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Glad you enjoyed the review, as stated l only had a JCAT Femto card for 2 to 3 months,and it made a big difference

So I wasn't that positive that the ISOHUB would make much impact, the timing, air, acoustics of the room, its certainly a ear opener.

I am looking forward to read other user reviews and views


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I am the chap who wrote the review, l find your coments very strange, the whole idea was simply to build a honest story, a hopefully enjoyable read.

What on earth is guerrilla marketing? Is it something your involved in? I have no connection with J kenny, and apart from the issues mentioned, never met  or spoken to J Kenny

I hope this clears any miss conceptions that you may have.


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1 hour ago, juanitox said:

because i'm not born yesterday.

Or you refuse to believe my honesty, and perhaps you prefer to believe you are correct.

If you wish to PM myself ,  l will happily speak to you via the telephone, l think you will find nothing fake at this end.

II have nothing to do, or any association with J Kenny.

I look forward to myself proving my association with J kenny wrong, if you will allow me too?



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5 hours ago, Nikhil said:

I would be interested in comparison of the ISO HUB with the Regen or ISO Regen.

Yes, I am really looking forward to peoples comparisons, I would have purchased a Regen, but as I read into various threads, I could see people where trying different PSU and batteries, running different boxes etc, and simply decided to wait on J Kenny ISOHUB, which in all honesty took to long to get out in the market, so long I got a Femto card. I guess the issue with the ISOHUB could be that many people have already invested in the Regen and other units etc.

Time will tell, and I am looking forward to the views



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Just now, Tintinabulum said:

Why would you paste the same review elsewhere as well?

 Because Iike yourself I tend to read a number of forums, and I hadn't read anything on the ISOHUB,and thought I would write a review. Regardless of any suspisions you may have, I am not the owners friend, I have never met, or chatted to J Kenny, and the only contact, I have had,is too place a order.


Anyway, I am glad other members are posting there views on this thread




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