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  1. @firedog, I have taken your idea to a higher level. There's a recent study of the Etymotic Home Hearing Test kit (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6710072/) that indicates the HHT is essentially as accurate as an in-person test by an audiologist. Since it's been a few years since my last test, and I know my hearing hasn't improved over that time period, I've ordered up the kit (https://www.etymotic.com/consumer/home-hearing-test/home-hearing-test.html) with the intention of using its results to shape a house curve in Audiolense (and I'll try as you did just doing some EQ boosting in Roon) specific for my hearing. A very good idea inspired by your note. Thanks. JCR
  2. @firedog, with my poor hearing, I should have thought of creating a house curve just for my listening in Audiolense to compensate in part, but never have. How did you decide on its design? JCR
  3. In my experience, for multichannel audio, Windows works better than Linux, whether DSD or FLAC. JCR
  4. Yes, such is your life as a reviewer, with so many new toys flying at you all of the time. I was surprised that a subwoofer was your entry into the latest Stereophile instead of the Okto DAC. JCR
  5. @Kal Rubinson will provide his answer, but I am really enjoying convolution filters generated by Audiolense. They work in Roon, JRiver and HQ Player. JCR
  6. I use VNC viewer to remote into my Roon / JRiver / HQP Player server running WS2019 (GUI mode but with RoonServer black screen shell) and AO. I did once install, use and uninstall TeamViewer. JCR
  7. Chris, rightly or wrongly, I use VNC Viewer / Server to remote into my CAPSZuma server and other home PCs being used as Roon multichannel endpoints. Any reason that VNC would not work on the 20.1? I will also ask if the 20.1 is intended to support multichannel playback. Thanks. JCR
  8. Chris, you should have a separate price shown for the HDPlex supply, as it is an option that is considerably less expensive than the JCAT. JCR
  9. Thank you, @dminches. I had that selection already enabled under MC26. So, with both that enabled and MC26 also in startup programs — and still no auto start on server reboot — suggests there yet must be another action to take. Recommendations graciously accepted. JCR
  10. Hello, @AudioPhil. I have AO3.0 running very well on my WS2019 server with GUI and RoonServer shell. In the background, I also run JRiver MC26 server and two other programs to facilitate application of Roon convolution filters to digitized vinyl streams, namely Icecast and BUTT. Much like RoonServer starts up automatically when the server boots up, I'd like the same to occur with MC26 server, Icecast and BUTT (with BUTT needing to start up after Icecast is started). I tried adding shortcut links to these three programs in shell:startup, but that nevertheless doesn't get them to automatically start up on reboot of the server. Could you kindly advise how I can get this to work with AO running? Thanks. JCR
  11. @mitchco, is the same true for why only a single measurement is required for Audiolense? JCR
  12. Just one potential point. Marantz pure direct (which I bet is the same as Denon) does not bypass internal DSP. Only the analog multichannel inputs do so. You can set other inputs for full range speakers and avoid internal DSP and crossovers, but not because of pure direct. You may want to consider the miniDSP u-DAC8 as a MCH USB DAC for your project, at $255. You can use it for your AL measurements as well. JCR
  13. Quite the device and review. To set the record straight, Roon build 537 made no changes to the audio. Taiko retracted its statement on this. See attached. JCR
  14. @austinpop, thank you. Wondering if you’ve ever had the opportunity to hear, and thus have a point of reference to comment upon, this far less expensive USB reclocking device: https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/ideon-audio-3r-usb-renaissance-usb-hub/ JCR
  15. And no one at JRiver has helped out for over a month now on this, despite offering to do a test! Maybe with your push, Chris, JimH and Bob will pay attention. JCR
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