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Tube replacement


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I have a Nova with a pre-amp tube, I think it is a 12AX7B vacuum tube. Sooner or later I guess it will give up the ghost.


Should I wait until the tube burns out before replacement? Does a new tube have to burn in before it sounds ok? I decided to look up prices, and they seem to vary widely, and there are comments from people who can "hear a difference" between different manufacturers. Is this for real?


I'm slightly skeptical of this tube thing. The Nova remote has a "tube" button on it that turns on and off a blue LED that makes the tube glow blue, but the orange color in the tube always remains on. Does anyone know whether the tube itself actually turns on and off with this button? I cannot reliably hear a difference.


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It's a 6DJ8-type tube. I replaced mine with an upscale Tele E88CC, but I could not detect any difference sonically. If you aren't looking for tubes with a pedigree, they are easy to get. If you are -- try to find an old HP tube oscilloscope. You'll be able to 'harvest' many premium Amperex tubes like 6922PQ's from one of these.




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I've heard Peachtree's David Solomon talk about this many times. The unit is designed so the tube can be easily replaced or swapped for a different or better sound. Also, when the tube eventually dies the unit will function perfectly by switching the tube off and using the completely solid sate pathway. I say turn the tube off, but in fact it may be just bypassing the tube stage when the blue light is off. It's not like the Nova will stop working with a bad tube. I like that fact. It doesn't force you into a quick tube purchase decision.


I know David at Peachtree has tried a couple tubes and has heard some very good recommendations from Nova users around the world. I shoot him an email to get a couple recommendations.


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