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  1. @sphinxsix Oh, you have the right(I should have not used that word-maybe) BUT NOT the PRIVILEGE-- IMHO you would have best kept your fingers off the keyboard- you missed the point of my rant
  2. @sphinxsix and others--- I don't agree with what you say but will defend to my death your right to say it!(Patrick Henry/Voltaire). That said (and I said it before) ONLY those who grew up in the 60's amid the chaos of wars killings of JFK RFK MLK riots protests have the RIGHT and PRIVILEGE to comment on quality 'overratedness' etc of the DEAD Dylan EC and others-- they are OURS to critique, like or hate. For me the last time I remember really being 'happy' was 1963--everything changed after that and these musicians tried to correct " it was the best of times, the worst of times--it was spring
  3. @Priaptor Wow what a BB history you have and none of those guys you mentioned or games you saw were OVERRATED were they-I am old enough to have watched the Syracuse Nationals play, saw the ‘62 NBA all star game in Syracuse and saw Cousy, Chamberlain, Russell, Baylor Oscar, Dolph Schayes etc and Hal Greer’s wife was one of my HS teachers plus those horrid refs Sid Borgia and Mendy Rudolph! But back to the overrated DEAD/The Band and not so good Clapton(no one has ‘spit’ upon The Beach Boys yet)—y’all have to realize just what all bands groups solo artists meant to our generation cau
  4. @Priaptor hey thanks for the response did not think anyone would reply but try to find the hx(SU Basketball or on YouTube ) of that 2006 Big East Tournament Gerry McNamara singlehandedly won that tournament and was rated the most ‘OVER RATED’ guard by the national press and especially NYPost NYNews. The best was Boeheim’s post game press conference rant. Yes I know about Jim and Dave Bing(they are still close)—I saw them play their senior year in Manley Fieldhouse against St Johns. Thanks again for the reply. This thread is a HOOT... keep it up everyone—I will have more to say later
  5. are the DEAD as 'overrated' as gerry mcnamara was in the 2006 Big East Tournament?
  6. Really? You either like them(like me especially their Americana) or you don’t. Same with Clapton and Dylan etc. And although interesting who gives a rat’s ass anyway. Everybody’s subjective opinion is someone else’s opposition.Enjoyed the comments tho.
  7. New Topic??--check out this-- "The Best of 192mKz"(HiRes Audio) playlist about 9 hours worth in new Qobuz playlists. I have been alternating between my Schiit Yggdrasil GS which shows 4x and my Meridian Explorer 2 DAC shows all WHITE LEDs indicating NO MQA despite what some people say that Qobuz 'sneaks' MQA into their offerings. Would appreciate what others think also and about SQ from ROON(which says 192k lossless) vs Qobuz desktop vs Audirvana A+3. I THINK subjectively speaking ROON sounds best. Posted most of this on Music Downloads and Streaming also-didn't ask for/about SQ qual
  8. There is a new playlist on Qobuz entitled 'The Best of 192kHz" check it out. I have been alternating between my Schiit Yggdrasil GS and Meridian explorer 2. My Yggy GS shows 4x and my ME2 only shows 3 WHITE LEDs so no evidence of MQA! And it sounds best on ROON rather than on Qobuz desktop or A+3--ROON all says lossless 192k.
  9. Just came across Alabama State Troopers(ROAD SHOW)-wow what a find circa 1972 plus other ‘stuff’ by Don Nix who produced George Harrison’s ‘Concert for Bangladesh’ at MSG How about “HOME” by Won-Ton-Ton a Belgium group lead by Bea Van Der Maat(very dark and suggestive)
  10. @cjf Thanks for that wonderful discourse- I understand your reasoning much better now but alas I have what my CFO calls is "my last rodeo" system that she graciously allowed me to have- -so there will be no subs(or anything else) in my audiophile hobby and far less clutter for her to complain about!! BTW(if you are interested) am listening this morning to The Grateful Dead, Complete Live Chronology consisting of 115 albums 2616 songs compiled by someone @BartStevens from I think TIDAL. bobbmd
  11. Visit Alabama State Troopers(Don Nix) the album cover is cool the music even more so-he produced George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh at MSG
  12. @sphinxsixSorry I have a tendency not to pay attention to detail - I didn’t go back to page #1 of the posts but I guess like minds... bought my copy at the PX at Camp Lejeune NC but alas it is long gone.
  13. Barry McGuire “eve of destruction” listened to it in the evening of Jan 6th—sent to my adult 40 year olds who thought it was as apropos then as on Jan 6th
  14. Sticky Fingers especially if you were lucky enough to have the one with the real zipper on it
  15. Check out the cover for Sagittarius-Present Tense about 1968/69 at height of psychedelia
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