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  1. And no one at JRiver has helped out for over a month now on this, despite offering to do a test! Maybe with your push, Chris, JimH and Bob will pay attention. JCR
  2. Thanks, @Kal Rubinson. Your answer that the UDIO-8 has a single clock that is used by each output may answer the concern of @mitchco, whom I am working with in implementing improved convolution filters using Audiolense XO. As to time aligning all speakers in my main system, Mitch has expressed the concern that the clock might be compromised across three DACs. He therefore has recommended that I wait to move further on our project until the Okto DAC8 Pro eventually shows up on my doorstep, it being just one DAC. I am not a clock person, but the way you describe hints that the V90 stack should be stable. Not sure if you have a specific opinion on this, but sure would appreciate your thoughts. And on the subject of hints, perhaps you’d opine early as to whether queuing up for one of the Okto’s is a good decision. No, I did not mean using a UDIO-8 with the Okto. Cheers. JCR
  3. Having started this thread, I thought it worth noting that I decided to purchase an Okto DAC8 Pro. What I didn’t realize — as it’s in the small print on the website — is that they ship 1-2 MONTHS after placing an order. So, I have a long (impatient) wait ahead to get the device. Be aware, should you order one. The company doesn’t seem to respond to emails, either. Meanwhile, I do successfully listen to multichannel by using three 2-channel Musical Fidelity V90 DACs linked together by the miniDSP UDIO-8 interface. I can say that it sounds very nice and was a quite inexpensive $800 investment to accomplish. As @Kal Rubinson has written, the miniDSP device opens the door to an unlimited assortment of multichannel DACs on top of the dedicated ones mentioned above in this thread. Just not sure they are clocked together. @Kal Rubinson, what do you know about that? And have you opened that box on the Okto product yourself yet? JCR
  4. And? Or can you not comment because you are reviewing for Stereophile? JCR
  5. @Kal Rubinson and any others — has anyone tried out this new multichannel DAC? https://www.oktoresearch.com/dac8pro.htm At €989, it seems like a bargain. JCR
  6. I say you are missing something. On tracks such as the Doors “Hello, I Love You”, Pink Floyd’s “Us And Them” or Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells” 2009 Edition, each one in the multichannel format, I definitely perceive the movement around from in front of to behind my head — and this is before I’ve yet received and installed the head tracker, which Mitch says improves the effect. JCR
  7. Generally, I think it is easier to hear the center channel on RS than OOYH. I do have 5 purchased rooms for OOYH, but the ability in RS to dial in the room is more useful to me. JCR
  8. Ok, I installed this evening on my laptop and even without the head tracker (which has t arrived yet), it’s much easier to set up, use and adjust than OOYH. Listening to MCH files on both Roon and JRiver through an Audioquest Cobalt and Shure 535 in-ear headphones. Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Sing A Song” makes a compelling case for the product. Looking forward to the impact of the head tracker on this. JCR
  9. I had a lot of problems with OOYH as well. Darin gave me some pointers and I can get it to work — it is complicated and the web instructions weren’t enough for me to get it to work. Does RS work across the network? That is, can I install RS on my Roon core / MC26 server in my main system and select an endpoint at my nightstand in our bedroom where I have a rpi3 Roon endpoint, DAC, headphone amp and HD650 headphones? (I suppose I’d have to remote into the server to change the Windows sound properties and MC26 settings, if using JRiver instead of Roon, just for this use and then revert back.) Or, like OOYH, must I kluge things off of my laptop so that the DAC is directly connected to the PC running RS? JCR
  10. Mitch, will this work in Roon with DSF multichannel files? I’m wondering if you ever had the opportunity to compare this Redscape product against the Darin Fong Audio Out Of Your Head software. The latter allows multichannel headphone listening with different room and system presets (really high end stuff), but, as I recall, is limited to 24/48, is ASIO only and works with JRiver but not Roon. On the strength of your review, I ordered the Redscape with head tracker. JCR
  11. Hello, @AudioPhil. I use WS2019 in GUI running AO3.0 for my Roon core server. Whenever I reboot the server (shutdown /r /t 0), I am required to re-input my Synology password for Windows Explorer and Roon to see the files stored on the NAS. This occurs despite my always ticking the box “Remember My Credentials.” I don’t have this lack of persistence with any other PC at home connected to the same NAS across my network. Is this something peculiar to AO? Thanks. JCR
  12. Hi all, including @AudioPhil. Homeaudiofidelity (https://www.homeaudiofidelity.com/english/plugin/) has developed a plug-in to reduce room resonances. Because it is not a convolution filter (it operates in the time domain), it can't be loaded into Roon directly. HAF has a freestanding version of the VST plugin for use with VB-Audio's HIFI virtual cable. My desire therefore is to use the virtual audio cable to link Roon to FooBar2000 and the HAF time domain filter and then to stream from FooBar2000 over DLNA, as my DAC, a Bel Canto Streamer, only has ethernet for an input and not USB (and anyway, I have found that ethernet sounds better than a USB connection). My setup: Roon and FooBar2000 are running on a Windows Server 2019 core PC (i7 processor CAPSZuma design) with Audiophile Optimizer 3.0. As noted above, I have a Bel Canto Streamer which is ethernet connected to Roon and FooBar2000. I can play tracks successfully in FooBar2000 and they come out through the Bel Canto Streamer. I have the VB-Audio cable set as both the playback and recording default device in Windows Sound Properties. Where I am stuck is that, as the HAF VST plugin is in the time domain, the way to make it all work through FooBar2000 is to start a blank recording track in FooBar2000 (under Add Location, with the phrase record://) and then go over to Roon to play the tracks. However, I get the error message seen in the attached photo every time I attempt to play the black recording track in FooBar2000, so of course, I can't get Roon to work through it. Sometimes the error message references Error Code 1. In Roon, the audio path correctly shows the VB-Audio cable as the endpoint, so I don't think it is a Roon issue. Thierry from HAF says that the foo_record component add-on for FooBar2000 works on Windows 10. I run my server normally with the GUI, but Roonserver set as shell. I get the same error message when returning the server via ST to regular desktop environment, so I don't think it's a AO issue. I'm merely hoping that someone on this forum who uses Windows Server 2019 may have found a workaround, or has otherwise made it work. Thanks. JCR
  13. A compelling argument for best of BJ albums. I’m usually torn between 52nd Street and Turnstiles. I pulled my vinyl Turnstiles collection tonight, which includes a Japanese pressing, an advance promotional copy and a test pressing. I’ve never sat to compare the sound quality of those as against the analog and digital versions you reviewed. I promise to listen over the next several weeks and report back here which I prefer. Turnstiles was also released in Quadraphonic. While I have never heard the vinyl release in that format, I do have a DTS multichannel transfer of it from vinyl. It’s an entirely different way of deconstructing the soundtrack. A complete unedited copy of the two Carnegie Hall shows is yet to be found in the wild to my knowledge. The folded promo poster for the Carnegie shows in the 30th anniversary box set is a digital transfer from the only known original, in our home. I’ve attached a photo of it for comparison. The University of Connecticut show is also available on the B side of a Columbia promo sampler called Souvenir. Bootleg versions abound with the record’s label designation on the spine transposed and there is also a bootleg picture disc version. Handball is not on the promo sampler but I do have a second recording of it from an early European show, although I can’t readily tell you which one offhand. The rendition of New York State of Mind on the promo sampler and the Time Life video you reference is one of the best, period. Cheers. JCR
  14. Hi all. I note that Thierry has a freestanding version of Room Shaper for download which can use Roon via the VB-audio virtual cable. My issue is that my DAC doesn’t show up in the list of devices under options / control panel on Room Shaper. My Bel Canto Streamer has only an ethernet input and no USB input. Is that why it doesn’t work? Is there such a thing as a virtual ethernet to audio virtual cable that would bridge this issue? Thanks. JCR
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