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  1. @mitchco, great article. As I am already invested in Audiolense, will that DSP software work as well for a desktop powered speaker setup — I have Audioengine A5s. JCR
  2. I’ve been a Windows guy for many years. I have a lot of software I’ve invested in that is for Windows, and it’s the operating system I’m comfortable with. For me, I’ve achieved amazing results in our home sound systems, so I of course would recommend using a Windows or Windows Server platform. Others will disagree! Have fun organizing your new system. Cheers. JCR
  3. Ok, good to know, @MartinT . There’s a Sonore / SGC webinar coming up this evening. If they take questions, I will ask for the definitive answer! JCR
  4. Thank you, @Superdad. Following up here after our telephone conversation a few minutes ago. @magnium, you'll be pleased to learn that your suggestion DID work -- I walked away from the equipment for 10 minutes, came back and the microRendu was discoverable over the network and music is playing out now just fine. Alex believes that the microRendu green light relates to 1Gb connections, whereas the B side of the EtherRegen is 100Mb. So, it may well be normal operation for the green light not to be on when using a microRendu through an EtherRegen. I will test and/or confirm this w
  5. @magnium, an excellent suggestion — but unfortunately, that did not fix things for me. Still no green light on the microRendu if it runs through the EtherRegen. JCR
  6. Hello, @Superdad, @JohnSwensonand others here on the forum. I am having a configuration problem with my new EtherRegen. if I run Ethernet from my Ubiquiti switch directly to my microRendu (brand new version), and USB from there to my Okto DAC, HQP sees all and Roon playback works fine. If I run the Ethernet first to a Sonore optical module (the microRendu sized case), then fiber from there to the EtherRegen and Ethernet back out of there to the microRendu, it does not work. I note the difference is that by adding in the EtherRegen, only the amber light on the mi
  7. Well, I have 44 background processes running on WS2019 machine just now. But, it is running Roon, JRiver and HQPlayer Desktop, along with VNC Connect for remote access. I find WS2019 to have better sound than either of the prior versions and it’s been very easy to work with and update as required. JCR
  8. By AO, do you mean Audiophile Optimizer on a Windows machine? Yes, I have AO on my WS2019 server that runs Roon, JRiver and HQPlayer Desktop in the desktop environment (but with a RoonServer shell) with no problems at all. Doing JRiver on a WS2016 machine in core mode is problematic, however, based on my past experience. JCR
  9. I started with WS2012R2 and AO on core mode, then moved to WS2016 and AO in core mode (lots of problems setting up), and now I’m on WS2019 with AO using the Desktop Experience but with RoonServer shell (really easy to set up). WS2019 is the best sounding of the bunch to my ears. JCR
  10. Chris, my music server has no stored files on it. Rather, I use a Synology 1812+ with eight 8TB drives set up with Synology’s proprietary RAID system that will allow 2 of the drives to fail simultaneously and yet preserve all of the data of the bad drives if hot-swapped out. But, this is not really a backup because a failure of the Synology, or fire or flood in our home, would destroy the only copy of the data (about 38Tb now). How would you back up a NAS with so much data, offsite? JCR
  11. I can only add that we lost our Comcast service for a few days, but the Orbi network still functioned within our home. With that going on, Roon played files off my NAS but obviously nothing over Tidal or internet radio. JCR
  12. Good article. I use five Harmony Hubs (only $70 each at Amazon) at home, each tied to a different Gmail and Amazon account. This enables me to voice control one of the most annoying functions for my wife and visitors: how to turn on a system and switch it in a particular room for watching TV, or listening to 2-channel or multichannel music. There is essentially no audiophile product I’ve purchased that this setup can’t simplify because Harmony has such a deep database of electronics products. The separate accounts allow asking Alexa or Google to turn on stereo, for example, and it will only
  13. Whilst we await Jussi’s weigh in on this, tell us about your PC processor and memory and your graphics card. That can greatly impact. Is this an issue when you play FLAC files that HQP is upsampling to 384 or only with DSD material upsampled to 256? Also, while a track is playing, please take a screenshot of the performance tab in Task Manager. Thanks. JCR
  14. I’m not aware of a workaround. I see you asked on the Audiolense forum and Bernt is apparently willing to consider other formats of additional requests come in. JCR
  15. Speaking of Qobuz, I’ve been a TIDAL user, which offers up HD via MQA. I’ve never tried Qobuz. Is HD without MQA the reason that you prefer Q over T, Chris? JCR
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