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  1. I have no horse in this race. But this is the objective thread. So if you want to claim "X causes a audible change in sound output on a system" - you should have some kind of proof/data, not just listening impressions. The entire rest of the forum is devoted to listening impressions where objectivists aren't supposed to demand proof.
  2. Possibly. The same functionality would be a Pi or a fanless NUC with external USB card(s). Not expensive in audiophile terms. Or a different streamer that runs NAA. SQ? You judge. But you think your Sonore Sig Optical Rendu is a great sounding unit for over $4K with all the audiophile bells and whistles, and are looking for an off the shelf PC product to challenge it? Why do you think such a thing exists? It doesn't (and won't) - for obvious reasons if you think about it. Only "audiophile" products play in that space.
  3. Here's a quote from a column this week by the NYT "Tech" columnist, in a column titled, "Tech Forgets About the Needs of the 99%" I think we need to look at this and not dismiss it. This is what the world (including a pretty savvy "tech" columnist) thinks about stuff we see as central. Some perspective...... Note how lossless is now "regular versions". And not the other way around.
  4. Maybe you didn't read the whole thing at ASR or the other threads on the topic. The point was the ISO Regen lessened the noise, but only with a DAC that is essentially "broken" b/c of improper design. With other DACs it made no difference. Same for other DACs - except for a small minority that are improperly designed, March Audio's results hold. Conclusion: the PC doesn't matter for these measurements, unless you have a DAC that is inherently defective. Archimago did similar testing at his site a while back and got the same results.
  5. So, can someone give me the short "for dummies" version - is there a reasonable way to get lossless and/or losslossless hi-res to your stereo system from this service?
  6. Hi- Thanks for this. And I'll add my 2 cents as a satisfied customer of Mitch: Even if you have a well done setup, a service like Mitch's will give your system that last boost that makes it really outstanding. It did for me. For people who think DRC "ruins" sound - No, it doesn't. Few audiophiles have managed to take the room out of the equation in their music playback. So they don't understand what they are missing - or rather, what the room is adding to what they mistakenly think is "natural and accurate" sound. Well done DRC sounds weird when you first hear it, b
  7. Please, can we stop all the amateur lawyering? If you aren't a lawyer with that area of expertise, then it's all just ignorant BS. And John, if you really think something that happens at least thousands of times a day on the Internet is illegal, then I suggest you take it to court instead of playing dueling quotes here.
  8. You partially addressed it. You note towards the end of the article that MQA needs to cooperate in letting it be properly tested. The article was three and a half years ago, and MQA still hasn't let you or anyone else properly test it. Why do you think that is? I think it's because they have something to hide. And again, the whole tenor of your article is from the perspective of someone who "talks to Bob" and basically accepts much of what he says and gives him the benefit of the doubt. And assumes he has good intentions, for some reason. That alone makes what yo
  9. Understood. I decided several years ago to be careful how I word my posts. I try to always write that my SQ impressions are mine only, and have no general application to anyone else's setup or situation. I also don't demand that people conduct DBTs, as the truth is that in most situations it's impossible for us to do it. So I can't know whether anyone "actually heard" something or not. And as long as they don't claim that their personal (sighted) listening impressions have some general application for others, I feel no need to challenge what they say. As far as ascribing cause an
  10. While that is true, I do know one thing that doesn't need technical expertise: MQA and their principals have lied from the get go. Everything from false use of the word "lossless" to lying about "authentication". That isn't debatable. It's fact. So if I know for a fact that they lie about some of the most basic aspects of their product, why should anything they say be considered credible? And a lot of audio writers, including many of those at Stereophile, also lack the required technical sophistication. But that doesn't keep them from expressing opinions about MQA, incl
  11. Right, and we have lots of evidence - provided by him - that makes us not believe him. I don't believe that what you wrote is even close to reality. And of all the vblogs etc. on the NET it just so happens that Jim Austin writes an editorial refuting GO's videos. Amazing how that is the most important topic he can find to write about. Nothing else is important enough to warrant his special attention and be given prominent space to in his magazine.
  12. Okay, I'm going to put in my 2 cents. I haven't read the threads in question, and I don't think it matters. In general, the objectivists and subjectivists never convince each other. At all. Not even a little bit. The back and forth is repetitive and pointless. There's an "objective" subforum. People who want to make subjectivist posts and argue that "bits aren't bits" (just one example) - don't go there. But if you do, don't comment. The people there aren't actually interested in what you have to say. Deal with it. And the reverse is also true. If
  13. As in most things audio, there's no consensus. Some say a good disc player sounds better than file playback, and vice versa. My advice: think about what makes the most sense for YOU and how you consume/listen to music. Once you've decided that, get the best setup in that category you can afford. There is no "correct" answer.
  14. Just use a VPN to register, use any US address and order at PSM. Once you get the album in your cart, you don't need the VPN
  15. I'm not sure what you are asking, but Topping makes several inexpensive DACs that are capable of DSD 512 playback.
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