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I presume you meant iTunes to MediaMonkey


There is an iphone/ itouch app but it only allows you to stop/play, next I believe.


For full remote control, I have found an inexpensive laptop with VNC or some type of remote desktop control (e.g., WINDOWS REMOTEDESKTOP) to work very well (presumes you have 2 computers, the laptop as a remote and the "server" computer)


Another option I have found useful is a computer (such as a laptop) hooked to a video screen in the room. A wireless mouse/keyboard gives you full control and the screen lets you see what you are doing across the room (but requires a TV sized screen to be useful - depends on how far away you are from the screen, etc)


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Monkeytunes is a big step forward from iMonkey. It allows you to browse your whole library, and not just the playlists as before. You can browse by artist, album or do a search. It all seems to work pretty well, except for a problem with artists on compilation albums. They seem to appear as individual artists in the list which is annoying.


This post is not talking about iTunes.




There are 2 types of people in this world - those who understand binary and those who don't.

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