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  1. Do you really know this? I thought the internal DACs were software based - at least partially.
  2. Its better than previous versions. But don't expect some tremendous sounding recording. It's a live recording from 69....go for the CDs.
  3. Audiophile convention says so. Doesn't mean it's true. Try for yourself before spending the money. Rumor , hints by Kii have it that Kii is releasing a bigger Control/streamer. Rubysea many know something he can't reveal. Or not.
  4. Many people who have tried Roon or other specialized playback UI's for audiophiles find them anything but redundant. For many, they make massive improvement in the user experience. Yes, it's adding a box. But it can be a small, not expensive box that enables you to add the functionality. Don't knock it till you've tried it. The 390 is a great unit, but it's been on the market quite a while and probably isn't going to get much in the way of updates, especially in the UI area you are referring to.
  5. There's nothing wrong with what you are thinking of doing. It should work fine. I'd suggest you try it for a while and see if you are happy with it. If you decide you want a dedicated, specialized device just for feeding digital from the network to your Kii Control, there are endless options. Anything from a $50 Raspberry Pi (which works fine) to a 5K hi-end network bridge - and everything in between. It's not clear a dedicated streamer will sound superior. And you might need to spend really serious money to get something that is noticeably better. Again, try what you've got to
  6. "If you"...That's all he wrote. He's writing for the broad audience, which includes people who like MQA. A review of a component is supposed to inform the audience. That's what he did. No "swipe" at the product. There's no waxing endorsement of MQA here. Your reaction is totally out of proportion. MQA does exist, even though it upsets you.
  7. In the end, it's about which version connects you to the music and gets the message of the music across. For me the Bernstein VPO does it best. And BTW, I don't think the SQ is that bad. Not the best, but not that terrible.
  8. Listened to the Jarvi on Qobuz. Very good. A driving, intense performance, lots of energy when it's called for. That fits this music. Glad you reminded me of it- Qobuz didn't have it when it first came out, and I was disappointed not to find it back then.
  9. I heard Jarvi and the NHK perform it a few years ago. Was very good. Hope the record is, too.
  10. It works both ways. I suspect most people preferring vinyl haven't heard properly done digital.
  11. Then you are doing it poorly. Well done needle drops are indistinguishable from the original. They sound just like vinyl. I suggest you read JA's review of the Ayre ADC from a few years ago: he said, "but there was no doubt that with a 192kHz sample rate I could not distinguish between the LP and the digital rip. And believe me, I tried. I A/B'd the two versions until blood came out of my ears". You get all the sound of vinyl, even the surface noise, tonearm induced distortion, etc.
  12. I have the CD, it's very good - but not as good as the Bernstein with the Vienna from about 8 years earlier. Since it's a 16/44.1 recording, I don't know if I'd spend the money on it just to get it on an SACD. Upsample the CD to DSD and you will get about the same thing, unless you somehow think they could have done something amazing with the remastering. I doubt it. It would be more interesting as an SACD if the original was tape and they had made an SACD from the original tape.
  13. Agree with Chris and Jud. Stream, and buy a download or disc of the stuff you really like and listen to repeatedly. If you buy and also stream the same material, the artist gets the largest payout.
  14. As the article states, they can just master at other locations belonging to Universal. Part of being a conglomerate. Interesting that they said the cutting lathes will remain in the building in a different location; so they still will be cutting lacquers, but not mastering. Sort of odd. Anything to save manpower, I guess.
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