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  1. as air (gas)(farts) get denser it solidifies into Schiit(wonder if there is a Norse god for that??
  2. @emcdade : thanks but could care less what you think you are a newbie
  3. @mansr agree just ask all those dead dentists
  4. has anyone read the manual-you would have to be a Clarkson graduate who didn't play hockey to put it it together-- WHY BOTHER? and it doesn't even include a cartridge(putting that on is a whole other matter) maybe people at that better school 12 miles south of Clarkson on rt 11 would(but i hope not) don't get me wrong i love their products have everything from the original magni/modi/fulla/gungnir now new gungnir multi bit and a raggy2 but this product defies description maybe it's their way to MAGA-just think of the hundreds/thousands of small companies all over the country full of millenials who could put this product together for you
  5. @KeenObserver is this the same as FARTING ?? gas in any form is just air and a lot of audiophiles in this AUGUST body have a lot of it---- for example just read all the Schiit about 'MQA is Vaporware' also another form of air/gas/farts and IT doesn't cost a penny
  6. @ShawnC: thanks-you are the first person in this AUGUST body who ever had anything say about Legacy Audio Hd studios--I also have looked at the KEF's about same price as the Legacy's but not the wireless since i want to use a Schiit Gungnir multibit and meridian explorer 2 DAC into the Raggy 2 amp--also I stream Qobuz alone TIDAL alone and both with ROON and Audirvana 3.5 and I don't think the wireless do this plus they have built-in DACs which would be redundant(correct?). Plus I don't use ethernet anymore but an Apple WiFi time capsule 2TB tower connection and my own iTunes ripped collection resides in all the above services--do i need an NAS if I have all my music as described above already stored in each of those services( including hundreds of playlists)--I was thinking of using my ancient 1994 Cambridge Soundworks(Kloss's old company) powered sub woofer and i also have 2 pairs of 'passive' CSW subwoofers from my original CSW ensemble set what do you think of that? I may reconsider nonwireless KEF's based on your observations and will just get a larger 4TB HD for my old Mac Mini as I don't want to go any higher than El Capitan for my operating system Thanks again for responding and hope your health issues are past you bobbmd
  7. Would appreciate some suggestions on using Qobuz Tidal and ROON without using(or still using it just for streaming and buying updated mac mini) my late 2012 i7 16GB RAM now with nearly full 2TB WD hard drive. Am ditching my Cambridge Audio(henry kloss's old company) towers model 6's and s-300 satellites and my yamaha rx v2500 avr-replacing them with a Schiit Raggy2('just the amp' with 3 rca inputs for Gungnir and Meridian explorer 2 DACs) new Gungnir multibit DAC and a pair of Legacy Audio hd Studio Monitors. should i just get new WD hard drive installed ie 4TB or are there inexpensive alternatives-remembering my CFO is allowing me to do this upgrade/downgrade to get rid of speakers and wires at cost of about 5000$ any more and she may wince and withdraw her offer!! Am also getting rid of yamaha c-750 dvd-a/sacd/dvd changer and outlaw icbm bass manager since i don't really listen to cd's dvd-audios or sacds anymore all my ripped cds 800 of em are on ROON and TIDAL and Qobuz i still have them on my iTunes library(but never use that any more all in AIFF/FLAC) thanks appreciate any suggestions
  8. the Nazis didn't bomb Pearl Harbor the Japs(oh excuse me for PC incorrectness-the Empire of Japan) did AND there are no crocs in Castro's Cuba or anywhere else in the western hemisphere(i don't think) they are called alligators ie University of Florida 'GATORS-oops i was wrong there are crocs in Florida and even in Cuba(they even originated in CUBA my bad-but for certain the Nazis didn't bomb Pearl Harbor-they were pissed the Japs did because it brought the USA into the war) its all 'fake' history and zoology
  9. @wgscott do you know if this was this concert at harpur college(DP#8) before or after nelson rockefeller gave the student body the finger and told them 'there ain't no free lunch' in response to protests over hiking state university of ny tuitions
  10. @wgscott @jfaaz agree with jfaaz and whole june 17th 1991 Giants Stadium concert is there which i think has one of the best live versions of UJB with Bruce Hornsby on keyboards and also on db(or dt.).entree.org and on YouTube-am searching my cd's for DP #8 if i don't have it hope its on TIDAL/Qobuz bobbmd
  11. @Rt66indierock thanks for the reply can one get KGON FM ( if it still exists)on roon radio?? I think i have listened to it in past-look at answers someone sent me on the music downloads and streaming page ie db(dt).entree.org similar maybe better than archive.org and what wgscott sent me as links bobbmd
  12. @wgscott like minds... haven't written to you in a while(glad to see you are upright and taking nourishment) but yes read and saw the items above which i guess subconsciously prompted me to ask the question about UJB( or i did it after i posed the question-can't remember now)... thanks for replying and thanks for not asking who the mick was and what thurman i was referring to !! still have the 24/96 nassau col and shea stadium concerts you sent me bobbmd
  13. please see my entire comment( and replies) on the preceding forum music downloads and streaming just looking for what is thought to be the best live version of UJB from the members of our august body
  14. posted this in music downloads and streaming earlier today - anyone care to put their 2 cents in as to best live version of UJB and i realize there must hundreds of versions please look at my comment on the other forum
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