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    @Sam [email protected] : thank you both very much for confirming what I thought in terms of the the two RCA inputs one for my new Gungnir MB and my Meridian Explorer2-still have no idea what that Multibit USB input is for as I know of no Schiit DAC with that kind of output but will look through all their DAC's again thanks again bobbmd
  2. Can anyone tell me if I buy the 'fully loaded' amp is it at all possible to run 2 DAC's into the Raggy one into that input designed for phono cartridge(the left looking at the back panel) and the other in that se input(on the right back panel)? I want to use both my Gungnir and my Meridian Explorer 2 as i do now into my current AVR? Also what is the point of a DAC USB input? My old original Gungnir and the new multibit Gmuby certainly don't have USB outputs to an amp/receiver? Finally what kind of DAC is in the Ragg2 itself what is it comparable to in the Schiit lineup of DAC's? thanks bobbmd
  3. anything by captain kirk-but some aren't bad
  4. LIKE I SAID A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR AWAY: the Syracuse- West Virginia football game in Nov 1987 especially the 4th quarter ESPN really dropped the ball on this one
  6. @Dr Tone again with your 'TONE'- couldn't you have said that in a nicer way or phrased it it differently so @Manolo47 wouldn't feel like a jerk for asking the question
  7. @AudioDoctor : my sentiments exactly- HOW can there be so many problems and nitpicking?? As I have said before as has AudioDoctor and others we are of the KISS school- I myself don't do a fraction( more like a nanofraction) of what y'all are complaining about-just enjoy the music y'all have everything you need at your fingertips TIDAL/Qobuz/your own playlists from TIDAL&QOBUZ and Spotify-Deezer via Soundiz/ your iTunes library- stop complaining and nitpicking and ENJOY!
  8. @Jud thanks very much- I did it a code came up on the web app plugged it into the iphone and it worked! But where did you find this info? Thanks again you are always so helpful
  9. @stefano_mbp thanks but it won’t ‘pair’ with desktop app how exactly can you get it to’pair’? Not a big deal but would like to have the option of using the remote if i am not in the room-it is a nice feature now have ver 3.58-have done nothing different with my rather simple setup since upgrading from A+3 to A+3.5(late 2012 Mac Mini i7 16GB RAM usb out to ME2 and Gungnir DACs use Apple time capsule WiFi works perfectly no dropouts pauses or crashes and speed is astounding 600+
  10. @damien78 or @anyoneelse where is the remote for A+3.5/how do you get it the old remote doesn’t work(on either my iPhone or Pad) and it is the only one in the App Store
  11. @damien78 or @anyoneelse where is the remote for A+3.5/how do you get it the old remote doesn’t work(on either my iPhone or Pad) and it is the only one in the App Store
  12. @AudioDoctor @RunHomeSlow my sentiments exactly see my post #708 BYW do either of you have any thoughts of my question on post#713? Seems to have been ignored among all the complaints mine is just a question. the new montra for A+3.5 should be KISS
  13. @Marten and others with similar problem -I asked Audirvana support about keeping BOTH new A+3.5 and my old A+3(as sort of a ‘backup’) in my dock and active- Damien himself wrote back NOT to run BOTH simultaneously as it will corrupt files/synching and create problems just FYI
  14. does anyone know why the new A+3.5 page shows 24/0 kHz Stereo MQA in lower left corner instead of saying 24/192 or 24/176 like when playing non MQA through my ME2 DAC? the left lower corner says FLAC MQA 24/96 kHz Stereo RG -2.2 dB both corners show either blue or green LED when playing MQA music as does my DAC. Of course on my Gungnir it just shows 24/16, 24/48 or 24/96(no MQA) in the left side and always 176 in right lower corner. SQ seems alright just wondering why it shows 24/0 kHz.
  15. @OldBigEars agree with @jimdukey lighten up all you have to do is go to Audirvana on their web page click support ask your question for your 'KEY'-I got my response and 'KEY' almost immediately try that with ROON and you would wait days and for everyone else if you just 'KISS' like my system everything works just fine no slowness(like ROON) or flywheels or crashes and the SQ is marvelous as is the GUI
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