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  1. This will be in next release
  2. Be sure to have the latest Audirvana 3.5 running (e.g. 3.5.24 on the Mac). And all favorites are in the Favorites section (button in the tab bar at the bottom), including Qobuz ones.
  3. DSD over PCM has been defined because there was no way on macOS to send DSD data other than using this trick. But when sending audio to a network player, there is the ability to send real raw DSD data (DSDIFF). The UPnP standard allows this, and this is what is used by all the network players that are DSD capable. Why does then the Allo DigiOne does not implement true DSD handling, and relies on DSD over PCM and its issues (like PCM <=> DSD tricky transitions, strong risk of losing the signal (low white noise) if any digital volume control is in the loop, ...) ?
  4. This issue has been identified, and the fix is already in the release scheduled for today.
  5. This DAC has unfortunately an issue in its firmware that misses to bypass its digital volume control when playing DSD. But there are DACs that do have a volume control that needs to be controlled from Audirvana as there is no other way to control it (e.g. the DragonFlys, ...)
  6. Do you have the latest Audirvana version (3.5.20)? To which network player are you playing? Is there a firmware update available for it? Do you see its display update with the new track ?
  7. Can you send me your .m3u file so I can check it?
  8. This is your choice to decline the benefits of the new 3.5, but you are confusing the updates with the upgrade to 3.5. In my reply I was mentioning getting the update to 3.2.18
  9. The 1.3.9 now contains the check for an installed 3.5, and thus refuses to start in this case. This is meant to avoid any simultaneous launch of both, as doing so places high risk of damaging the database file. Also, the 3.4.912 is now at release candidate level for 3.5. @lucretiusYou will not lose your license in the process, as 3.5 (currently at .912 release candidate) reuses the same license as 1.3.9. You can then safely uninstall "Audirvana Plus" to keep "Audirvana"
  10. You need to update both. If you have disabled the automated check for updates, you have then to use the "Check for updates..." command of the Audirvana menu
  11. Thanks for the explanation. This is added for the upcoming 3.5.19 release.
  12. Can you make a quick check with your DAC? With no music playing, using Audio Midi setup, change the sample rate. Do you hear any click? If yes, then this means your DAC is not muting its analog outputs correctly when switching sample rate. You may also want to check if there is a firmware update for the iDSD Nano. FYI, there is no such issue with the micro iDSD that mutes its analog outputs when switching sample rate, and PCM/DSD.
  13. This is an issue in the current Dirac Live plugin that crashes (and thus causes its host application to crash) when changing sample rate. Don't hesitate to report this crash (with the crash report that shows the function that crashes in the Dirac plugin) to Dirac. The more reports they'll get, the faster they'll fix this.
  14. COMMENT is a field per track. There can indeed be a REM COMMENT in a Cue file, but what about getting one per track? What if the algorithm is rather: 1. Use COMMENT field of the track in Cue 2. If not present, then use COMMENT field in audio file metadata 3. If not present, then use REM COMMENT
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