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A+ compatible with El Capitan or High Sierra ?


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I have been running A+ with Yosemite for the longest time since in the past there was some kind of problem with A+ with El Capitan. Don't know if that was ever resolved and if so how is it with High Sierra. I'm on a 2013 MBP here is my setup:


My Set Up:
WD usb2 2TB external HD Only Music aiff’s on it + Time Machine BackUp of MacBook Pro ( I only use it for one thing and that to serve music to my DAC)
MacBook Pro 2013 8GB RAM 256 internal Flash drive usb3 and thunderbolt
AudirvanaPlus Always very latest Version
ifi DAC nano latest driver iFiHDUSBAudio_dfuapp5.1A.sh
Oyaide neo d+ Class A USB 2.0 to MacBook Pro from REGEN
MusicLink Transparent Interface (Directional) Cables
Parasound P5 HALO Preamp 
Reference B&K 200.2 S2 Power amp 225W RMS
Paradigm Studio 100v.3 series speakers BiWired
Klipsch Reference R-10SW Sub

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A+ has been working without problems on all Apple OS systems on my computer since Lion years back. 


The issues that some people reported are related to some workarounds like direct mode that A+ introduced some years ago  but if you run it out of he box it works without problems. 

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2 hours ago, Jamesroy said:

Explain "run it out of the box" Thanks

also I do use Direct Mode with Yosemite.

Long story.


In a nutshell, if I remember all of the elements correctly, Direct Mode was introduced in Lion to enable Integer mode which had disappeared from the OS then. Now, since Sierra I believe, direct mode doesn't work any more as Apple has put in some more resctrictions around Kernel access. That said, Integer Mode without Direct Mode is back since I believe Yosemite, so I don't really see the point of direct mode any more. Some people here seem to disagree. 


In any case, just ignore Direct Mode and use Integer mode, and you can use A+ with any OS, including HighSierra which I'm running now. 


There are workarounds, hacks, to make Direct Mode work on Sierra and High Sierra, but I really don't see the point for hacking your OS, when A+ with Integer Mode and no Direct Mode just sounds great. 


@Jud and obviously @damien78 have more details to the story. But in a nutshell, I don't see any downside to upgrading. 

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Well I have direct Mode checked and Integer Mode if available on this unit checked. Now I know the world is going to come down on my head when I make this statement but what the heck. The I un check Direct Mode it just sounds a beat less punchy or less gain. So I don't know which is best?

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Direct Mode works with Yosemite. I feel that I hear a difference between integer mode running with Direct Mode, and running without.


If you want to upgrade to High Sierra, please understand that the only way Direct Mode would be available is by making modifications to the operating system.

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Thanks for the response, I've been resettling with this for a year. I hate using an old OS like Yosemite but I can hear a difference unchecking Direct Mode and no way can I make changes to an OS like Sierra or now High Sierra. Unless it's a very simple change because I would consider it because I only use my MBP just to server audio to my ifi NANO. Which brings up another question for an upgrade to my NANO. The IFI Micro DSD Black Label would that be a good choice some have mentioned Pro-Ject S-2?

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