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  1. legacy audio studio hd monitors schiit yggdrasil gs schiit ragnarok just the amp meridian explorer 2 harman/kardon r 8378 hdcd changer yamaha sacd/dvd-a/cd/dvd changer c750
  2. I have always used USB from my late 2012 mac mini into any DAC I have had (all Schiit products) now have Yggdrasil GS and also Meridian explorer 2 but is from the mac into a Ragnarok amp. Can't descern any 'noise' music is always pristine from iTunes Library A+3.5 ROON Qobuz and TIDAL
  3. @matthias nice to know that-neither did I until few days ago-now all is back to normal thank goodness suspected router/modem problem but others apparently had same type of problem-thanks for your info @avta thanks again didn't have to do all that my cable provider fixed the problem and will be replacing my combo router/modem am glad my system is back to 'normal'
  4. @avta good idea but why uninstall/reinstall Qobuz? It works perfectly fine on the desktop app the WEB player and ROON This apparently an inherent problem with A+3.5 OR as someone suggested El Capitan(which I will not upgrade)—have yet to hear from @damien78 as others have this same issue but thanks— do you mean disinstall/reinstall Qobuz JUST from Qobuz? If so how do you do that?
  5. @Frojo good to know will try to A+ support( have found it hit or miss for the very few problems I have ever had) but this JUST started happening and have had 3.53 for a while now
  6. @M2000 I have same OS as you El Capitan on late 2012 i7 Mac Mini with 16GB RAM and have had A+ forever and newest version since it was offered--this started 2-3 days ago--WHY should you or I have to do all those things you listed after #2 on your list ? All my TIDAL self made playlists are on A+3.5 TIDAL itself works(without having to log in) my iTunes library is still [email protected] should be reaching out to us and fix this--A+3.5 is starting to act like ROON does sometimes( AND Qobuz and TIDAL both work on ROON altho I had to log back into Qobuz today BUT ROON accepted my Qobuz email and password) Qobuz both the WEB player and my desktop app both work without having to sign in. Please @damien78 help here.
  7. @damien78 and anyone else: for past few days Qobuz is disconnected on A+3.5 newest version when I put in my email and password it comes up ERROR logging into Qobuz. Qobuz works on the desktop app and on ROON. Anyone else having this problem and any ideas how to fix this? I have rebooted my Mac Mini several and still can not log in. thanks
  8. @damien78 & Anyone else : For last few days Qobuz is disconnected on A+3.5 newest version and when I enter my email and password it says ERROR logging in. I have rebooted my mac mini and still can't sign in- my Qobuz desktop works as does Qobuz on ROON. Anyone else having this problem or ideas how to fix this? thanks
  9. @damien78 & Anyone else: I am having problems logging into Qobuz on A+3.5? For past 2-3 days Qobuz is disconnected and when I log in on A+3.5 it comes up ERROR. I have rebooted my mac mini still can't log in. My Qobuz works on the desktop app and on ROON. Thanks
  10. I wasn’t being a jokester if you are on steroids then the anti-inflamatory effects of thc/cbd might be be beneficial and safer BUT I do hope this getting better best wishes as always BTW- I am seeing my first patients since March 9th-these specialists are just itching to restart elective procedures especially ophthalmologists and orthos
  11. Glad to hear that(no pun intended) too bad about the MRI- hopefully the tinnitus will go away or lessen— did you ever think of cannabis the 1:1 cream THC to CBD rubbed on your ear lobe the vestibule and behind the ear maybe the tinnitus is an inflammatory reaction ( the extreme would be the tincture in the ear canal) in either case it would make listening to the DEAD more enjoyable
  12. An absolutely FREE site is archives.org— I downloaded all the DEADs first time performed live songs it is a hoot and SQ is not bad and lot of other artists are available also
  13. I have a late 2012 Mac mini i7 16GB RAM with new 4TB SSD from Samsung still use El Capitan for my operating system and have latest version of A+3.5 and the remote works fine with my iPad Pro and iPhone 7
  14. That is what their support team suggests— I do mine the same way you do and have an Ethernet out from my router and don’t use it anymore and I think my SQ is pristine from ROON A+3.5 TIDAL and Qobuz through both and through their respective desktop apps
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