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Extract and downmix audio from HDMI?

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I am looking for a device which can extract multi-channel audio from HDMI, including ARC and eARC, and downmix it to two channels.


I want to play all the audio from a TV via a 2-channel audio system.  I want the 5.1 or 7.1 audio to be downmixed to 2.0 PCM, such that the LFE channel is not lost, and the various surround channels are also presented in a reasonable form.

Is such a device available, hopefully at a reasonable price?





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Hi wcvb, I use an OPPO 103, which is supposed to be a universal disk player, as essentially an HDMI splitter, where I use the 103's analog section to provide the output for my amplifier. In the distant past I have looked into standalone splitters, but they are expensive, and you are limited IIRC by a sample rate downgrade because HDMI is licensed. The OPPO has an external HDMI input, which is very unusual for that class of machine, which I have wired with an Apple TV. Pretty much we only do streaming any more. The Apple TV can be configured to output 2.0, but not 2.1 IIRC, and does a good job of integrating the missing 5 channels. The OPPO, if fed from a BluRay disk, can be configured to down mix to 2.1, again IIRC, and it also does a good job. Since this is an audiophile forum, I will throw in that you should never down mix 5 channel SACD, for example, only use the 2 channel version that also comes on the disk. I do not use the LFE (0.1) channel so cannot comment on that. The 103's are selling for about $500 pre-owned on eBay. Not sure how your setup is wired, or what your budget is, so I am not sure if this is helpful. Good luck 

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