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  1. @[email protected] : oh no not at all—previously they or the guy in charge of censorship sent me a PM and took me behind the shed for what I had written which was far worse than I wrote above — all I was asking do YOU think they could do something nefarious to anyone’s ROON. Sorry for my poor attempt at sarcastic humor and I hardly use ROON any more except to compare Audirvāna STUDIO
  2. @AudioDoctor I responded last night to a a remark someone made about a ROON slowness or some similar problem and the person who responded implied it was the other persons network or system SO... I replied " just another ROON apologist it's always your system your network or your internet connection--been like this for years takes minutes to load whilst Audirvana TIDAL Qobuz load immediately..." I then received a "no reply" email that my comment had been removed a "FLAGGED POST" "your post has been removed (oh my) it was INAPPROPRIATE...it was abusive offensive or a violation of our community g
  3. To Anyone: Suddenly I have to sign in with my email and password every time I open STUDIO anyone experiencing this problem? Also all of a sudden an album or playlist plays for a short period of time then stops and says "an audio file can not be opened"... or something like that and then nothing works or the dreaded flywheel comes forever or STUDIO quits or I have to force quit it myself--anyone else having this happen? I contacted Audirvana Support but it is August and every one is on vacation in Europe or so they say. My system is very simple late 2012 i7 16GB RAM mac mini WiFi on Catalina to
  4. Agree [email protected] ANYTHING by Schitt Audio speakers from Legacy Audio ie studio hd or calibre
  5. Legacy Audio Springfield Illinois the Studio HD monitors or more expensive Calibre hand built and paired individually great sound I have the sStudio HDs—look ‘em up
  6. @Musicophile hello 👋 how did you upgrade your MacBook to M1 processor ? Can I do that to my late 2012 i7 Mac mini or do you have a much later MacBook than my Mac mini
  7. hi all: anyone have any idea why Qobuz appears so incomplete in offerings on STUDIO compared to Qobuz from the dock icon or for that matter on ROON ie no choice of one genre or multiple genres and selections change repeatably or not even the same as from Qobuz alone. Also today the 'sync' bar suddenly is doing 'ROONBACKUPS' and then rapidly goes to different bizarre sync of numbers and letters I have never seen-so fast can't even read them. And when I go to check audio HD profile I am allowed one view then am told there is "no analysis during trial period"-- "go to your to your account p
  8. @rando like me IT hasn't gone to confession in decades--I am still waiting for them to apologize fo the Inquisition/Holocaust/pediphile priests @charlesphoto that is the same type of question 'support' and forum trolls asked me blaming MY system or use of WiFi instead of ethernet for a connection-- makes no sense EVERYTHING I use is lightening fast ie TIDAL/Qobuz/Audirvana STUDIO on a late 2012 i7 macmini 16GB RAM a new Samsung SSD HD 4TB using Catalina nothing else is as slow as ROON to load/start-- I am not accusing you of being like ROON forums/administrators but that is exactly what t
  9. @AudioDoctor yep almost exactly same as me but I said 5 our fathers 3 Hail Marys and act of contrition and was forgiven—did this because i have a “life time subscription” (whatever ever that means at my age)—that said I use A/STUDIO and use ROON sparingly—-any idea anyone why ROON load so so slowly
  10. @AudioDoctor are any of these responses from actual ROON people on their so called support staff? Or for that matter do they acknowledge themselves like DCraff or Mackta from Qobuz or Damien from Audiovirana-- doesn't seem to me they do--BUT for that matter the main people on support(can't remember their names) do respond quickly but some of those a-holes on the forums are too much and i have been censored for MY comments(what's new eh). What bugs me the most is them asking my set up is every single time and blaming it and it is always the fault of my network WiFi or my equipment initially. MY
  11. Jriver is awful IMHO stay away from it their 'SUPPORT' is sarcastic demeaning conceited and pay for upgrades everytime you turn around and they never improve things only make it more confusing( just my opinion bad experiences) --just my opinion-stick with Audirvana 3.5+ or STUDIO
  12. ALERT: don't let your cows/beef cattle eat clover they will become bloated and die with their feet up in the air and you will have to burn them--one of the important things I learned on "YELLOWSTONE" plus don't ever accept a ride to "the train station" not only will cow music be gone so will you "just keep 'em rollin' keep them doggies rollin' head 'em up and move 'em out"
  13. just my 2 cents on the cost of STUDIO-- I got charged 53$ by something called PADDLE for my US subscription anyone know why? i live in USA and have had A+3.5 and all prior versions of A+3.5 since 2013. there is no US or NYS tax as Audirvana has no presence in NYS-- 6% tax to whom PADDLE??
  14. Sorry I probably overstepped on this one just had several really bad experiences with JRiver over the years I apologize if I offended anyone and the responses were well said— I will try to keep my feelings out of print and should have left it with the disagree icon
  15. @Mike Rubin totally disagree--i personally/subjectively feel JRiver sucks to put it mildly and bluntly especially one sanctimonius(SIC)/conceited individual not to mention its format setup usability and cost for every new update-- haven't used it in years--BUT again just my opinion which usually means nothing
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