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  1. I directly asked Roon on their forum if Roon can perform DSP functions without converting DSD to PCM. Their answer was yes, it converts it from one bit to 64 bit DSD wide, performs the DSP, and then remodulates it to one bit DSD. Some will say this is conversion to PCM. Others say it isn’t, as no PCM decimation is going on. Roon says the file remains DSD. I think Mansr will say the opposite. If you look at the Roon forum you can see their detailed answer to my question.
  2. So think honestly: are you pro corporation and anti-artist? I didn't say artists "deserve" a living. But the system is setup (especially recording marketing and royalties) for 99% to make slave wages while the one percent make extremely high wages. There's no reason it "has to be that way". The system is basically setup for them to fail economically so that someone else gets monopoly rents from their work. The royalty setup for streaming is a good example. That system is created by society. There's nothing natural or obviously correct about it.
  3. Again, you are cherry picking the small minority that doesn't reflect the majority. There are probably another 50 or 100 or 200 highly qualified oboists around the UK that can't get a job at all, or know early in life that there's no possibility of a career and give it up. Does she have a permanent position? Ask her how many others interviewed for it when she got it.
  4. There's a checkbox somewhere where you can tell them to remind you 3 days before the trial is up and they charge you.
  5. Get real. How many musicians/bands make that kind of money? A handful. The rest are lucky to make the equivalent of minimum wage.
  6. Unfortunately for Roon, it's up to Amazon more than it is to them. Amazon needs to give them database access, and agree to have their data display in the Roon UI. Spotify wasn't willing, so Roon didn't integrate them.
  7. I wonder what Lee is thinking now with all his big "inside info" about how MQA had a major coup coming up that would alter the market. I really think this is going to kill them. I think there will be little reason for anyone to sign up to Tidal now. Maybe there will still be subscribers for Qobuz (especially Sublime +) for the audiophile niche market, but not anyone else, at least in the US.
  8. I can see Amazon being a negative influence, because as Chris' says, the customer service will be close to non-existent. However, this is nothing like an Amazon vs Main street war. That's Amazon killing brick and mortar commerce. This is one online streaming service vs. another.
  9. Not sure what you are asking. I got to the Unlimited HD page and then logged in to my Amazon account. Then it just worked and I paid over PayPal.
  10. Good idea in theory, I don't think many people are going to pay for multiple hi-res streaming services. Of course maybe some people can write it off as a business expense? 😁
  11. This could be the death knell for both Tidal and Qobuz.
  12. Already a thread at the Roon site asking if they are going to try and integrate it into Roon. It will be interesting if Amazon will cooperate and let Roon use their database within the Roon user interface. Spotify wasn't willing, so Roon didn't want to cooperate with them. They are pretty picky about their UI.
  13. Well I'm not in the States, but I just Googled "Amazon HD Unlimited" and the link took me right to the service. Put in my Amazon login and it immediately offered me a US subscription. The app is okay. Seems to work well. The selection seems good, especially for the first day it's in business. The price is also good for hi-res streaming. But unless they get Roon integration, I don't think I'd switch from Qobuz. That's just too useful a feature to give up, and I'm not going to pay for 2 hi-res streaming subscriptions. But I can definitely see that this could put both Qobuz and Tidal out of business.
  14. Don't agree at all. The record labels used digitization and streaming to cut the artists and songwriters out of most of the royalty streams, in comparison to the era of vinyl and CD, where performers and songwriters were well compensated for each copy of an album sold. I think you are referring to Peter Frampton. So what if he made a record 40 years ago? People still listen to it and he's getting a tiny percentage of the revenue it generates from streaming. Getting paid a few thousand dollars for a million streams - and you accuse him of being greedy? You are asking the wrong question. The right question would be, "Why is the artist getting such a small share of the present day revenue when the record company and corporate interests made massive profits 40 years ago from the original release?" The label is clearly doing nothing to promote the album or invest in the artist anymore...the album is being streamed because people like the music, yet the corporations keep the money generated away from the artists. The artist got $15K? And the record label, streaming service, etc split another 30, 40, or 60K....
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