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  1. Agree with @gmgraves the Schiit Ragnarok is a good choice I have 'just the amp' so have 3 RCA inputs(one for the DAC) and is not much over your budget. Can use both speakers and headphones at same time(it is one schiitfull of headphone amp) and has 3 separate 'gain' choices to keep fullness at low volume for your apartment listening-good luck
  2. @DavidCraff thanks keep working on it my Sony smart TV is an Android TV
  3. @dmackta @David Craff Hi- just discovered that I can get my TIDAL subscription as an app on my new smart TV(via Amazon Prime Video/youtube TV and Apple TV 4k)--any chance Qobuz could do the same it would be great-- I am able to listen to MY own TIDAL playlists mixes favorites in surround sound in my family room without resorting to AirPlay would love it if I could the same with Qobuz bobbmd
  4. @The Computer Audiophile I second that Chris and also second that about Qobuz. Did you and anyone else know that you CAN get TIDAL on your smart TV as an app with all your own playlists/favorites etc-allows me to play TIDAL in my family room in surround sound? It is too bad Qobuz doesn't have the same features-- are you reading this @dmackta it would really be nice Dan bobbmd
  5. sorry it was the other way around duke crushed su
  6. All of those are hilarious I am so glad I brought it up—-thanks all of you😝are any of you old enough to remember the entire Friday night lineup not just cow music but corvettes and that ‘vett music along that now long dead Route 66 and then the Rod Sterling show with SiFi music?? Am going to watch and listen tomorrow to all those Rawhides while I watch the ‘Cuse crush those Dukies in the new Dome where no one is allowed in!
  7. did anyone mention Frankie Laine and RAWHIDE "keep rollin rollin rollin keep them doggies movin'..." (I was too lazy or didn't have the patience to read all 14 pages !)
  8. iTunes now 'MUSIC' both suck although on Audirvana +3.5 I still have my 'legacy' iTunes library in AIFF/?FLAC I transferred the majority of the iTunes library via Soundiiz to to Qobuz and TIDAL and ROON/Audirvana+3.5 I really don't think you will find anything really good for 'free' As Nelson Rockefeller said to the collective student body of SUNY Harpur College and the rest of SUNY in 1969/70 as he gave them all the finger(over tuition hikes)- "There is no FREE lunch"
  9. Great looking and probably great sounding system what could you possibly need to make it better? If you want 'better' but simpler look into Schiit Yggy(can do digital optical out from that big tv to the DAC great 2 channel sound from streaming services- TIDAL Qobuz ROON Audirvana+3.5 plus TV streamers ie YouTube TV Amazon Prime etc with USB/optical/coax/bnc inputs) and Rggy (just the amp as I don't see a turntable you'll have 3 RCA inputs with it) and for speakers although you have are great set up try Legacy Audio in Springfield Illinois not only speakers but amps etc all hand made just
  10. @Bigpops sorry forgot this I have to use digital optical out on the nonsmart tv to my Schiit Yggdrasil GS DAC otherwise i don't think it will decode the DTS/DOLBY sound -sounds wonderful that way especially when watching movies sports etc ( I use a Schiit Rggy as my amp to Legacy Audio HD studio monitors as well as using the DAC/Amp for streaming Qobuz TIDAL ROON and Audirvana +3.5 bobbmd
  11. I think you need to use the digital optical out on the tv to the pioneer digital optical in. How are you using iTunes or whatever Apple calls it now?-- from you PC or streaming from an Apple TV I have both a smart tv and non smart LED tv with an Amazon Fire Stick 4k and the smart tv uses an 4k Apple tv for streaming-- my iTunes library is available as well as a TIDAL app that has all my mixes and self made playlists just like my TIDAL subscription SQ not as good. The non smart tv with the fire stick does the same. On the smart TV I use the ARC HDMI out from the Apple TV into my new s
  12. Isnt playing hires on a tablet an oxymoron? Unless you use an iPad Pro which actually sound pretty decent
  13. James Cagney in “17 Rue Madeleine“ and Errol Flynn in “Objective Burma”
  14. @sjj I have new yggy GS and Ragnarok 2 I noticed no 'burnin time' needed but did let it 'warm up' for 48-72 hours then couldn't stand the anticipation any longer sounded beautiful from the get go. bobbmd
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