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  1. Yes believe all have free trials but still need credit card not sure of HQ player don’t use it on this page there is a thread on 60 day free trial of ROON
  2. My two DEAD dvd-audio discs American Beauty and Working ans Dead but alas I no longer have a. Surround Sound system but still play them through my Yamaha dvd-audio changer to Schitt Yggdrasil gs to Schitt Raggy 2 to legacy studio had monitors
  3. Try pat guadagno jersey shore trubador bar singer does a yearly ‘bob fest’ on Dylan’s birthday in red bank nj can be found on Spotify Deezer Qobuz and TIDAL his band is called ‘tired horses’ check him out
  4. Dropped hints in 2015 for that 700$ set to all my wealthy children hints were ignored BUT... they all took me and Mom to Pebble Beach(for my 70th) stayed at Spanish Bay and played all 3 courses bogeyed #7 & #18(PB) and walked down 18 with all 3 boys arm in arm THEN... downloaded all original first time sung of all Dead’s songs from archives.org from all above glad I didn’t get that 700$ box
  5. Anything @wgscott recommends is ok with me ie dead/entire genre of dead/Americana. I posted this elsewhere but 2 weeks ago after listening to Dwight Joakum (sic) and a guy named Bentley(?) on Sirius either Bakersfield or outlaw country I made a 790 playlist of billy joe Schafer all his albums all stuff by others of his and collaborators collections ie Willie Merle cash etc sorry for misspellings too lazy to check
  6. I listened to a fascinating ‘talk’ on either ‘Outlaw country’ or ‘Bakersfield’ on Sirius the other day all about Billy Joe Shaver never really heard or paid attention to him so I put him into search on TIDAL/Qobuz and made a 790 song playlist of all his stuff alone and with bunch greats of outlaw country— WOW great music if you like this genre. Lasts for days really helps while I am ‘Charles in Charge’ caring for my CFO after knee replacement(she can’t stand this whinny music so I am reduced to headphone listening) and doing telemedicine instead of actually seeing patients(most are too scared to leave their homes anyway). Y’all stay well hunkerdown wash your hands!! No cases yet in my county in upstate central ny but all around us and my golf course restaurant is open for takeout including my Logavulin and cigars!!
  7. @gmgraves thanks always with a simple direct answer ! now, does that make class "A" amps 'better' to me it would be annoying regardless-have a nice day
  8. why does it get so 'hot'? my brand new Ragnarok 2(just the amp) altho 1000$+ more hardly gets warm even if played all day and it is one schiitload of a headphone amp
  9. go watch 12 Monkeys now on HBO better than music
  10. Never have the problem you have here and in your other post and I almost never have to reboot my mac mini and ROON never 'blasts' volume it doesn't control the volume the service/DAC I use does. Must be that you use a PC and JRMC which I stopped using years ago. As I inferred ( and I may be wrong) in my other answer to you if you keep things 'KISS' probably wouldn't have this problem.
  11. hearty second to @jmgraves(post #3) suggestion that is my system Yggdrasil GS and Ragnarok 2 and to @PeterG(post#2) for lower priced Schiit items all of which i have owned and they vastly improve whatever built in DAC is in your Denon
  12. very confusing for me(your setup) but in my setup the service i use either Qobuz or TIDAL controls the volume and i adjust the volume on my amp (ROON doesn't control the volume at startup) with volume nob or adjust the 'gain' my setup is USB out from late 2012 mac mini to Schiit Yggdrasil GS(and also same USB out to Meridian explorer 2 directly to the amp) to Schiit Ragnarok 2 (just the amp)-- have never experienced what you are describing--- i think you need to go to settings on your service ie TIDAL or Qobuz and let them control volume PS- same thing on A+3.5+ i can sometimes adjust the volume level on lower right hand side sometimes not
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