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  1. Great and thorough job as usual. Hadn't listened to him a long time. Just streamed the first album and this one. He was definitely a unique talent.
  2. If you aren't sure you should spend the money on the BXT's, 2 subs seems like a good idea. I think there are people using mini DSP units to deal with the latency issue and also do DRC on the subs with the Kiis. I'd be very curious to know how it sounds.
  3. I'm not sure I totally get the picture of what you are trying to do, but I'd be a bit concerned about vibrations to the Kiis from the subs. I'd also ask Kii if they have any comments. Covid 19 gives us too much time to think - it has cost me a lot of money. Too much online shopping. On the other hand, no money spent going out.....
  4. Lampizator used to make a DSD only DAC that didn't use a chip to convert DSD. You might be able to get one used, or maybe they would make one for you if you asked. What kind of budget are you thinking of?
  5. I'm using this: https://www.amazon.com/Argon-Raspberry-Heatsink-Supports-Accessible/dp/B07WMG27T7 I'm running the Pi only as an audio endpoint and for that I'm very happy with it, looks "audiophile" and the Pi stays at reasonable temperatures (max in low 50's C, even when on 24/7 and in a pretty warm room).
  6. Chris specifically stated that the project wasn't about SQ, but about enabling all format playback on a wider range of DACs. That, and the cool factor.... Maybe he will comment on the SQ one way or the other at some point.
  7. Or the other possibility is that much of that stuff makes very little difference, and audiophiles obsess over something marginal that exists all or mostly in their minds. Thus actives can sound very good.
  8. https://www.amazon.com/tv-bluetooth-adapter/s?k=tv+bluetooth+adapter https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Transmitter-Receiver-Goojodoq-Non-Bluetooth/dp/B07VYYS28K/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=tv+bluetooth+adapter&qid=1593457031&sr=8-3 is this page the kind of thing you are looking for?
  9. 24-96 version. "Sunshine of Your Love" is playing now. Good sound, great performance.
  10. Costs $6000 and doesn't seem to have the separate 1bit path for DSD. For audiophiles, their consumer units would seem more suitable. Unless you don't have any interest in DSD.
  11. I don't know when the lifetime license was bought, but the price of the license went up significantly a few months ago, so if it was sold for the old price, that seems a decent deal. In any case, if the buyer agreed to a price, he thought it was fair. And AFAIK, Roon is aware of people selling licenses, and doesn't object. It's been mentioned on their forum more than once.
  12. Have you ever thought of using DSP to get the effect you want? DSP software give you lots of possibilities and you can dial in the amout of the various effects you want. There are audio plugins that do all the kind of things you seem to be interested in.
  13. SACD and DSD download is now available from acoustic sounds. For US customers only.
  14. There are a few different versions of these sessions around. The HDTT one has a less attractive song selection, IMO. HDTT often has an album with a different song selection from the known versions of the release. Not sure why this is. Maybe because they are sometimes remastering tapes that were once released to the market and those were a different release from the more well known LP version. Or maybe they simply can't get the rights to all the songs for some reason. Or maybe the tapes they have access to aren't identical to the original master release.
  15. the price difference between the Ares and the Musician item isn't very big.
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