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  1. @snp1973 go to Head-Fi.org the "Schiit Happened..." thread someone there will take the time to answer you here they are too busy(ie MQA is vaporware etc)
  2. @thyname apology accepted and my apology for being kinda rude back to you. And since you probably had same kind of subscription I had 5 or more years ago with a 'french address' mine was Oneida,New France which is what the Northeast would have been called if the French had won on the Plains of Abraham! pretty cheeky of them,eh? Did you try any of my suggestions?
  3. @al2813 you are welcome and you are correct I use my iPhone and iPad with Qobuz TIDAL and Spotify/Deezer apps for my offline playlists also but find myself too lazy sometimes and just listen to Sirius especially that Bakersfield Sound station in the high numbers(200s or 300s) which to my ears sounds like they are streaming in higher resolution than mp3(have meridian sound system in my LandRover Discovery). Thanks for the polite response unlike that other guy--- what did you think of his response to my polite suggestions?
  4. @thyname I didn't say that READ what I said--- I said I (me personally) lump folk/americana/country&western/country together THEY to ME are all Americana/Folk( and I click the specific box(es) in the genres drop down). Instead of writing something like that to me why not just say thank you for the suggestions( did you even try them or explore them?) and let it go... instead of acting like a sophomoric member/millennial--sorry I even bothered to respond... and FYI Qobuz DOES under genres have Folk/Americana box to check and you can check multiple genres at once. Do you even know how to explore Qobuz GUI/desktop app? If you type in METAL in 'search' under METAL there is Artists /Releases /Tracks and Playlists the first three are "New in Metal"/"Best of 2019-Metal"/ "Metal from A to Z : Extreme"---- that isn't good enough for you? Go knock yourself out with that info. And I will save you the trouble and say "You are Welcome" in advance.
  5. @thyname I couldn't disagree more with you about folk/americana metal I could care less about. I lump/choose folk/american with country& western and almost anything I search for comes up even obscure people like Pat Guadagno a Jersey Shore saloon/bar singer who covers Dylan comes up-A Bob Fest on his birthday(check him out) plus covers of Waits, Cohen, Dylan(Barb Jungr for example) etc almost ALL the Dead plus loads of their covers almost all Dylan and his covers, guys i never heard of Jerry Jeff Walker and Ray Wylie Hubbard the Del-Lords etc and check out JazzDoc post #19 in Music in General under country western. ALL anybody would want and more of Kingston Trio PP&M search Bakersfield Sound or Nashville and there are just pages and pages of artists under americana alone. There is a lot there and half the fun is just looking for/searching(and reading different threads/topics on this august body of work) sort like what it was like at Sam Goody's or Tower Records-just put anything into search and click... and when you request do it to @dmackta or @ David Craff you might get better results on this thread. @al2813 you could keep Qobuz by transferring all your Deezer/Spotify playlists to Qobuz via Soundiiz Premium I did this for my Deezer and Spotify and my TIDAL playlists and retain the SQ you like so much on Qobuz... just a suggestion OR get ROON I got the 'lifetime' subscription at 499$ and it has paid for itself( my CFO wasn't happy she said "what is 'lifetime' at YOUR age?'' bobbmd
  6. @al2813 and @The Computer Audiophileall of them on my desktop app ipad and phone including those newer 'bootlegs...'--some are grayed out or just samplers and if i am correct even ej/mary lee's corvette's 'blood on the tracks' word for word at some grocery store/wine bar in lower manhattan and a slew of tributes and covers if you look--- even pat guadagno( a jersey shore bar singer--'thats a bob dylan song...' 2009 edition of his yearly dylan birthday fest) and barb jungr is back on qobuz with her covers.must be a belgium issue problem-- BTW @al2813 do you have anything by Won-Ton-Ton on Qobuz in belgium( bea van der maat) really dark music/songs--- album is called 'HOME'(check it out Chris)
  7. @Ralf11 listening to it now ! and next up is live at cibolo creek country club. he may be related to to my son in law's grandfather who when he died was the oldest living pittsburgh steeler and may be related to one of my 3 remaining ww2 vets who's destroyer/landminer captured the last U-boat off long island in april of '45--talk about degrees of separation--but could be the names are spelled differently bobbmd
  8. anyone know Ray Wylie Hubbard? came across him by accident while doing a search on A+3.5+?
  9. since no one answered i fussed around and heard from folks at Headphone Community and went to the Qobuz Web Player( it's a choice on their web page-never bothered with it before) which had under those 3 'dots' after opening each playlist a dropdown box with a choice of 'modify my playlist'( wasn't available on my desktop Qobuz app) and changed to public and sent the playlists-thanks for everyone's help
  10. @dmackta Can you or anyone else explain the difference between my yearly subscription of STUDIO which I upgraded/changed to yearly when it was offered t on Nov 19, 2019 and paid I think about 137$ and this now new offer for 149.99$? Should I upgrade or change to this new level and why should I--what does this offer that I don't already have? Also in regard to my other post about making all/some of my self made playlists available as 'PUBLIC' I was able to do that by utilizing 'WEB PLAYER' and changing/modifying the playlists couldn't do this from my desktop Qobuz-- i never used Web Player before and when i tried to play music from it a box came up in upper right corner something cast.chrome search for devices and couldn't find any YET on my iPad Pro this Web Player works with all my playlists listed but only plays in 16/44 not in HiRes BUT if i go to the iPad Pro app it plays in HiRes this is all very confusing-- on my desktop app am playing Gene Clark right now in 24/96 and on my iPad Pro app says HiRes/96 also. What exactly is this 'WEB PLAYER' and should it be my default(obviously not because it only plays 16/44 correct). Finally if one goes to Qobuz 'help'/'support' they ask questions about media player/operating system the choices are confusing doesn't iOS and MAC mean the same thing and same goes when asking what app I use. Otherwise Qobuz remains superlative SQ wise, choices of music/offerings etc AND all my TIDAL playlists always come over via Soundiiz Premium almost all intact and sound so much better especially those LOUD MQAs that now play in HiRes!!! Thanks bobbmd
  11. @dmackta @DavidCraff and anyone else : I recently transferred 4 playlists made by me on TIDAL via Soundiiz to my Qobuz playlists these are labeled ‘private’ and ‘can’t be shared’ how can I unprivatize them— a person on the Headphone Community would love my Grateful Dead playlists. Of interest I can apparently send the URL link for each individual playlist but Qobuz says ‘NO’. Any help would be appreciated. bobbmd
  12. @gmgraves oh no gm always knew Ford did most if not all of the directing had to...those sequences especially “Houston arrives” and “Crockett arrives” are pure Ford but a Wayne admirer like me would love to think it was an homage to his mentor but a Tarantino he was not. And yes my 2 players just got put away and I wasn’t aware of the rot thing but think that laser disc was the ‘director’s cut’ too bad because it’s not in any other format. And Wayne although marginal should have won Oscars for ‘she wore a yellow ribbon’ ‘the searchers’ and ‘the-quiet man’ wonder why? Feel bad for @Boomboy. I still have my program from reserved seat initial showing with an intermission!
  13. @Sal1950 yes it is wonderful have had it for years but alas no more surround AVR, surround speakers in 7.1 configuration with outlaw audio ICBM and but kept the dvd-a sacd cd dvd changer-- just stereo but have the ripped dvd-a in my itunes library and in my ROON / A+3.5+ playlists 'sortof' the same not quite. ENJOY
  14. @Boomboy Sorry to hear that-- I have 2 of them one a Pioneer Elite and a slew of discs including Top Gun/ The Alamo(full director's cut did you know John Ford did most of the directing?) and the anniversary edition of Casablanca. Don't even know if it still works. Really a shame still looking for a good home for them.
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