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  1. @left channel I get the same blue dot/LED&2 white dots and same blue dot/LED& 2 white dots on my ME2 DAC from TIDAL desktop app and A+3 respectively the Qobuz version on A+3 only gives three white dots at 15/44 but album says MQA and the DAC says 24/192- on ROON the Qobuz version doesn't play at all or takes too long for me to wait(but the album says it is MQA??) but the TIDAL version plays immediately but at only at 176 and with green dot and 2 white LED's and it says flac 44 16 2ch MQA 172.6 on an 'Enhanced Pathway' yet the album says FLAC 48 24 MQA 192.The Qobuz desktop only has 16/44 but also says it is an MQA album and give only one white dot. I get no dropouts crackles pops or hisses on any of above. Neither do I on my Schiit Gungnir DAC. They all sound wonderful with TIDAL desktop sounding maybe 'brighter' and 'louder'- makes me wonder what all the fuss is about ie 16/44 24/16-88-96-176 or 192 all sound great and about the same but never 'as good' as actual disc played from my CD/DVD-A/SACD/DVD changer.
  2. @Mark Dirac Sorry for your problems- have never had an issue with Qobuz(or TIDAL) being ‘resources hungry’ have had Qobuz since 2013 with French address now USA studio account i also have Audirvana +3 and ROON and sometimes run all of them at once to do a/b/c/d comparisons-sometimes this works other times one or other says ‘device is being hogged by another device’ and i shut/quit something and all the while doing other things like my EMR. IMHO instead of a temporary work around why not ditch the PC and find a used late 2012 Mac Mini i7 with 16GB ram running El Capitan or earlier and use that as a music server-my 2012 Mac Mini is as quiet as a church mouse and i never hear the fan and it sits right next to me while i listen to music- it does get ‘warm’ but has never failed me all these years of use. if what i suggested is unacceptable to you contact Qobuz support directly or maybe @dmackta or @David Craff here can help you
  3. @Polyglot I did this easily but switched my PayPal to AE-I had a 'French' account switched to STUDIO while still with the French address. I had already transferred all my TIDAL playlists( that I had made myself) via Soundiiz in the event they would transfer(they did not so I just redid it once I had USA account). I had great support from Qobuz USA(yes you should/need to use them I left their exact US email address somewhere on this thread in Jan- just as @left channel said) in form of an Eric Benoit-he transferred my account did change my user name and he gave me a new password( and from @mdackta here and from @left channel here )AND if you have ROON everything transferred nicely. If you also have Audirvana nothing changed at all in terms of what I had on Qobuz previously and all play nicely at 24/192 through my ME2 DAC and SQ is excellent on my Schiit Gungnir( you will need to check your 'pathway' on ROON for bit rate etc).
  4. @The Computer Audiophile @bobflood @tapatrickDr Tone has an attitude and a 'TONE' he also showed up on ROON support/community to 'help' me out so he is obviously is connected to ROON in some way just see his posts #5 #11 #15 and doesn't want ROON in a bad light-which is not my intention at all-I think ROON is best thing since whitebread just don't understand why it isn't since ver1.6/ Qobuz integration & FEB 12 or 13 and the DDoS 'attack' and I think of Qobuz in same way(been with it since 2013) same for ROON and lifetimer since 2017 I am so sorry I brought this up I had no intention of being lectured to or made fun of... just wanted ROON back to what it was before ver 1.6 and before Feb 12th or 13th with the SQ metadata GUI etc ROON still doesn't play qobuz(for me) and when it finally 'decides' to play only in 16/44 not hires and none of my TIDAL playlists or TIDAL masters play anything above 16/44 never in MQA 24/96 or 192 and ME2 confirms this. A+3 and desktop apps for Q/T all load immediately and play what is specified with album chosen with MQA blue/green LED's on ME2 or all 3 white LED's on ME2 never anymore on ROON ROON was fabulous and A+3 was it near equal now all I use are desktop apps and A+3 have lost all my patience and per ROON Support/Community I am not the only one. Maybe all those bitrates don't mean anything above 16/44 anyway. Am not going to say anymore for a while will just read what others have to say here and on ROON Community.Just enjoy the music as I have it now. bobbmd
  5. @bobflood I informed @dylan at ROON support but have no idea if they will even look here- what problems are you having ROON seems to think it is because I use a WiFi connection but I need WiFi so I can listen with my wireless headphones in different parts of my house(circa 1906) and I don't think you can connect and have BOTH ethernet and WiFi at the same time can you?
  6. @Dr Tone thanks for the info and your tone
  7. @The Computer Audiophile Chris why did you ok this thread and now it is locked?
  8. @firedog Thanks I understand all that that you said BUT... this is sort of long winded and I apologize: ROON-Qobuz album is AMERICA(Edition StudioMasters) version is FLAC 96/24 but only one song 'a horse with no name' it won't play at all no matter how many times you click the play arrow or blue box playnow/if you click play whole album for Qobuz version again nothing plays if you go to TIDAL on ROON get the whole album supposedly in FLAC 48/24/ mqa 192 but it only plays along my signal path as 16/44 2 ch and only white LED's on ME2 YET on A+3 it plays TIDAL album in MQA with blue dot mqa 24/192 in upper right hand corner and DAC says mqa studio 192 with 2 white and blue LED on ME2 and the Qobuz version is 24/96 playing at 192/24 on ME2 with 3 white LED's If you quit A+3 and go back to ROON the same album on TIDAL takes forever to load but it does play but not in MQA just 16/44 on signal path even if you choose the mqa version and Qobuz versions say 2 versions one in 16/44 other in 24/96 but neither play and in another area only one Qobuz version 16/44 is shown This is what I am so frustrated with/ au contra @Dr Tone I have gotten no real satisfaction from ROON support ie Dylan and Noris that is why I asked Chris to start this particular thread sorry if I annoyed you (you certainly were dismissive and you are you everyone else's spokesperson?) but like Chris said maybe someone outside of ROON's 'bubble' might help and @firedog that is a good idea about the 'log output' nobody at ROON support suggested doing that for me. Again after all I have tried I just wish I could get rid of what I have and load a NEW CLEAN version of ROON and start all over again I have asked to do this and no response from ROON support AND again why does A+3 work so well and easily and why do the independent desktop apps for both TIDAL and Qobuz work so 'cleanly'?? It is not my system and everything started on/about Feb12/13 and got even worse with that DDoS 'attack'
  9. Thanks to Chris @The Computer Audiophile for allowing this thread. My main problems started with ver 1.6 but also predated it and despite answers form both ROON support and community answers are not clear cut and as @One and a half says their forum is difficult to say the least to follow. One -is the slowness in loading ROON last night it took almost 80secs from the bouncing icon to the cute quote box to white screen to finally the page to appear this has been going on forever Two- it takes up to 4 minutes (since the start of ver 1.6) for a song/album selected to start playing if at all especially with Qobuz Three- on Qobuz selections the album chosen sometimes more often than not is NOT what I chose usually only plays 16/44 not in HiRes and selections are NOT the same as i see on A+3 or the Qobuz desktop app This is only the start of my many problems with ROON since Ver 1.6 I am a lifetime subscriber and have asked repeatedly how can I delete disinstall my version and start from scratch no answer with new install TIDAL Qobuz desktop apps start/load immediately as does A+3 and A+3 shows exactly what bitrate is being played and my ME2 shows blue/green LED BUT never on ROON for MQA and only 2 or 3 white LED's for Qobuz HiRes. I only have 2 zones or 'endpoints' my ME2 DAC and my Gungnir DAC I play via Apple Time Capsule WiFi through late 2012 i7 16GB RAM MacMini USB to the 2 DAC's this has been my 'system' for years. I am frustrated and unhappy since ver 1.6 and Qobuz integration- I really liked ROON until about Feb 13th or so and am now using A+3 only which is fine have always felt this was a great 'player' with great SQ but ROON is SooLoos on the cheap just wish it would work and have clearer support- if one goes to their support/community forums there are many similar complaints but really have to search different 'areas' no clear cut answers. I have rebooted my Mac several times I even went back to Feb 12th/13th backup on ROON backups and restored ROON to that date I have disabled and the enabled/signed back in to both TIDAL and Qobuz on ROON- nothing changes. Is anyone else having similar problems or have any suggestions how to remedy this? I would really like to know how to disinstall and reinstall a brand new version of ROON (without having to pay another 500$ for new lifetime subscription)-MAYBE that would solve all the problems-I have never received a response from ROON on this question not from Danny COO not from Dylan or Noris etc
  10. @AudioDoctor @firedog Qobuz went down this AM EST for I got the same error 500 messages Then I got a message @dmackta about this DDoS 'attack' As of 7PM EST Qobuz desktop is back as is A+3 NOTHING for Qobuz on ROON but page comes up albums playlists come up if I hit play or play now nothing plays- I have disabled and enabled Qobuz still NOTHING plays- this predated the 'attack' ALSO- ROON doesn't play the 'version' selected on TIDAL (or Qobuz when it did work) no HiRes or MQA just 16/44 YET on A+3 all Qobuz goes to 24/192 on my ME2 DAC and I get blue LED for MQA on TIDAL and 3 white LED's for others than MQA including 24/88, 96, 192 on Qobuz- this is all predated the 'attack' and ROON is soooo sloow-a lot of other people having same/similar gripes on ROON support page
  11. @dmackta now 7pm EST Qobuz desktop works Qobuz on A+3 works Qobuz on ROON does not play- the page shows up albums playlists show up hit play NOTHING- ROON support says disable then enable Qobuz in service section of ROON still nothing on Qobuz plays AND this predated the DDoS 'attack' this is a ROON problem
  12. As of about 12noon or so EST all came back had to resign into Qobuz and TIDAL on A+3 Qobuz deskapp just ‘cameback’ TIDAL never really was affected on desktop app ROON is still a distastor nothing plays ‘versions’ of albums do not play and if they do do not play at hires or master/mqa just 16/44 @dylan at ROON support acknowledges there is a ‘problem’ that predates this DDoS attack suggests you ‘disable’ Qobuz and TIDAL but gives no EXPLINATION how to do this unlike A+3 which has a way to log off then reconnect Also never got that java script that @rickca described just a pink box saying error 500 or something
  13. @Kal Rubinson thanks- have you seen post from @dmackta ie Qobuz down 'attacked' by a DDSO- what is a DDSO/DDOS and how serious do you think this is?(all my playlists are gone from Qobuz and all I get is an error message 500 from Qobuz)
  14. Keeping both for now some labels albums artists not available on TIDAL are on Qobuz or the reverse and it is fun comparing HiRes with 'Masters'/MQA Qobuz is my favorite had a French address since about 2013 now have a USA Studio account ROON has become a PIA though very slow to start loading and HiRes and MQA labeled albums seem only to play in 16/44(especially the hundreds of playlists I transferred to Qobuz from TIDAL via Soundiiz many in MQA) Audirvana+3 for me tops ROON for both TIDAL and Qobuz everything plays at 24/192 through my ME2 DAC 3 white LEDs or 2 whites and a green or blue LED At Jud's suggestion on one of the other forums SOX IS better than Izotope on another note anyone noticed Qobuz is DOWN on everything A+3 /ROON /desktop app per @dmackta Qobuz was 'attacked' by a DDSO_anyone know how serious that is and what is a DDSO anyway? bobbmd
  15. just received message from @dmackta that Qobuz has been attacked by DDOS anyone else not getting Qobuz on any formats-desktop app ROON or Audirvana+3?? and what is a DDSO??
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