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  1. Exactly why I suggest him to reallocate his QNAP back to office location. As he had moved it to audiophile location. @thm655321 has to answer what QNAP. (Mine is 453-Pro). I use mine for store music library, Roon backup, and yesterday I added Roon extensions in docker as the implementation in the SonicTransporter isn’t working for the time being. Andrew is working on a fix.
  2. Maybe a good idea 😀 I don’t think so. If I understand you correctly you have bridge your QNAP. Also if I understand you correctly your PC has USB out to your DAC. If your goal is better SQ, I suppose the Iso Regen is the way to obtain some better SQ. I personally think it’s best to keep the QNAP away audiophile system location. Adding the one or two optical module will probably help. Adding an etherRegen is better. You may like to try Roon on you QNAP ? Then your PC can act as an endpoint. Or install (Roon) ROCK on your PC, move it to office location, buy a endpoint and insert the etherRegen in between. But I guess your question was how to obtain better SQ with your present gear 😀
  3. Why not try ipfire ? https://wiki.ipfire.org/installation Then some nice pice of HW like this, that have fiber interface. https://www.iwill.no/en/iwill-ecolan-celeron-bay-trail-d-2-x-lan-2-x-sfp This gives you everything, and you can even separate your audio into a separate network if you like.
  4. You are aware of the EtherRegen ? Try it. There is a 30 day money back option as well.
  5. .....but you do recall audiophile switches 😀 ?
  6. It seems more or less impossible. Let’s hope Andrew at SGC maybe with assistance from Miska, can implement something in either HQPlayer embedded or the SonicOrbiter SW. I don’t think Roon will support a VST plugin. I think there’s some technical issues. Another challenge is to convert the SW into Linux, as I understand Thierry isn’t a Linux guy, and I suppose converting into Linux has to be the first step, and someone has to do that work on behalf of Thierry. With Linux sorted out, integration with SonicTransporter / HQPlayer embedded / QNAP and similar may be possible. But I really don’t know. I can just hope for more people to request for some sort of Roon integration. @alec_eiffel Can you add some understanding of what is needed in order to make this easier to work with Roon ?
  7. I hope you and @fresponse are able to find a solution and adding this audio plugin to SonicTransporter. Maybe even @Miska can help, if he where interested in offering this as a service, or assist with his knowledge and support SGC ? I have no idea how much work it will be to offer an external DSP module into either SonicTransporter and/or HQPlayer embedded. Maybe the SonicTransporter isn’t powerful enough? (Filters by HAF is already working with either HQPLAYER or Roon itself using the SonicTransporter, as you indicated). @fresponse The reason for this request is of cause to avoid another computer into the digital playback chain. If for some reason it is impossible to use the SonicTransporter with Roon (and HQPlayer embedded) for the task, will then an extra NUC running Windows solve this, or is it basically meant to be used those specific audio players that’s accept external DSP modules ? (And the exclude Roon).
  8. You should get the 2.8 as a start. Order from SGC. You may find a way in your router to set a fixed IP on the Rendu. That should probably help a lot.
  9. There is no power setting in the UR. The 5 Vbus from UR is quite good. You can test this product https://uptoneaudio.com/products/uspcb-a-b-adapter I’m quite sure the Evo needs the 5V, supplied by the Vbus. The USPCB can block the 5V. You would need a specilal USB cable, if you like to bypass Vbus supplied by the UR to that DCC. You can try Ghent Audio. Of cause that would require a very good 5V supply in addition. I don’t recommend going this route. I hope this was helpful. BTW: You can probably change the clock in the Evo. I have the schematic I think.
  10. My order was shipped 29 May. Arrived yesterday in Oslo. Did choose slow and cheap option, so to me that’s fast enough 😀 Order placed 27 May.
  11. Highly unlikely. Even though the word simultaneously would leave no doubt. I don’t think you need cancel. If it don’t fulfill your expectations, you can return. And you can also email them now.
  12. @fresponse and @agillis How is implementation with the Sonicorbitter progressing? Unless direct into Roon will be an option?
  13. I think you need to better explain the practical use of this item with some examples. I like to understand how to use with Roon and/or HQPlayer. Any plans of implementing RAAT?
  14. “Mundorf Wire 15.5awg Silver/Gold is $40 a foot” I wonder is this cable could be made in a star quad version ? Did you ever try @Nenon ?
  15. A new business opportunity for Gent 😀 https://www.ghentaudio.com/part/index.html A newer article about schroeder method of interconnect. https://www.dagogo.com/audio-blast-audio-sensibility-y-cables-related-schroeder-method-interconnect-placement/ Maybe this Schroeder Method needs its own thread ? I haven’t understand yet why he advises not to use on class D amps. Can anyone explain? (I have Theta monoblocks).
  16. Yes. PSU: Included 5V/2.1A (minimum). Please note that you can feed the Sparky separately with one PSU (5V / 2.0A) and USbridge HAT (5V / 100ma + whatever your DAC needs).
  17. GOPHERT CPS-3205 does 5A and is cheaper 😀
  18. Not sure if this is true. https://kb.roonlabs.com/FAQ:_Does_Roon_support_DSD%3F Roon support DoP.
  19. So this is what John Swenson is working on 😀 Like a new version of the Squeezebox Touch with RAAT and NAA.
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