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  1. Yes, I use Audiolinux. It is very reasonably priced. You burn an image to a USB stick, and then you reboot your computer off the image. Audiolinux supports both a Roon end point and HQ player NAA end point (and others). That’s what I and many others here are doing. I am using a small IBM NUC. There is lots of information on this elsewhere on AS.
  2. Hi Chris thank you so very much! I’ve been waiting for this with bated breath.
  3. @Kal Rubinson, I have my eye on the Octo Research DAC8Pro. The price is right and the features are mostly right. I would want to know if it outperforms say an Oppo 103 (which I have) or 200 series Oppo. I assume it does, by the way. And I am concerned that it does not have RCA, just balanced, and an admonition in the user's manual that using the balanced with converters to RCA is not recommended.
  4. Thanks @JoshM for a very nice review! I have two comments. First since we’re talking about the audiophile “on the go” I think it would be nice to talk about the Audeze IEM‘s. I say this because I recently purchased the iSINE20’s and I totally love them. Second since we are talking about frequency response, for the audiophile “not on the go” and who has access to roon, it should be mentioned that Audeze unlike anybody else provides within roon DSP presets for each of their earphones.
  5. Thanks to all. Larry said: The 400W ATX LPSU has been redesigned and will be replaced by 500W ATX LPSU this Nov.
  6. Hi there quick question, is HDPlex out of business? I can’t get there 400W power supply or their fanless case that I want. What’s up?
  7. Hi, I have done this successfully with the Meridian dac, the key is you have to put a USB hub between the dac and the USBridge. I use a USB Regen for this. Otherwise the USBridge does have enough power for the Meridian.
  8. Hi Em2016 I forgot to ask how is your DNHE performing? I mean how does it sound with HQPE? Is it better than other options in its price range and/or performance range? Thanks
  9. Thanks so much for the clarification. I was confusing use for NAA versus HQPE. Nice to hear that the DNHE can handle Roon and HQPE even if with limited filter range. I might go that direction.
  10. Hi Em2016 How is the UpSquared Gateway very different in terms of power to run HQPlayer than the NUC7i7DNKE? They seem very similar except the DNK has a higher burst speed if I am following this right. Thanks John
  11. Thanks Larry, you’re right I didn’t quite understand the history of all this correctly, so thanks for clarifying that. But I find it very intriguing to hear that the iFi micro DSD black performs so well. You’re also correct in saying that all told it’s not inexpensive, but it is also by no means a cost-no-object system and yet it sounds like one, or I at least enough like one to fool me. I will be curious to hear what you have to say about adding HQ player back into the mix, assuming you get around to doing that! Best regards
  12. Hi Larry, this seems to be a significant complement for the IFI black. I recall you owned one for sometime before your current DAC. It sounds like a really nice alternative for a lower priced DAC that plays well in this environment and can be powered by the also less expensive LPS 1.2. Is that about right? Thanks for all the intense research into this so very interesting subject. John
  13. Hi there to everyone, I would really like to express my gratitude for this amazing breakthrough. The combination of an inexpensive computer platform plus an inexpensive but high quality linear power supply plus a very doable and elegant software solution that's also inexpensive, so that the combo delivers really nice SQ--all I can say is wow. I started with the first BBB project here on this site, then the Allo USBridge early days when the software was evolving into the nice solution they have now. Both were inexpensive but nobody expected super serious sound quality because the p
  14. jbparrish

    HQ Player

    Question: I have been exploring HQP and HQPe, and I would like to repurpose the Beaglebone Black I have from a previous CA project from several years ago to be an NAA. I have downloaded the BBB image from Sygnalist, copied the image to the MicroSD card with Etcher, but when I try and upload it into the BBB using the Boot Switch, nothing happens. This works for the DLNA image from the previous project. Anybody know what I am doing wrong? Thanks, John
  15. Sorry for the belated response, and thanks to @rahul_kc and others who volunteered their time and expertise. I switched DAC's, from the original Dragonfly to the Explorer2. I had the Explorer2 on order, it just took forever to get here. No problems now. With the much older Dragonfly I had transport problems with DLNA, but no problems with NAA, for no reason I can figure out. But all is well now!! Thanks again for a great community experience.
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