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  1. Really well thought out and written. I read the article and then only had time to go back a second time and listen to the selections on my mains system a couple of days later. I don't generally directly compare the sounds of instruments, so it's pretty interesting to click those links. For instance, Miles' tone is very identifiable to anyone who's listened to him much, but it's enlightening to hear how big the differences are in a direct comparison to other players. Not that I didn't realize the differences were there, but the direct comparison really highlighted it. Same
  2. Who do you think you are addressing this to that will "investigate and resolve" this? Why are you sure it's not something to do with your playback chain?
  3. I don't think it's much bigger than the Kii's on stands. But I guess it is visually more imposing.
  4. Don't think so. Where I live we were in the same storm as the one at the Suez Canal that day. I can assure you the winds were very serious and I'd have to believe they had some effect. The boats are directed inside the canal by an expert local pilot who's directing the ship's own pilot. I'm pretty sure they don't rely only on auto pilot, as that would make the above setup superfluous. That boat is the max size allowed into the canal and I'd bet it takes only a very small navigation error and the added wind to cause such a situation, as a ship that size gets through only with difficu
  5. The measurements, plus the subjective reviews from a trusted reviewer like Kal and a few others, would put the Okto high on my list, unless I was going for something in the 5 figure range. The model with the streamer is a good value and makes the system setup and use simple for someone who doesn't want to wade into the weeds of audiophilia.
  6. Because most recorded Rock music has very little improvisation. Even solos are often meticulously recorded and re-recorded.
  7. The amazing thing about him is he just regurgitates MQA spiel, and then accuses others of not understanding.
  8. It's also possible that some musicians and "criticism" suffers from prejudice against White Jazz musicians. Brubeck might not have been as much of an innovator as some think, that doesn't mean he didn't make some high quality music. In addition, anyone who can get real Jazz a larger audience and greater exposure has done a service to the music.
  9. https://stackaudio.co.uk/link2/ Page says NAA "coming soon". It was added around the New Year, AFAIR. The Software is Ropieee XL, version written specially for Stack and this product.
  10. So just curious how it works: did the writer of Ropieee XL get your approval for including NAA? He apparently supplied a specialized version of Ropieee XL to Stack Audio for their streamer. Is that also approved?
  11. The copyrights you refer to are music publishing rights. They are related to royalty payments when the song is played publicly or sold. They aren't rights to the songs/music themselves or the production and sales of records, discs, and files for download. So nothing directly to do with MQA. We know from various sources that the "authentication" for MQA can be anyone from a clerk in a tape archive to someone higher up the chain, including producers, engineers and artists. Clearly for records for which the principals are dead the "artists" aren't approving. Note Neil Young's su
  12. Thanks a lot for that. I use a torrent SE and have been searching for it about once a week for several months. Seen lots of links to other versions, but never seen that link to the SACD rip before. Downloading now.
  13. Another bump. Still don't believe I'm the only one who bought this. I have the disc, but can't rip it. Is there a rip of the dsd available.
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