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  1. It also reminded me of the Mola Mola DAC in as much as there appears to be a single bit stream shifted through a series of single bit registers. The paper describing the operation of the Mola Mola DAC is here https://www.hypex.nl/img/upload/doc/an_wp/WP_AES120BP_Simple_ultralow_distortion_digital_PWM.pdf
  2. Hi @dm68 The filters are exported as stereo *.wav files so both channels in one file. There is no feature right now to export as mono *.wav files. I can however add this as a feature if needed.
  3. Hi @Confused, Yes, a dedicated module for performing measurements will be released but is likely several months away. This will have a workflow that makes it easy to perform measurements of multiple speakers in multiple positions. All settings will have suitable default values and a good step by step user guide will be included. It'll be tested thoroughly with the UMIK-1, UMIK-2 and a Dayton EMM-6 plus USB audio interface. If you're up and running doing measurements with REW then I think you'll find the learning curve with the filter design software straight forward and
  4. Hi @Confused Our software is intended for conventional Hi-Fi layouts and we expect this to be the most common use case. Once you have a set of measurements and are familiar with our software you'll find it only takes a few minutes to make adjustments and generate a new filter. Kind regards, David
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