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  1. One of the many reasons to use a search engine other than Google.
  2. I see the pdf with the appendix for perfoming impulse measurement, but not an explanation of how to use the standalone with Roon.
  3. I have the same issue. Bernt answered on the forum that there are lots of issues using various ASIO drivers. He also said MME is fine if you set the PC sound card to the bit depth/sample rate you are measuring in and prevent drift; the results should then be indistinguishable from using ASIO.
  4. I actually thinks it sounds like a triangle too, it just seems a bit too strong. Maybe it's just the mix.
  5. I just compared a rip of the 2002 SACD to the new 192 download. I read where BL said the original remaster was meant as an homage to the original LP, but the new remaster was intended to let us better hear what's going on in the recording. I think this is exactly what happened: the SACD sounds very good and is very "solid" sounding; in the new remaster everything sounds a little more "upfront", and you can hear each individual voice/instrument more clearly and with more separation. Which one is better? Not sure. I prefer the new remaster, but I think it is strictly a matter of taste.
  6. The way to shut them up would be to post measurements that show your device improves the output at the DAC. They think it is impossible with network/USB devices and a well designed modern DAC.
  7. Superdad- I actually think Amir's site provides a useful service - measurements. It's useful to see inexpensive products that measure really well, and expensive ones that don't. I'd personally stay away from any device with bad measurements and find a comparable product with better ones. Of course, I'd still want to listen to it. They can be pretty nasty at that site, and they assume $300 DAC that measures better automatically sounds better than an expensive DAC which doesn't measure as well - which I don't think is a "scientific" assumption. However, I would say in the big picture they have a point: We've yet to see measurements showing improvement AT THE DAC OUTPUT for the USB/network devices they denigrate. It's not so hard to show that a device itself is "quiet"; it's something else to show that the quiet actually improves the result at the DAC output. Archimago had a blog showing that a "noisy" server running full out directly connected to the DAC made no measureable difference to the output of the DAC compared to other devices. There are definitely people whose ears I trust; however sighted and subjective comparisons are not fully reliable. We all know that to be true. That's what the people at ASR are all about.
  8. It seems to me to be some kind of percussion designed to resemble a triangle, but more powerful. I do think it is a bit overdone.
  9. firedog

    NUC or Xeon

    The Xeon should have better longevity as a server, especially if you are going to leave it up 24/7.
  10. Mitchco- Great article. I would never have thought of using this together with standard DRC. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any reasonable way to make this work with Roon (VST plugins). Yes, JRiver is a possibility, but I strongly prefer Roon as a UI.
  11. I don't think it is an alarm. Listen without the preconceived notion that it's an alarm and maybe you will hear something different. If anyone else wants to offer an opinion....
  12. What I hear isn't a truck backup alarm...
  13. There are lots of improvements to the catalog. I'm sorry if the specific things you are looking for aren't there. Almost everything that was once lacking for me is now in the catalog.
  14. I think you are fine, they did the same kind of thing with me. You are getting a year for $85 from the day of the change.
  15. I got an email from Qobuz announcing the change about 3 hours after Chris posted. I'm guessing they will extend some kind of discount to more countries. But their prices are also dependent on the royalties they have to pay and the prices distributors determine for albums (yes, the distributors control the retail pricing and how much, if any, discount streaming services can give).
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