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  1. Don’t see the relevance of that article.
  2. Engineering deals in applied science. Engineers are not scientists. Do you want your bridge design to be an experiment?
  3. But the product page explains that the unit can be ordered either without the extra 2 cards or with both - not with just one. You can buy either a full or empty RAG2. The card is the Schiit multibit card. There should be reviews of other DACs with it if you look.
  4. Red herring argument. Either the measurements are correct or not. People can differ in the interpretation of those measurements or the understanding of their importance. Where is there “blind belief”? If you can show their measurements are incorrect, show it. Lots of people on this site have said they don’t think various measurements are definitive. That’s their opinion and their right. Daverich’s vague accusations are just that. People aren’t called “shills and trolls” because they present “facts and measurements” that differ. They are called shills ad trolls when their positions are contradicted by the measurements and they have no reasonable alternative explanation, nor alternative “facts and measurements”. Alternative opinions without showing a basis for them aren’t the same as alternative “facts and measurements”.
  5. Apparently you don't read all the forum....they have definitely been disagreed with, and more than once. But you do realize there's a difference between disagreeing about opinions/interpretations/subjective experiences and disagreeing about facts and measurements, don't you?
  6. And if you are a paying customer, you are still the product that is being sold. Unless we get radically different privacy laws, it will stay that way - as long as you use the internet.
  7. And do you really believe that your constant griping about the issue is somehow useful? Two Qobuz representatives have already told you that they recognize the issue and are working on a replacement search engine that should solve the problems you mention. And they’ve also told you it won’t be ready tomorrow, but in the near future. If it isn’t here in October come back with your legitimate complaint. But that also doesn’t mean you have to repeatedly make the same complaint, even after you’ve been responded to. None of us are interested in accounts of your personal frustrations each time you search-get over yourself. Or just stop using Qobuz. If you think it is so terrible, why do you insist on using it?
  8. There are lots of converters of good quality starting at about $100 and going up to the price of the Berkeley. They also are often found on sale second hand. Even my $130 iFi DAC can function only as a USB to SPDIF if desired. No problem finding one if you look. If you need USB/AES those also exist.
  9. That guy is a true fanboy. It does matter what get's revealed, he retreats back to MQA speak propaganda. But I think he's sincere.
  10. The search on the site has never worked well. You can get useful results using the operator site: computeraudiophile.com and your search term at Google.
  11. Just get the one that has the physical setup and feature set that works best for you. Don't go overboard worrying about some possibly not even existing SQ difference you may or may not be able to hear. In daily and long term use, any small SQ difference will pale in comparison to usefulness and convenience given by the DAC with the features that best fit your needs.
  12. Oh, and also DEQX. AFAIR, they have a unit which is just digital in and digital out. I've never heard it, but it has a great reputation. One advantage of DEQX is that their techs will log on and do your room test and correction filter for you in your room.
  13. The Lyngdorf units would also do the trick well, IMO. They include amps as well as preamp and RC, but they do have a digital out.
  14. For those of you that really like this album, I recommend the Acoustic Sounds SACD/DSD download. Sounds great.
  15. Hi Chris- I have a big hump at around 40hz in my room, and Roon does a good job with it's EQ fixing the problem for the most part. I will probably invest in a mic and some RC software soon to fix that node more precisely. My personal experience is that those triangle bass traps make a big positive difference. They won't solve all the problems on their own, but I bet they will help.
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