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  1. @kerisabe thanks but way too sophisticated and complicated for me
  2. @kerisabe couldn’t agree more with you also ie sounds and running etc BUT it’s getting there that’s a pain I have a late 2012 Mac mini i7 16GB RAM with new Samsung SSD sort of like yours and the SQ is marvelous just other STUFF that bothers me hopefully @damien78 and support @audirvana.com will make things ‘smoother’
  3. @bodiebill couldn’t agree more ... but like you said it really sounds wonderful— [email protected] will fix this— I am going to just bug the hell out of SUPPORT [email protected] they really seem to care and want to help with rapid responses
  4. I couldn’t either beware of Apples bearing gifts 🎁
  5. I didn’t make a backup but some of it showed up on studio don’t ask me how it migrated there including 163 of Dead’s original debuts/ first time they sang songs live— go figure?!!
  6. @jas— I agree !! @damien78 NOW to everyone else/@damien 3 or 78 (or what ever number you are now)why do you have an annoying flywheel when you use that annoying ‘navigator’/‘editor’ to get to your library and playlists you have made on TIDAL and Qobuz?? AND why does it take so long if you click a playlist to get it to appear again with flywheel going ‘round and ‘round’ same goes if you want to trash something. This to me is a huge PIA on 3.5.46 everything was at your beck and call immediately in a column on left hand side—why do you have to use that martini glass icon at top center???
  7. @AudioDoctor I will be interested in what they say I am open minded enough to at least listen but I may have too much invested in Audirvana ROON TIDAL and Qobuz but I will listen especially if they include access to the above and easily give me back my iTunes library that I spent 2 full NFL seasons ripping to my hard drive and it disappeared somehow to iCloud when I upgraded to Catalina!!
  8. @JacobBomDia Hi and welcome: go on eBay any Henry Kloss speakers by his last company called CambridgeSoundWorks especially the Ensemble group of speakers and satellites — well built solid ‘warm’ I have had 2 generations of them 1989 and 2005 all still function and you find if you are lucky unopened unused ones including the Model 6’s all relatively inexpensive
  9. @Musicophile I agree but I suggested to everyone earlier that I have had the best luck with emailing SUPPORT ie [email protected] very rapid concise responses unlike any other service especially ROON and YOU may have even suggested that to me—- have a nice weekend and loved your response to RunHomeSlow !! It does look like a toilet bowl bobbmd
  10. @Marco Klobas @Pierre LeMonf @grinner @Paul RYuk yuk yuk...these people alive and dead never cared about HiRes streaming before why does any one think they might now except it means $$$ in their pockets(and mine as a long time stockholder and user of their macs and phones)—and ROON/Audirvana don’t indicate they will be allowed to use it (or Spotify either)—read our leader and founder remarks elsewhere he is somewhat more hopeful and optimistic if I remember correctly— I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole I love Qobuz/TIDAL ROON/Audirvana Studio and A+3.5.46 I don not like Music at all rega
  11. @Musicophile @HomeRunSlow @AudioDoctor HI anyone of you know how to start a new playlist on STUDIO everything I click does not work what does one click to do this it was so easy on A+3.5.46--or should I just go to my TIDAL and/or Qobuz and make it there and it will get transferred/added to the respective TIDAL/Qobuz playlists of mine(hopefully or am i asking too much?) the playlist i want to make is on Patrick Sky if interested i had never heard of him obit was in rolling stone today [email protected] am having no luck getting that grateful dead debut songs over it's in iTunes/excuse
  12. @SallyBooks i noticed that also-it doesn’t really bother me but i think if you click the dots after the abbreviation full name may show up otherwise ask Damien if he still cares about A+3.5.46 on this illustrious forum i have forgotten which number he now uses here after his name(maybe someone else can help) also go to Audirvana community who may or may not help AND definitely write to SUPPORT ie [email protected] they respond very quickly and are not as rude or critical as support at ROON hope this helps bobmd
  13. I have a playlist from Archives.org of all The Grateful Dead debut songs the first time they sang them live(some prior to 1965 but mostly '65-'95). It's a hoot. Does anyone know how I could somehow transfer the playlist to STUDIO?
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