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Woodstock 50th Anniversary - Back To The Garden Complete Concert Edition - Hi Rez Download Worth The Price?

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I'm hoping for some help from those of you who own the hi rez download of this collection. It's taken me a while to get around to making a purchase of this, but there was a lot going on in the interim since it was released. Still, this is important music to me. 


 I recall at least one person (possibly Firedog?) mentioned that the downloads were much better than expected, given the somewhat rough versions of this music previously released over all these years. I'm hoping some more of you can chime in. My dilemma is this. While I would normally always choose the hi rez download, assuming it was meaningfully audibly  better, that version of this set is $395.00 at HD Tracks. The cd box set is $89.59 at Amazon. That's a very, very wide price gap. 


Your thoughts, based on what you've experienced, would be appreciated. Thanks. 



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