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  1. @gmgraves I also like Sinatra and big bands etc am just now listening to DVD-A I have of Sinatra (at the Sands)- got a kick out of your reply. @fas42 thanks- your term 'sludgy' better describes Stone's mixes going all the way back to my vinyl but these recordings don't check my replay status as my system which I think is pretty pristine but I always felt it was how their recordings were made/mixed some of their albums are 'edgy' but that may be the way they intended them to sound because the 3 times I heard them in person Syracuse fall of 1965 Carrier Dome 1989 and then again at Carrier D
  2. @gmgraves You are welcome and I have no way to compare what you are listening to and what I am using but I don't disagree that regardless of the device all physical hard discs sound better -I do notice though that all Stones recordings ie remastered/sacd/red book/vinyl going back to the '60s have always sounded harsh brittle to me on many songs but not on ballads blues songs ie sweet virginia/far away eyes etc what you/others think? At the same time listening to More Hot Rocks disc 2 (above) Mick's voice is clear/centered with Keith's bass coming from right speaker and Charlie's drums clear an
  3. @gmgraves wow what a great article! It peaked my interest to go back and re-listen to some of my SACDs and DVD-As. I have a Yamaha c750 combo changer and IT still works but I now only have a 2 channel system(Legacy Audio Studio HD monitors) and have the Yamaha connected only via RCAs to my Schiit Ragnarok amp(no way to connect multiple speakers nor does it have any digital inputs). So I really don't know if I am truly getting a multi channel sound BUT on the changer SACD and MultiChannel signals lights up as well as Progressive and Downmix light up. Am listening to ABKCO's the Rolling Stones r
  4. great visual thank God for youtube
  5. hd 598's and if you want wireless rs-195s
  6. I just enjoy the music and I don't try to dissect it or the format used your introspection is interesting but not something I dwell on.
  7. all of you get over it and chillax i for one am sick of PC impositions if you don't like something don't listen or read it don't impose your holier than tho opinions on me and i will say or print what ever i feel like as a former USN/USMC person-emphasis on USMC
  8. @Sangbro hello and happy new year I would look into Legacy Audio(Springfield Illinois) the book shelf Studio HD monitors or more expensive Calibre monitors will give you as much 'bang for your buck' as floor standing speakers and are less intrusive. I had for more than 15 years Henry Kloss's CambridgeSoundWorks towers and my Studio HD monitors(hand made in pairs/balanced as pair) blow them away. bobbmd
  9. @GUTB and others I have NO favorite MQA albums either BUT out of being an explorer of different sound quality I invested in two "MQA" DACs a Meridian Explorer 2 and AudioQuest DFR. I for one can't tell the difference in SQ other than MQA sounds 'louder' which is SUPPOSED to make it sound 'better'. As @TheComputerAudiophile @Kal [email protected] can attest I have a pretty decent 'last rodeo' system with a definitely NON MQA( and will never be per Schiit founders) main DAC Schiit Yggdrasil GS and great speakers PLUS two very old sacd dvd-a and hdcd changers and my collection of all those HA
  10. i was worried last year also and called and everything was fine with them and still is-a simple phone call or email would have easily solved your worries
  11. According to my CFO I got everything I will EVER need last year so I settled for a bottle of High West(Park City Utah) Campfire whiskey a bottle of Wyoming Whiskey (Kirby Wyoming) and a bottle of AD Rattray Inchfad single malt whisky 14 years old from my kids and 35 stick box of NUB cigars all to enjoy my 'last rodeo' sound system with that SHE allowed me last Christmas ! Happy Holidays to all and to all a good and safe night and New Year--bobbmd
  12. What QC issues with Schiit products? I have owned all their DACs Amps Headphone amps etc since they started and NEVER had a problem, and their support is excellent. Currently have one year old Yggdrasil GS and one year old Ragnarok (just the amp) and they are perfect but above your pay limits. I run TIDAL Qobuz ROON and Audirvana +3.5 plus a Yamaha dvd dvd-a cd sacd changer and Harman/Kardon HDCD changer through them plus a Meridian Explorer 2 and they work and sound as good as any I have owned plus most of them are made with USA innerds/outer skin and and assembled in USA. You must have read
  13. @AudioDoctor thanks for the 'funny' on desktop burn in-somehow I knew you would appreciate it. Happy Holidays to you and your family. BTW how is the tinnitus? Did it finally resolve? Stay safe and enjoy the season-bobbmd

    1. AudioDoctor


      Ha, you're welcome! I am glad I could give you a bit of joy. A very happy holidays to you and your family as well.


      Tinnitus is still here, sadly, still looking for options to help relieve it.


      Same to you!

    2. bobbmd


      so sorry ie tinnitus thanks for the reply and for all your advice!

  14. @DeanShias alrighty then- it was fun while it lasted
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