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How to stream Tidal in DSD?

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I want to stream Tidal in a way that will convert incoming FLAC files to DSD to feed to my Lampizator DAC.  I was misinformed (I think) when I was told that Roon can do this conversion to DSD on the fly by itself.  I'm led now to believe that I'd need to involve HQplayer and that the coordination of Roon and HQplayer is for audiophiles with advanced computer skills.  Can someone confirm this (in effect, that Roon alone won't do the job)?

Aurender N100H

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Blue Circle Preamp

PS Audio BHK 300 Amps

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I haven't tried it but from the Roon 1.3 release notes: "Roon 1.3 supports configurable sample-rate conversion including upsampling and DSD output support. A beautiful (but more importantly, accurate) parametric equalizer, a crossfeed implementation for headphone listening, support for convolution filters, tools for managing clipping and compensating for speaker positioning, and more."


However, I don't believe it does up-conversion to DSD, just to the max PCM rate supported by the attached DAC.


Regardless, I still use HQP to up-convert to DxD or DSD, e.g. Mac Mini running Roon and HQP --> Sonore µR --> DAC

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Roon 1.3 can do it. Set the DSP to upsample to DSD and it will upsample all output to DSD before delivering it to your playback. 


You don't have to have HQP. But, IMO, the upsampling in HQP is a little better. And it doesn't take advanced computer skills, just a bit of time to learn the interface and setup. 


But if you want to keep it simple, just use Roon.


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