals wasn’t that crispy as remembered and mid bass lacks also and deep low bass isn’t was earlier( especially organ music) as low as it should / can be. For sale within Europe for €15,00 ex postage 🥸
  5. Hi Adrian. What your present experiences concerning the additional filters as defined by John Swenson for the 50 and 75 Ohm Sin wave clocks ? At first instance sounded good/ better / differently. as before ..,,but I was informed that for better Quality Adark clocks this could be contraproductive in term if Sq maybe too clean too digital. Maybe good for the Chinese BG Sin wave etc! Please your advice from which clock level to should not be needed from Prince to Eva? Will de-install to hear the original Sq again. Ps. Yes every change isn’t always an improvement. Very best regards,Andreas
  6. I don't have that skill set. 1) I don't have that skill set. I am only capable to add ethernet-cables 😆 2) I have said several times that I have 2xNAA's ( Mini PC X64 and a Mac Mini) with your distros that partially work ( old X64 Mini PC) or not in combination with Auralic Vega 2.1 . 3) Correct summary but is saw that Chris C. Owner A_Style was using HQ-player on a Altair a few months ago. That was primary reason to give it a try. But I can add Chord and maybe another DAC a short notice which I can connect to analogue input of the Vega? But using again Direct Usb cable in terms of clean usb-signal was not intended. Will sent you a PM concerning what are the best NAA's in terms of SQ and regular software updates based on your experiences. Many thanks till so-far, Andreas
  7. How can older X64 work properly? With same connection/cables switches and network. Not a very serious and stimulating approach from your side Jussi. Assuming that I don't have an internet connection or a cable connected! Have already spent so many hours on NAA Mac_Os X64 images that apparently work very differently or not. Please investigate if you yourself may have made a mistake. Instead instantly sliding everything back... which is very easy and not helpful at all.
  8. This naa-412-x64.7z isn't working on my X5-Z8350 HD. Pas. download took 1,5 hours! it hangs after starting please below screenshots of starting NAA. Network cable in. Chord Qutest connected by usb-cable. The same issue with latest NAA X64 drivers but the oder version of 2020 works ....HOW CAN?? 😳
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