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  1. I am An Auralic fan. I use their Auralic Aries Femto, the original one. They consistently get good reviews. But then Lumin get good reviews too! The proof of the pudding is in the eating - that is you have to listen to the stuff in your own system. Enjoy the journey!
  2. I am a fellow Aussie, looking for a digital cable myself - either RCA or BNC - which cable do you like?
  3. I would recommend a ripper that can verify the rip with say AccurateRip, e.g. dBpoweramp and EAC
  4. Great article and video and photos. Great to see what can be done. Than k you very much for sharing.
  5. You need a connection to the qnap via ethernet or wifi and then you can use a streamer to connect to the nas and feed the dac. Look at the Allo, Sotm, Auralic streamers for example. Just be careful - you need a streamer that can connect to your dac,e.g. spdif. (Many of the new products connect via usb - and then you would need a usb to spdif converter.) You can also look at computers to do the connection to the NAS
  6. I have not done what you wish to do, but have used dBpoweramp extensively for other types of conversions. Check out the dBpoweramp forums/Google. I believe it can be done.
  7. @audionerd Very good questions. I can't answer all of them. And I think you will get a lot of opnions There are many ways to do it and it depends on what you really want or need. #1: I like to have as few as possible boxes/items so I like the Streamers like the Auralic G1. There are many similar items.
  8. @Flyman I think you need to look at 2 things: The Streamer/Renderer The Dac The Raspberry and the Auralic Aries/G1 etc. are streamers/renderers. Your Hegel is an amp with a dac as well as a streamer. I don't understand why you are not using the Streaming capabilities of your Hegel, but putting that aside you are using a RPi as a streamer. Regarding your questions re streamers. I had an Allo Digione which was really good for the price. The microRendu however was better and then an Auralic Aries with special power supply was even better. From what
  9. Now I am just waiting for the G2 to get a bit older so that I can afford it and buy a used unit somewhere. In the meantime I am very happy with my Aries Femto. Thanks Chris @The Computer Audiophile, you are doing a great job with the reviews and the forum, much appreciated.
  10. @Marcel073 There are so many ways to do things but I am able to give you some feedback. My system is based on a dac/pre/amps and speakers that would have been about 12,000 Euros when new, to give some background. I use a 6 year old NAS and WiFi and for years used a Mac Mini with Audirvana. I then bought an Allo Digione, Sonore Microrendu and an Auralic Aries (Femto) and compared the 4 alternatives. My Mac Mini is not modified for optimal performance and whilst not bad I would suggest that the latest "streamers" are better value for money and easier to use. The Allo Dig
  11. Lindy is good. Elijah is good value for money and Curious is great if you are willing to pay the price. Above is my view, but then there are others.
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