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  1. bobbmd

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    @left channelBTW did you see my post on the email address for Qobuz support USA? I actually got a response from an Eric Benoit(in the USA) and from the new marketing/media director Dan Mackta telling me I am in the next batch of BETA subscribers and I will be able to transfer my playlists/favorites(will see about that part) using Soundiiz or maybe they will do it for me like they did for @TAV who got his BETA as a promo at a show
  2. bobbmd

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    @left channel ok sorry i put my 2 cents in didn't read it carefully
  3. bobbmd

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    @[email protected]@AudioDoctor: if one uses the Apple Camera Connector Kit the out put from the DAC one is using is either a headphone jack(AUX) or USB connection (which on my vehicles shows up as BlueTooth source)-does it really make any difference in a CAR/TRUCK if the stream is 16/44 24/96 or 24/192 probably all sounds the same unless one has 4000$ plus Meridian or Bose or whatever sound system in your vehicle-Ireally don’t understand the argument here-my Qobuz downloads from my iPadPro sound wonderful regardless which vehicle I use or what way I connect the DAC-it all sounds better than SiriusXM-even Deezer sounds better than SiriusXM! bobbmd
  4. bobbmd

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    @kmp6156 that is the way I do it with the Apple Camera Kit(there is an article by Chris(founder of CA/AS) elsewhere months ago or in 2017 search for it I use my iPhone 7 and my IPad Pro with an AudioQuest DragonFly Red DAC(never tried my Meridian Explorer2-probably does not work/'draws' too much power) Just listen to downloaded playlists for TIDAL and Qobuz-never really looked at if it was MASTERS or HiFi on TIDAL or HiRes on Qobuz or CD 16/44(I have a Studio account) Probably makes no difference the endpoint is the sound system in your car(mine are 2017 LR Discovery Sport with a meridian sound system not the high end one and 2018 Jeep grand cherokee with a very good sound system) BTW both my vehicles still have headphone jacks AND USB ports-I have tried both bluetooth and AUX both sound very good but both vehicles especially the LR interfaces are quirky to say the least Hope this helps find that article by Chris! It was on May 21,2016 in General Forum just search 'Apple Camera Kit' bobbmd
  5. bobbmd

    A+3 and Qobuz USA

    @damien78 I never received a reply from you as to how A+3 is going to handle someone with a european account(like me with a 'French' address since 2013) if I get a Qobuz USA account.Also I have upgraded from from HiFi 16/44 to Studio on my 'French' account does A+3 recognize that? I truly believe A+3 makes Qobuz 'sound better' thanks hope you have time to reply
  6. bobbmd

    A+3 and Qobuz USA

    @damien78 or anyone else out there: hello- how is Audirvana going to handle the USA stream of Qobuz-what happens to people who have had Qobuz in USA since 2013 with a 'French' or other European address? what will happen to one's playlists made on Qobuz and will the extensive European album/genre choices still be available? finally will STUDIO be compatible I now have HiFi and A+3 shows 24/176.4 no matter what I stream from Qobuz thanks bobbmd
  7. @[email protected] channel and anyone else FYI: the email for Qobuz USA support is [email protected] I got this from a Mark Satlof of an LA media company called Shoreline with an office in Brooklyn I also wrote to a Dan Mackta the new media director at Qobuz USA via Linkedin I haven't received a response from either ie how to move or get moved all my playlists/favorites/purchases from my 'French' account without having to create a new email address for USA account (see @TAV response to me above) Anyone have same success @TAV had with doing this? Anyone have a USA phone number for Qobuz USA in NYC? I also haven't received a response to my request for a Beta STUDIO account(I used my email address and also used my spouse's) how long does it take to get a response? thanks bobbmd
  8. bobbmd

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    @left channel @TAV FYI the email address for Qobuz USA support is [email protected] this came from mark satlof at a media marketing company called shorefire based in LA but with an office in Brooklyn I also tried contacting new marketing director at Qobuz USA Dan Mackta via Linkedin but haven't received an answer from either him or USA support ie how to get all my playlists/favorites/purchases from my 'French' account to a new USA account without having to setup a new email address Has anyone else except (I think)@TAV had success with doing this or had success contacting USA support? Anyone have a phone number for USA Qobuz?
  9. @Hollypoint: i did go to credence on Qobuz Studio-i have a ‘french’ address no USA beta yet even the HiRes albums sound just like i remember their cds sort of harsh and shrill sounding not all of them but some so the streams even in 24/96 or whatever don’t sound that great but i think that is a factor of original recordings/i then went to Deezer Spotify and TIDAL all sound harsh to me but i really like credence so i don’t mind
  10. @TAV thank you very much so it sounds like they have a separate beta support I am hesitant but may try to do beta subscription and keep my fingers crossed because not only do I have all those Qobuz playlists and favorites but I transferred all my TIDAL playlists using Soundizz to that 'French' account I have had since 2013 the joke I made many time on CA was the address they gave me was Oneida, New France which I always thought was pretty cheeky of them since that is what the Northeast USA would have been called if the French had won on the Plains of Abraham thanks again for the info I am sure many others in USA will find this useful as well bobbmd
  11. @[email protected] I didn't mean to muddy the water all I meant was that streaming Qobuz from A+3 sounds very good to my ears and that STUDIO HiRes from Qobuz sounds outstanding as does 16/44 from the Qobuz app-I guess my ME2 'upsamples' as you say and somehow makes the sound better to me-I wasn't referring to actual stream which I agree depends on the original recording
  12. @TAV your post was greatly appreciated-can you tell me exactly what you said to Qobuz and how you contacted them to get ALL your 'stuff' transferred to your new USA account please the exact steps you took I think a lot of people will be VERY interested in this info bobbmd
  13. @left [email protected] That is great keep me/us posted-FWIW/FYI I signed up for STUDIO on my 'French' account and love it even some of my TIDAL MQA playlists are streamed in HiRes at 24/88 or 96 or even 192- amazing not to mention the sound/SQ(my ME2 has either 2 or 3 white LEDs showing) Will keep my fingers crossed what happened to @TAV will happen for us all with European addresses and yes hope the best for ROON integration And @leftchannel A+3 streams regardless at 24/176 so HiRes from Qobuz may be a mute point
  14. @intensemojo: under ‘DISCOVERY’ a box should come up with “GENRES” either click ‘all’ or pick a genre the HiRes albums have a gold border/box which says HiRes Audio in lower right hand corner of the album
  15. bobbmd

    Article: Qobuz Announces Opening of US Beta

    @skater999 @leftchannel : as i said above the MQA titles/playlists from TIDAL that I moved to Qobuz actually show them being streamed in Qobuz’s HiRes format 24/196 BUT some revert to 16/44 cd format indicating to me that TIDAL is misleading us on some albums they are not MQA