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  1. Wow so you really did roam the streets of Cheyenne, interviewing hundreds of audiophiles, all of whom were giddy over the MQA sound quality on their Tidal HiFi tier subscription? Tas de merde...
  2. @sandyk I trust you missed Paul's rude, condescending, presumptive, uninformed, and nasty suggestion that Lars need seek community college help with mathematics? He then coupled that with a thinly veiled allegation of stupidity. You missed that post I take it, or do you agree with Paul there and everywhere? I'm willing to bet Paul is not the math genius he purports himself to be, rather like Lee Scoggins in that regard I suppose. I'm sure Lars is too classy to even respond to such nonsense, more likely he will just place Paul R. on his ignore list, knowing that blowhards hate to
  3. Not sure how anyone could know if you are referring to Pono as a failure (it was), or "Phono" based on your cryptic reference to both there. I can probably recommend some community colleges in your area, call their English department and ask for help.
  4. Nor have you provided any. I too can tout anecdotal evidence, in Québec no one know what MQA is, and they don't care to pay for Tidal either.
  5. It is my understanding that this still occurred, initially even without Giles Martin or Paul McCartney's authentication. Still the blue light comes on, and Copernicus was indeed re-birthed, all thanks to that special encoder in the cloud. Once Giles heard that BS had developed an algorithm that auto-corrects the severe blurring caused by the Prism ADC, he signed off on the whole thing as authentic, as did Sir Paul.
  6. I wager there is no authentication of any kind.
  7. So with that the thread can be closed? In other words you asked in the thread title where to get DSD versions "from artists anyone has heard of", and when provided that information specific to downloads, it then quickly turns into a discussion of your unwillingness to pay much for anything. Beyond actual DSD downloads, many of us are ripping the SACDs we actually own (and in some cases bought years ago) in order to stream them using network players, or even load them onto an Android device where they can be played back with the UAPP app and a DSD compatible DAC, at home or on the go.
  8. I share this view, though that does not mean MQA presents no threat to consumers whatsoever.
  9. Absolutely, and perhaps then thats the point Brink is trying to make? Neither MQA nor Tidal will provide you with such a list, will they?
  10. I did use the stock/included USB cable between the iUSB3.0 and iDAC2 for quite some time, and did not find it to be lacking in any way. However at some point I did some rearranging in 2 other systems, ended up with a surplus dual head Gemini USB cable which I then repurposed/employed on the above set-up. There was a small but noticeable difference for the better. Impossible for anyone to quantify that for you in terms of cost/benefit, you'd have to try one in your system to see if you hear the same as I did. On the input side of the iUSB 3.0 I use a DH Labs USB cable, largely becaus
  11. I own this combo and use it in my bedroom system, you won't regret this purchase, it punches WELL above it's weight class.
  12. What was the issue and how was it resolved? I'm curious because you said it was working originally but then stopped working, what caused that? "My Network" in CXU Settings needed to be turned off?
  13. When you select a track and hit play, does the software actually show the track playing, or does it refuse and quickly revert to paused/stop mode? What about any volume controls on either the DAC itself or the software, did they somehow reset themselves to zero?
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