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  1. Good article. I use five Harmony Hubs (only $70 each at Amazon) at home, each tied to a different Gmail and Amazon account. This enables me to voice control one of the most annoying functions for my wife and visitors: how to turn on a system and switch it in a particular room for watching TV, or listening to 2-channel or multichannel music. There is essentially no audiophile product I’ve purchased that this setup can’t simplify because Harmony has such a deep database of electronics products. The separate accounts allow asking Alexa or Google to turn on stereo, for example, and it will only
  2. Whilst we await Jussi’s weigh in on this, tell us about your PC processor and memory and your graphics card. That can greatly impact. Is this an issue when you play FLAC files that HQP is upsampling to 384 or only with DSD material upsampled to 256? Also, while a track is playing, please take a screenshot of the performance tab in Task Manager. Thanks. JCR
  3. I’m not aware of a workaround. I see you asked on the Audiolense forum and Bernt is apparently willing to consider other formats of additional requests come in. JCR
  4. Speaking of Qobuz, I’ve been a TIDAL user, which offers up HD via MQA. I’ve never tried Qobuz. Is HD without MQA the reason that you prefer Q over T, Chris? JCR
  5. Chris, that was a wonderful story. I understand that collecting obsession. It’s terrific when you find your holy grail. Mazel Tov! I have but a couple of Pearl Jam collectibles, one of which travels in my briefcase and is pictured in the attached. I bet you have this one as well. Cheers. JCR
  6. No, @Kal Rubinson, but I have Redscape Audio’s headphone software bedside. Not only does it credibly recreate a real 6 channel surround environment for MCH tracks, it enhances the soundstage for 2 channel tracks played through it. So, I get the idea. I’ve never used any of the Marantz options. What option would you say I should try and for this test, is using the built-in non-pro Audyssey adequate? Thanks. JCR
  7. Yes, speaker and room correction, @Kal Rubinson. When we last exchanged messages on the topic of Audyssey, I was considering paying up for a pro license for my 8802A as I have the pro kit. Your recommendation then was, paraphrasing, to use Audyssey pro only if one of the more current softwares were unavailable. So, I didn’t buy the Audyssey license. Instead, I went down the Audiolense XO path and have been totally happy with the decision, notwithstanding the Roon MCH channel mapping issues that you and I both have been plagued with. So, are you suggesting that for this s
  8. Sorry, @Kal Rubinson, but I am now slightly confused. I totally get that I can't use the 7.1 analog inputs for Auro-2d. But, you reference using stereo analog inputs, which would imply a stereo output. Or, is the signal path that is workable something like this: Source stereo file on NAS or streaming from Tidal ---> Server for convolution and Roon playback ---> analog stereo input on Marantz, applying Auro-2d ---> 5.2 output to amps and subs Put another way, does Auro-2d cause the Marantz to take the stereo input and create a surround environment with it? I
  9. Ok, @Kal Rubinson. So, I’m unclear as to whether a 5.2 surround arrangement will work fine for Auro2d — and I’m interested in your experience using the 7.1 analog inputs on the AV-8802A as to whether that input set can support Auro2d. Thanks. JCR
  10. Ok, understood, @Bill Brown. My MCH DAC is the Okto dac8pro. It’s connected into the Marantz via the 7.1 analog inputs. @Kal Rubinson, will Auro2d run on that set of inputs into an AV-8802A? JCR
  11. So, Auro3d requires no further speakers or amps. Let me understand the arrangement, @Kal Rubinson. In my main system stereo setup, Roon is my playback and Audiolense convolution engine, running through my Bel Canto streamer, which will do the second MQA unfold. Then, I run into the Marantz stereo input where Audyssey is shut off, but bass management is still active. (I have a 2.2 setup for stereo and I ran my Audiolense filter measurements with the Marantz bass management in place.) Can I turn Auro2d alone on for a single input of that sort? Thanks. JCR
  12. @Kal Rubinson, what do you use for a height channel and where do you place it? And could you offer a track or album that you believe best demonstrates the effect you note. Thanks. JCR
  13. Hey, @Kal Rubinson. What do you do with Auro, and is it also in my AV-8802A? Have you tried the above referenced ESI Gigaport ex MCH DAC yet? Just wondering if you think it sounds better than the old miniDSP u-DAC8, which I still have in service on my porch system. It certainly is inexpensive. For $161, I ordered one today just to try out. Thanks. JCR
  14. Ok, @Kal Rubinson. I am now happy to report great progress. For MCH with the Okto, I am now using HQP desktop in my new server through a microRendu and all tracks upscale to native DSD128. In addition, I have worked together with Bernt from Audiolense and Jussi from HQP to successfully map (manually, at this point) AL MCH convolution filters into the HQP convolution pipeline matrix. So, the system path now runs ASDM7 with convolution (still can’t do ASDM7EC in MCH at native DSD128, though, as Jussi says can’t be done in MCH with any processor on the market today). Impressive sounding. W
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