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  1. Don't agree. I'm not technically incompetent and I couldn't get it to work through Roon on Windows. Everything seems to be setup properly, but I don't get sound output. It doesn't mean a lot that you think it's quite easy: It's the "clear if already understood" phenomenon-easy when you already know how.
  2. I wish people who've managed to implement it would help beef up the instructions. I still haven't figured out how to get it working with Roon.
  3. Possible, but I only see the CD version available for sale. More reason to make me think it's actually a CD mislabled as hi-res.
  4. I've tried playing the Qobuz version both from the Qobuz app and from Roon. In both cases it plays as 44.1/ I think it is simply mislabeled in Qobuz and it actually is Redbook and not hi-res. Also possible the distributor supplied them the wrong file by mistake, and they haven't realized they have a Redbook, and not a hi-res version on their server. As far as Roon, it could be Roon is correctly reading that the files are actually Redbook, but also has metadata showing it as hi-res.
  5. Nothing "wrong" with Roon and no big mystery here: Roon doesn't update the streaming service database on a constant basis. So it can take a few days once it is streaming before it shows up in Roon. And if, for whatever reason, the album isn't in the last database dump from Tidal to Roon, it won't show up in Roon until it is. Unless you're lucky with the timing, new releases will always be delayed a bit before they show up in Roon. Aside: the album still isn't listed at Qobuz US.
  6. It's been years, and the only real source of MQA is Tidal, a tiny insignificant player in the streaming market. It's so small that in most articles about the streaming market it doesn't even get mentioned. And this is with it's celebrity owners - still no mention most of the time. If people wanted it and were willing to pay for it, Tidal Hi-fi - Masters would have added millions of subscribers. It hasn't.
  7. No sales = no site. I think it is as simple as that. CD and hires quality streaming has surely reduced the amount of album downloads for $10-$30 people are willing to buy. It has for me, and since becoming a Qobuz Sublime+ member, I rarely buy any download other than from Qobuz. I used to be a big HDT customer, but is rarely worth it for me to buy from them anymore. Some of the specialized sites sometimes have prices competitive with the Qobuz discount or an item not at Qobuz, but not often.
  8. https://www.teddypardo.com/powersupplies/generic/teddynuc-81.html 19V 3.5A $399 I'd also look at the above, the Teddy Pardo NUC supply. Teddy has a great reputation in the field.
  9. Let us know what you think. I've used a fanless NUC as a Roon endpoint and found it to work fine.
  10. The Element i is only $990. It has very good measurements, but slightly below state of the art (I own one). The Element M is $1799 and is more high end (better power supply, a build with better internal isolation. etc.). Maybe you meant that one.
  11. Chris- I hadn't paid any attention to the soundtrack version of the album till I read the review. Now that I've listened to it, I prefer it. It has a more open, dare I say "natural" feel to it. There is something to be said for good musicians performing live.
  12. I simply understood the video as a plea not to succumb to "audiophile nervosa". I think that's good advice. You prefer tubes, I don't. Yes my system is probably more "accurate". Likely both systems count as "high fidelity". Even if I can "prove" mine is "higher fidelity"- more accurate, lower distortion, etc. - why does it matter? You enjoy yours, I enjoy mine. I doubt either of us will change our minds, because, yes, it is like preferring chocolate to vanilla.
  13. You can get support at the Audiolense forum.
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