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  1. @The Computer Audiophile, I was in the old club but once, long ago. The new space looks amazing! Glad you had fun. Cheers. JCR
  2. Thanks, @Ales Prochazka. Hmm, well, I have manually put in the setup, which is the IP address of the HQP server. That isn’t working. But, it sounds as though I would not be able to make use of the app even if it did function because of your point 2 above. No volume control either? JCR
  3. I shouldn’t think that a 7+ would not work, as any other audio / audio-related app under the sun that I’ve tried works fine. Actually, when I look for the app on the AppStore, it states that’s it is compatible with my phone. Minimum stated is iOS 12.0 and I’m on 14.6. Let’s see what @Ales Prochazkahas to say on this! Thanks. JCR
  4. @Ales Prochazka, I have had HQPDcontrolv4 for a while now and have yet to be able to get it to work at all. I use an iPhone 7+. HQPDcontrolv4 app version is 6.1.2, version code 449. In about, the app recognizes that I use HQP Desktop v4 on Windows. "Allow control from network" is selected on the HQP Desktop. I've enabled your app to access my phone. HQP Desktop is on my music server, running Windows Server 2019 under Audiophile Optimizer. IP address of the server is, which is what I have set in the app host connection setting. The app Port setting is
  5. That should be fun to hear the result, @Kal Rubinson. I suspect we read about this experiment in a far distant Stereophile issue. :) I actually have a RooDial working in my main system. It really does enable DSP Roon volume control on a Microsoft Surface Dial. I hope that will work well for the 7.1sw arrangement. Got it that I’m on my own as to bass management in Roon. Kal, you’ve got both the S88 and the Okto? How would you describe the sonic differences? JCR
  6. @Kal Rubinson and @Steve Bruzonsky, I have a Coleman 7.1sw on the way along with a boatload of ProAudioLA DB25 cables. For two channel sources, I have been using bass management crossovers in the Marantz AV-8802A but running those Marantz inputs on Pure Direct. Going forward, do I need to set up the bass management in Roon if I am bypassing the Marantz entirely? Could one of you share a screenshot of how you have it set up? For the Okto dac8pro MCH, I've used the bass management functionality within Audiolense when creating convolution filters for Roon/HQP use. Should I be able
  7. Yes, I note the nearly 50dB drop, however, and wonder what could possibly correct for that without damaging my wife, our dogs or my speakers (in that order). JCR
  8. @fresponse, very innovative. Will this plug-in work with Roon or HQP and how would you apply it to my hearing loss depicted in the photo attached? Thanks, Thierry. Cheers. JCR
  9. I am using MCH HQP through Roon at DSD64 and have started getting giant pops at the start and end of tracks. Something new with the latest HQP version, I think. JCR
  10. Will you consider high resolution multichannel audio listening at some juncture? If so, consider running speaker cable for the rear channel speakers while you build. In our home, I elected to use in ceiling speakers for the rears, as our space wouldn’t be conducive to floor standing rear speakers. Same considerations if you are going to have this room be for Dolby Atmos audio listening or for watching TV and movies — you’ve got subwoofer(s), side, rear and front height speakers that you could prewire during construction. Cheers. JCR
  11. I have several questions: 1. With a VST3 plugin, does this mean that HAF’s Room Shaper can be loaded into HLC, and then through HQP desktop thereafter, running convolution filters in either HLC or HQP, and then on to Roon? 2. How does HLC compare to the new Audiolense Convolver product? 3. Can HLC be configured to apply convolution filters for the audio tracks from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc? 4. Sorry, but I’m not clear on the DLNA benefit. What’s the use case there? These might be @mitchco questions to answer. :) Thanks. JCR
  12. This device likely does what you are seeking to accomplish. And @Kal Rubinsongave it his audiophile blessing in Stereophile. JCR https://www.essenceelectrostatic.com/product/evolve-ii-4k-hdmi-v2-0-multi-channel-dac/
  13. I just took Michael Fremer’s advice and ordered up this phono preamp designed and made in Spain. https://www.analogplanet.com/content/qhw-audios-surprising-vinyl-mmmc-phono-preamp I currently use a Sutherland PhD phono preamp modified by Ron Sutherland to operate on AC current. JCR
  14. @Dan Gravelland @The Computer Audiophile, thanks for the info on Backblaze. Way less expensive than what I had otherwise seen. Thanks for the tip! JCR
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